Least of Evils (Inspector Peach #16)

Least of Evils (Inspector Peach #16) A Shooting On An Estate Puts DCI Percy Peach On The Trail Of A Brutal GanglordWhen A Young Man Is Found With Gunshot Wounds Outside The Thorley Grange Estate, DCI Percy Peach Is Immediately On The Case The Estate Has Recently Been Taken Over By Oliver Ketley, A Generous Local Benefactor Leading A Double Life As A Ruthless Ganglord Peach Quickly Sets Out To Find The Connection Between Him And The Injured Man, But Ketley Faces Much Bigger Problems A Man In His Position Has Many Enemies, And It Will Only Take One Of Them To End His Life.

James Michael Gregson taught for twenty seven years in schools, colleges and universities before concentrating on full time writing He has written books on subjects as diverse as golf and Shakespeare.

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  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Least of Evils (Inspector Peach #16)
  • J.M. Gregson
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
  • 9780727881434

10 thoughts on “Least of Evils (Inspector Peach #16)

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    My public library s catalog lists some dozen and one half titles by Greggson in two distinct series, and this is the latest in the DCI Percy Peach offerings And I think it will be the only one I read Granted, character development if any occurred in the earlier books, but I felt everyone and everything pure formulaic.A blurb on the dust jacket calls Greggson another Peter Lovesey I admit, I never read any, but I saw several on PBS over the years But I felt Greggson, who must have a considerable following, else why would his publisher continue to carry him, is preparing for his own...

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    Excellent read The Percy Peach series never fails to provide an entertaining whodunnit.Missed all the clues this time, but really enjoyed the flow of the book.

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    DCI Percy Peach is less than overjoyed when he finds out that Oliver Ketley, a Mister Big in the criminal underworld, has moved onto his patch Ketley has bought Thorley Grange and modernised it and lives there with his wife, domestic staff and his bodyguards When a petty thief is found shot and beaten up just outside the walls of the Grange, Peach is suspicious but Ketley denies all knowledge of the incident Ketley has enemies and other criminals want to muscle in on his enterprises and Peach fears the start of a gang war.This is a testing case for Peach and his team as few people w...

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    I had read some of the author s books in another series back in the 1990s so I thought I would give this a try I found the writing style ponderous and I kept putting the book down and doing something else rather than get absorbed in the story It is fairly light hearted and Inspector Peach s Superintendent is a comic character but the humour did not work for me As for the plot a career criminal gets murdered and there are two obvi...

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    I actually enjoyed this book, although I probably shouldn t It was a standard Brit mystery old school Percy Peach is a typical lead detective with, of course, an idiot for a boss The plot was simple although suspec...

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    Police investigate the murder of a known criminal.It was an OK story but a bit repetitive and the characters plot lacked any real depth.My real rating is 2.5.

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    Ending a bit abrupt but i love this series especially the way percy talks to bloody tucker

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    A fast paced shorter novel with good characters and a well thought out plot A fun read.

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    I like this one better than the last The banter was not so heavy between Peach and his superior The story was great left us wondering who did it until the end Great reading.

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