Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet

Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based DietAre You Considering Going Vegan, But You Re Not Sure How To Start Are You Already Committed To An Animal Free Diet, But Are Unclear About How To Get Proper Nutrients Vegan For Life Is Your Comprehensive, Go To Guide For Optimal Plant Based Nutrition Registered Dietitians And Long Time Vegans Jack Norris And Virginia Messina Debunk Some Of The Most Persistent Myths About Vegan Nutrition And Provide Essential Information About Getting Enough Calcium And Protein, Finding The Best Supplements, And Understanding The Real Deal About Soy.Covering Everything From A Six Step Transition Plan To Meeting Calorie And Nutrient Needs During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding, Vegan For Life Is The Guide For Aspiring And Veteran Vegans Alike, Complete With An Easy To Use Food Chart, Tasty Substitutions, Sample Menus, And Expansive Resources.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet book, this is one of the most wanted Jack Norris author readers around the world.

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  • Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet
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  • 21 October 2019
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    This is a comprehensive book on every aspect of vegan nutrition The authors are experts, and answer every question one might have about virtually all the nutrients that are considered to be important to health There are detailed charts that summarize the best foods for the major nutrients Vegans are always asked questions like, so where do you get your protein and where do you get calcium and so on The answers are here, along with serious issues, like vitamin B12.Keeping in mind that correlation does not necessarily imply causation, the book describes results of many studies of nutrition and health In fact, to the authors credit, they outline the different types of studies in vitro and animal studies are the weakest type of evidence for nutritional health Case studies provide slightly stronger evidence Ecological studies investigate the correlations between nutrients and health, but are also weak because they usually cannot have good controls Epidemiologic studies provide stronger evidence, but also suffer from some of the same problems as ecological studies, b...

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    I consider Ginny a friend, but I can honestly say a top notch job was done with this material even if I d never had any personal contact with Ginny I know I d have respected and enjoyed the book just as much as I did.This book is absolutely the best book out there for up to date, as of 2011, vegan nutrition It s wonderful, full of indispensable information for vegans and vegan interested people at every stage of the life cycle, and those who know them, and those who work with them in various capacities I hope these authors write an update if when new information comes to light, which it likely eventually will Ginny Messina is my favorite R.D and Jack Norris is my second favorite R.D., even though there are several other vegan R.D.s I highly respect and like So, I was very eager to read this book I immensely respect these two authors and what they ve done with the creation of this book.Okay, I m a bit of a nutrition geek I took a college level nutrition class and have read extensively on my own, including two editions of Ginny s book for professional registered dietitians and other health professionals The Dietitian s Guide to Vegetarian Diets Issues and Appl...

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    This is a great book for anyone interested in eating a vegan diet Beginners will find everything they need to know boiled down into a single page, on page 88, called The Vegan Food Guide People who have been eating vegan diets for a while will find updated nutrition information the book was just published in 2011 , including entire chapters debunking much misinformation and urban folklore about vegan diets I found the chapters on soy food consumption and the real health benefits of vegan diets particularly interesting.Instead of being a comprehensive and much longer book on nutrition, this book focuses on nutrition issues that people eating vegan diets should be aware of This makes for a shorter, fact based book that is a bit practical for people who aren t nutrition buffs.The book has a strong focus on practicality, actually making a vegan diet work in day to day life In chapter 8 the authors have some really good food preparation suggestions that can be used over and over for many types of food when people are rushed and not into making a recipe There is also a section in the back of the book on page 243 describing basic cooking instruction...

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    Vegan Thinking of going vegan Love like know a vegan Want to eat less meat or dairy but not sure how to do it in a healthy way If so, then you need this book It s essentially an encyclopedia for all things nutrition related as they pertain to veganism.There are entire chapters dedicated to certain vitamins and nutrients I thought I knew all there was to know about b 12, but I was wrong They also discuss raising vegan children and being vegan during pregnancy, veganism for the over 50 crowd, transitioning to a vegan diet, managing your weight, heart disease or diabetes, sports nutrition and whether or not soy is safe, plus much This is a terrific resource to have on hand in case you need an answer to a question that you or someone else has.The only thing I didn t like was that the Why Vegan chapter was left for the very end It seemed out of order Overall though, this ...

