NOT A BOOK Corey Ian Haim December 23, 1971 March 10, 2010 Was A Canadian Actor, Known For A 1980s Hollywood Career As A Teen Idol He Starred In A Number Of Films Such As Lucas, Silver Bullet, Murphy S Romance, License To Drive And Dream A Little Dream His Best Known Role Was Alongside Corey Feldman In The Lost Boys, Which Made Haim A Household Name.Known As The Two Coreys, The Duo Became 1980s Icons And Went On To Star In Seven Further Movies Together, Later Starring In The AE Reality Show The Two Coreys.Haim S Early Success Led To Money And Fame, And He Began Using Drugs By Fifteen For Three Years In The Late 1980s, Haim Was The Most Famous Teenager In The World He Had Difficulties Breaking Away From His Experience As A Teen Actor, And Was Troubled By Drug Addiction Throughout His Later Career.This Book Takes A Look Into The Late Actors Life.

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  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9781447862758

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    On the one hand this book is absolutely terrible, but I m grateful for its existence and I did get quite a bit from it All the way through I was going to give it 1 star because it s so utterly dire in terms of editing, layout and, in many ways, content it is not much than a collection of quotes taken from articles and the internet , but I will give the author some credit for taking the time to find it all and put it together, because nobody else has done that It s obvious that sections of the book are written by different people as the writing style changes The parts the author seems to have written are all littered with hyphens instead of other punctuation marks The layout is awful randomly changing line spacing and unjustified text the book is completely littered with spelling errors, typos and missing words The first error is 3 words into the book on the TITLE PAGE where it says License to DRIVE instead of License to Dream Haim gets referred to as Hiam, Ham and at one point, HAZE There are some sequencing issues as well and it is often repetitive, even repeating the same quotes a couple of times.My favourite error was He didn t act like a prim Madonna.In places it is factually incorrect At one point it says his TV show from 1987 , Roomies, was based on a web comic that ran from 1997 to 1999 , which is impossible and in no way true In fact, that entire paragraph has been directly lifted from the Wikipedia page about the Roomies web comic Look further a...

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    This is a cheaply made poorly edited book It has spelling errors and obvious large cut and paste jobs for various sources However it is what it is and fills a few gaps Having watched pretty much every teen comedy brat pack movie churned out in the 80s I spent much of my tweenties watching the obscure movies made by the stars of these films, as their careers took different paths mostly downwards I ve read two fascinating to me books recently Corey Feldman s autobiography, and a biography of Corey Haim Drug addiction means Haim is dead and unable to tell his own story Corny, but I still clearly remember the shock at hearing of his death while I was driving through Skye in 2010.I was a big fan of many of their films including a lot of their obscure straight to video releases Blown Away, Just One of The Girls, Bordello of Blood, Dream Machine, Prayer of The Rollerboys and Dream a Little Dream 1 2.Feldman s book reads like a pretty honest account of his life He talks about the wild times when he was a pretty big star in films like Goonies, Stand By Me, Lost Boys, Gremlins, Friday 13th and Licence to Drive He cleaned up his act, and continues to make 2 or 3 films a year, as well as enjoying making music with his band and being a dad The pages on his friendship with Michael Jackson are a good read too I ve got your number in my Little Black Book now Corey thanks for that Michael...

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    I have been a Corey fan for years, though I missed his first flush of popularity I discovered his teen movies on VHS after his star had faded in the mid 90 s To this day I still enjoy them I was subsequently ...

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    Terrible, terrible, terrible editing so much so that it s a bit insulting, but definitely deserves a look if read as a follow up to Corey Feldman s bio Coreyography It is nowhere near as riveting, but is stands as a fairly good r...

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    Read it pretty quickly but had to push they to finish Read it after reading corey feldmans book to see what this author had to say

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