Caricias de hielo (Psi/Cambiantes, #3)

Caricias de hielo (Psi/Cambiantes, #3) L, Un Psi Adiestrado Para No Tener Sentimientos Ella, Una Cambiante Que Cree Haber Perdido Lo Mejor De Su Naturaleza Pero Est N Destinados A Encontrarse.Como Flecha, Un Soldado De Lite Del Consejo De Los Psi, Judd Lauren Fue Obligado A Hacer Cosas Terribles En Nombre De Su Pueblo Cuando Fue Sentenciado, Huy Y Se Refugi Entre Los Que Hasta Entonces Hab An Sido Sus Enemigos El Clan De Los SnowDancer, Mitad Humanos, Mitad Lobos Y Desde Entonces, Las Cosuras Dotes De Judd Le Han Convertido En El Asesino M S Letal De Todos Fr O, Despiadado, Insensible Hasta Que Conoce A Brenna Brenna Shane Kincaid Era Una Joven Inocente Hasta Que Fue Secuestrada Y Su Mente Violada Por Un Asesino En Serie El Asesino De La Noche Del Cazador Aunque Ha Podido Recuperarse, Ahora O Puede Transformarse En Lobo Y, Adem S, Su Sentido De La Maldad Es Tan Profundo Que Teme Poder Convertirse Ella Misma En Una Asesina Entonces Es Hallado El Cad Ver De Un Miembro Del Clan Y Las Pesadillas Comienzan De Nuevo Y Judd Es Su Nica Esperanza.Aunque El Lado Cambiante Y Sensual De Brenna Se Rebela Contra La G Lida Personalidad De Judd, La Caza De Un Nuevo Asesino Les Acercar , Y Entre Ellos Nacer Un Profundo Deseo Que Amenazar No S Lo Sus Corazones, Sino Sus Mismas Vidas

I ve been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There s no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t

➶ Caricias de hielo (Psi/Cambiantes, #3)  Free ➬ Author Nalini Singh –
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Caricias de hielo (Psi/Cambiantes, #3)
  • Nalini Singh
  • Spanish
  • 11 September 2018
  • 9788401383830

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    4.5 Ice man StarsI m keeping these reviews short unless there is one I have to rant or rave about because this series is longggggg I don t want to spend days writing reviews, though I may come back later and write in depth reviews I really loved both Brenna and Judd They were so hot together I loved the whole book and the plot the only reason it s 4.5 stars instead of 5 is the conflict Judd had to go though to be with Brenna was fixed so easy it felt like it was glossed over There was so much build up Judd can t brea...

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    Re read 4 1 19Re read 2 3 185 StarsI just love this series This world.This everything I loved Brenna and Judd.

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    I was SO right not to give up on this series after reading Visions of Heat Let s talk about the serious stuff before we get to the sighing and heavy panting yumminess shall we Because yes, what got me hooked to this series is Singh s fantastic world building The idea of the Psy and Psy Net is absolutely brilliant and one of the most original concept I ve come across in a long time Visions of Heat was a big disappointment for me because I wanted to know about the Psy world but Singh didn t expand it much in that instalment But here Lots of Psy awesomeness We get to meet the Ghost and go behind the scenes with the Council We learn a lot about the Silence Protocol, its genesis and evolution Sabotage, talk of revolution, talk of war Very cool This would make such a fantastic UF series I know most of you guys are suckers for romance but what can I say I like action violence than I like rainbows and chirping birds Nobody s perfect Anyway, the fact that I gave this book 4 stars despite my natural aversion to romance says a lot about Singh s talent Woman you re good Very good.Why didn t ...

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    Full review finally posted on 11 3 134 1 2 to 5 AWESOME Stars WOW I really ended up loving this book I wasn t sure at first if Judd and love story would fully work for me because of how cold, calculating, and clinical Judd was during the first part of this book After all, he wasn t called the Ice Man for nothing However, it didn t take me long to fall head over heels in love with him and I couldn t seem to get enough of this couple and their relationship It was simply AMAZING The world building in this series is become v...