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    3.75 stars carrots there is such a thing, I swear I don t think this book by itself would be enough for me to learn everything needed to make this lifestyle change This book however as a companion book, with the other seven books I purchased, and I are on a first name basis has proven to be very informative.I felt like this book pretty much told me the why but not the how to become a Vegan The chapter depicting what the farm animals go through on the...

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    This book was exactly what I was looking for.You ll find a breakdown of what nutrients you need and where to find them how to adjust a vegan diet for athletes, pregnant women, seniors, babies, and everyone in between how to read scientific studies on diets and which ones are credible why to go vegan in the first place.I liked the lack of fanaticism Yes, this book will advocate that a vegan diet is the best diet, but it will debunk certain vegan myths and arguments For example, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, and we need it That means that, no, humans did not evolve to be vegan It s not natural It is, however, ethically sound and a good option for everyone, provided it s well planned You can t dive into a hardcore vegan diet without understanding a thing or two about the human body It also showed how some pro vegan studies are actually not that reliable, and we should take them with a grain of iodized salt I appreciated this honesty, and it made the book incredibly compelling.Of course, why go vegan at all Two words factory farms This chapter made me want to cry and or vomit, and as much as I love eggs, I don t love them enough to contribute to the horrible conditions chickens are put through...

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    Awesome This book will answer any question you have about remaining in peak health on a vegan diet Well researched and extremely thorough, the two dieticians who wrote this book have done their homework and then some The main premise illustrates the balanced and realistic attitude of the authors veganism is not a natural human diet and romanticizing it as a perfect diet for human beings does harm than good They argue that if people are going to convert to veganism and stick with it they need to plan their diets carefully It s not hard to be a vegan, but you can t just eliminate animal products from your current diet and expect to be healthy.Human beings have evolved to eat meat certainly not as much as most people consume, but a moderate amount is probably beneficial in some ways Vitamin B12, for example, is necessary for health and only found in meat products The thing to note is that NO ONE today is eating a natural diet Our animal products and plant products are a far cry from what our paleolithic ancestors would have had access to Much of our food is less nutrient dense and sometimes toxic if it s been treated with chemicals...

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    New vegans or older struggling vegans this is the one The authors, both registered dietitians, are very careful in outlining a healthy vegan diet They are also very honest, which is helpful on topics like B 12 and it comes down to the fact that supplements are the most dependable way to go, so why mess with the uncertainty of other sources simply for the notion of being natural Some other vegan diet books rely on inconclusive studies with small sample sizes to bolster claims Norris and Messina are straight forward about results of studies and, where possible, rely on the cumulative data from several studies In cases where the jury is still out, they ll tell you the jury is still out.This is a really essential approach for vegans We get bombarded with questions about iron deficiency, protein, calcium , and it doesn t help our cause to respond with unproven claims that still require research Further, going vegan for many years only to end up with B12 deficiency looks bad Why not do everything you can to be healthy, especially when health is one of the best reasons to go vegan In the final chapter, the authors get into the ethical issues of animal treatment, especially in factory farms This almost cost the book one star for me, because it didn t seem to fit what this book was about Why does every vegan book have to have this section, especia...

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    Very good book that i would give to someone who s considering switching to a plant based diet Not only it discusses all the iterate issues that a vegan can face, but also gives practical guidelines on how to start eating cooking vegan while keeping daily nutritional needs meet However, the book adopts at a dietary school that i don t fully agree with For example, it suggests that dietary supplements e.g vitamin D drops, B12 capsules should be part of your life as yo...

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    Making my vegan diet even healthier The nutrition recommendations in this book which are based on solid, current science are aimed at making your vegan diet healthful and realistic You will see that it s easy to meet nutrient needs by eating a variety of cooked and raw plant foods ...

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