Power and Majesty (Creature Court Trilogy, #1)

Power and Majesty (Creature Court Trilogy, #1) She Almost Missed The Sight Of A Naked Youth Falling Out Of The Sky He Was Long And Lean And Muscled He Was Also Completely Off His Face A War Is Being Fought In The Skies Over The City Of Aufleur No One Sees The Battles No One Knows How Close They Come To Destruction Every Time The Sun Sets During Daylight, All Is Well, But When Nox Falls And The Sky Turns Bright, Someone Has To Step Up And Lead The Creature Court Into Battle Twelve Years Ago, Garnet Kissed Velody And Stole Her Magic Five Years Ago, He Betrayed Ashiol, And Took His Powers By Force But Now The Creature Court Is At A Crossroads They Need A Power And Majesty Who Won T Give Up Or Lose Themselves In Madness

Tansy Rayner Roberts is a fantasy and science fiction author who lives in southern Tasmania, somewhere between the tall mountain with snow on it, and the beach that points towards Antarctica.Tansy has a PhD in Classics with a special interest in poisonous Roman ladies , an obsession with Musketeers, and is raising two superhero daughters who are going to rule the world someday.You can hear Tansy

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  • Power and Majesty (Creature Court Trilogy, #1)
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  • 11 December 2019

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a book that grew on me The first few pages had me wondering, thinking that Velody was going to be just another run of the mill female character but I was completely wrong Velody was much, much I loved the detail that Tansy Rayner Roberts put into developing not only Velody but Delphine and Rhiaan, and I thought that sentinel MacReady was just fabulous I really hope we see of him in the subsequent books.There was drama, great secondary characters, excitement and lots of page turning The politics were complex, but not too complex, and realistic, given the characters involved.The world building was great, and I m desperately wanting to know what s behind it all, and why it all works the way it does This book sucked me in completely and I was sad when it came, quite abruptly, to an end, so I was very happy to see that ther...

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    Power and Majesty is the first book in the Creature Court Trilogy The second book in the series, The Shattered City comes out in April of this year.But on with the StoryPower and Majesty charts the story of Velody and her two friends Rhian and Delphine, as they move to the city of Aufluer and begin their apprenticeships as Seamstress, Ribbon maker and Florist.The setting is an interesting mix of renaissance Rome with perhaps a sliver of steampunk the characters catch a train to their hometown and machinery is used to sew garments.The night she arrives teenage Velody is kissed by a strange boy that falls from the sky, he manages to steal a bit of her innocence as well as a dormant magical power her Animor But before the story can turn into a coming of age tale, Roberts fast forwards five years to where Velody and her friends are running their own business Unbeknownst to Velody and indeed the entire daylight world, an age old invisible battle is being fought against the sky by the mysterious and internecine Creature Court humans with the ability to transform into animals and wield Animor magic The Sadistic Power and Majesty the title of the Ruler of the Court falls in one of these battles and the Animor he stole from Velody as a girl returns to her, brining with it enormous po...

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    A cracktastic piece of fan fiction made flesh in the best possible way This was a great summer read that kept me coming back to find out what desires and betrayals and fabulous costumes were waiting for the characters for all that, it s a gentle, sweet, almost meandering story with a surprisingly likeable lead female The women in this story, particularly, get satisfying development and moments of growth The men kind of feel like sexy, twisted and angsty decorations, so if you like that kind of thing turns out I do, on occasion then give this a go I particularly liked the way the lead came ...

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    I want to review this book so badly, because it is one of the best books I ve ever read and not enough people know about it But I genuinely don t think I have the words to describe how beautiful, original, clever and ground breaking it actually is Yes, I said ground breaking Can you name many other fantasy novels where homo and bisexuality is not even a Thing The Creature Court trilogy doesn t deal with being gay this isn t an issues book Most of the characters are gay or bi, and that s that But that s really just a fraction of Power and Majesty s awesomeness The best part of this trilogy is how it constantly goes against expectations I read almost nothing but fantasy, so I can promise that most books ultimately follow the same pattern with the same kinds of twists If characters fall in love, they will stay in love Big dramatic sacrifices always successfully save the day Nobody REALLY important dies Last minute ideas and plans always work Idealism is always rewarded.Except they aren t and don t, here For all that this is an amazingly unique fantasy, it s incredibly real both in characterisation and in plot The twists are truly twisty, and almost nothing goe...