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    Brenna Shane Kincaid Changeling and Judd Lauren Psy Brenna is a wolf and belongs to the SnowDancer pack She used to be pure sunshine, very happy, very optimistic, very bubbly, full of life Lately she is not well She almost died in the hands of a psychopath Psy and she was mind raped by him Thankfully she was saved last minute by her Alpha and her brothers and with the help of the Alpha of DarkRiver pack and his mate and with the help of Judd.Judd used to be an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy Council ranks Now in order to protect his family, he has left the PsyNet and he has jointed the ShowDancer pack Judd is too dangerous to feel welcome in the pack And he also too unstable to feel comfortable around weaker beings But he feels gratitude and he has honour, that s why he tries to help when he is needed like in the rescue of Brenna not that Psy are supposed to have any feelings.Brenna definitely wants Judd She does not care that heis not wolf is dangerousis Psyis Tk Psy like her kidnapperis not liked by her brothersis not liked by the packis not recognised by her wolf as a potential mateis cold as ice without feelings Not like your one That man ...

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    4, 5 STARS Another amazing read I really liked the plot, characters and that this time around we get a psy male slowly fall for his woman His POV is so well done and I m trully grateful that Nalini can write stories both in female and male POV It gives the story just something to it, something that you wouldn t get in a book with only one POV Also, I felt like this story is darker, it s filled with pain and healing than the previous two books Brenna and Judd s pasts aren t pretty We roughly found out what happened to Brenna in the previous book and I felt really bad for what was done to her But just when you think things coudn t get worse than they already were, nope, in this book we find out all the horrific details about what that monster did to her body and mind I swear, if he wasn t already deadwell As for Judd s story, I m not giving away any spoilers but I will say that it comes close to what was done to Brenna All in all, I already know I m going to buy the paperback version a...

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    I wrote a whole fucking review I closed the wrong tab I wrote it again I accidentally turned off my computer I m done trying I m going to take the lazy road Fuck life.JUDD LAUREN, THE MOTHERFUCKING KINGBRENNA, THE MOT...

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    4.25 A buddy read with the Ice Man loving gals over at BBB Well, I have been indoctrinated and being an example of a complete romantic sap, this Paranormal Romance was right up my alley My BBB friends told me that this book was wonderful, that Judd was THE MAN and that Brenna is a complex and strong female changeling with the strength to overcome the worst of adversities They were telling me, I doubted them, but once I started reading, I discovered how truly wise and knowing my GR friends are And once again I asked myself, why on Earth did I not start this series much, much sooner There is something to be said about good old school Paranormal Romance Particularly when it is coupled with a wonderful world building and a plot which keeps you on your toes and gives us plenty to look foreword to In a world ruled by the cold and analytical race of the Psy, populated by humans, and interspersed with packs of different animal shifters, things have reached a point in which everything is going out of balance and things obviously have t...

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    5 stars Paranormal RomanceWhen I read Caressed by Ice, the third book in Nalini Singh s amazing and unique Psy Changeling series, I had the same type of deep, emotional reaction that I felt when I read another love against all odds paranormal romance favorite about a damaged H H couple who heal each other, J.R Ward s Lover Awakened This is an intense, magnificent, emotional rollercoaster read and my favorite of the series so far Brenna Kincaid was a fearless, strong willed Changeling wolf before she was abducted, brutally tortured, and mentally violated by a powerful, psychopathic Psy serial killer After her rescue, it took the help of a powerful exiled telekinetic Psy assassin to heal her She s back among her SnowDancer wolf pack and trying to adjust and cope with being a survivor Now there s a copycat killer on the loose, and Brenna fears that the sense of evil she feels lurking inside herself resulting from her captivity and torture could mean that she s become the very thing she fears and hates Th...

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    This series checks every single one of my boxes and boxes I didn t know I had Judd and Brenna were so good together On to the next one

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