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    Sometimes I m such a numpty I see a book in my stash that s 500 pages long and I think I want to read that but it will take aaaaaages It s so biiiiiiiiiiiig So I put it off and off and off, until finally I think Damnit I will MAKE time And then I read it over two weekends, in two massive gulps, devouring it like a starving thing, reluctant to put it down because OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Apparently, it s not the size that counts, it s the writing.Power and Majesty is the first in a trilogy about the Creature Court a group of people with extraordinary powers, who secretly fight a war in the night sky of the city of Aufleur The daylight folk have no idea what s going on each night or nox , or the price they ll pay if the Court loses.At the start of the book, Velody is a 14 year old girl, come to Aufleur to seek a position as an apprentice dressmaker On her first night in the city, she can t sleep Slipping away from her chaperone to the balcony of her accommodation, she witnesses a young man fall from the sky Garnet finds her, recognises her innate magic and with her uninformed permission, takes a...

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    I really enjoyed my time with this book Plenty of drama and characters working out their multitudes of issues Casually queer too.

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    22.2.2015 4,5 Origin ln Pln v nivosti a prudkosti Promy len a propracovan.Jesus, kdy jsem to za ala st, nenapadlo m , e to bude takBrut ln.Garnet, jedna z hlavn ch postav, bude tak len V e bude tak dekadentn.Do ista jin , ne jsem ekala, temn , n siln , pln sexu a dostivosti a n hy A bezcitn a nemilosrdn A hraj c si s l skou, jako se starou tretkou, kterou pok v v te p ed nosem zoufalce.Napsan zvl tn pomal m tempem a ne zmaten , ale Neuspo dan vod Napsan zp sobem, kter v s postupn stahoval pod hladinu Aby v s utopil.Propracovan pozad , geografie R da bych v d la n co v ce o historii sv ta a o Nebi I kdy te u v m, e se n co dozv m pozd ji.Postavy byly skv l D siv , propracovan , m ly charakter a svou jedine nou pe e.Bylo to n co tak zatracen jin ho, ne jsem ekala.D j se vyv jel len m tempem, p eskakovaly jsme roky Postavy se vyv jely, m nily, rostly str nku od str nky.Nebylo to ze za tku ani tolik o d ji jako o tom, jak se postavy prod raly iv...

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    I do think this book is a little let down by its cover It does refer to a specific scene in the book, but to me, despite the dark and brooding city in the background, it looks delicate and pretty, almost a YA book I anticipated a teenage antagonist But that s not what Power and Majesty is like at all This is one dark and intense novel There s sex scenes There s a hell of a lot of violence There s monsters, and betrayal, and torture it s fantastic.It s set in Aufleur, a city partly based on Ancient Rome, and a city under attack each night from the sky These attacks are only visible to the Creature Court, those people with magic who fight the night sky Velody had her magic taken away when she was younger, but after the Power and Majesty of the Creature Court dies, she gets it back and is suddenly thrust into a completely unfamiliar world, with its own very vicious politics So who will be the ne...

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    One of those books where I just wanted to read for twenty minutes on the way home and then ended up not doing anything else until I d finished it I really liked the worldbuilding, and the characters As characters, that is, many of them not as people, so many of them are really messed up to be fair they have good reasons I enjoyed both Ash s...

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    This review forms part of my contribution to the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading Challenge.I recently read Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts and liked it a lot On the strength of that collection I decided to give Ms Roberts latest trilogy a try Power and Majesty is book one of the Creature Court trilogy, a fantasy series set going off the map at the front in an alternate Earth, specifically in an alternate Italy.Teenagers Velody, Delphine and Rhian have come to the city of Aufleur an alternate Rome to become an apprentice dressmaker, ribboner and florister respectively One night Velody sees a young man Garnet fall from the sky and land in the street outside He displays magical abilities and sees in her the ability to use the same magic Freaking out, Velody agrees to give up her powers and give them to Garnet, then promptly loses her memory of the encounter.12 years or so later, Garnet dies and Velody suddenly gets her power back She enters the world of the Creature Court, where powered individuals fight attacks from the sky at night to keep the city safe the normal citizenry are completely oblivious to both the danger and the Creature Court and indeed seem to spend their days celebrating an almost never ending series of festivals The Court is a decadent place and the rest of the book describes Velody s trials and tribulations as she attempts to navigate its somewhat murky waters.The magic syst...

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