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Empty Promises Participants Guide What If You Could Find Everything Your Soul Is Longing For God Has A Plan To Heal The Soul S Gnawing Inner Emptiness That Is Always Longing For Something What Drives This Futile Attempt For Fulfillment Is The Heart S True Desire For Significance, Worth, And Value A Desire That Can Only Be Met In The Person And Worship Of Jesus Christ.Join Pastor Pete Wilson In His Exploration Of The Empty Promises Of The Good Life That Includes The Seduction Of Achievement, Addiction To Approval, Idolatry Of Religion, Obsession With Money, And Learn Not Only To Relinquish These Idols, But Replace Them By Turning Your Focus And Worship Toward God It Is The Only Thing That Will Set You Absolutely Free From The Endless Pursuit Of Everything Else.Features Include Six Sessions Of Interactive StudyFive Days Of Personal, Interactive Bible Study Readings For Each SessionBiblically Sound Teaching And Questions For Group InteractionFor Use With The Empty Promises DVD Based Study ISBN 9781418550547.

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Empty Promises Participants Guide
  • Pete Wilson
  • English
  • 07 April 2019
  • 9781418550561

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    Acknowledge God daily not just at Sunday services.In Empty Promises Pastor Wilson gives his take on how and why many of us go around feeling empty and lost while seeking ways to fill that void through approval from others, money, religion, goals, idols and so much .One important point Wilson does make is that religion lets people down by making them think that their beliefs in God will take away that longing or emptiness they feel Which I find total truth in I feel this is one major reason why many turn away from religion or avoid it after feeling like they have been let down by the institution and those empty promises Religion can make people believe if they just give their heart and soul completely to God they will experience great miracles or super natural sensations Which can be discouraging when nothing really miraculous happens and may not ever happen God is just not like this When miracles do happen sometimes it is God given that person a wake up call or a sign to strengthen their belief but in reality we have no idea what God s agenda is or why things happen as they do.In totality I came away slightly disappointed as I thought Wilson would have advice then he provided in this book But the ironic thing is that this is what he actually talks about in the book Don t count on others to fulfil that emptiness you may be feeling or you will be disappointed I was counting on him to teach me something that he himself may suffer from ...

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    Empty Promises by Pete Wilson is a book about the idols in our lives that get in the way from our relationship with God Each chapter looks at a specific area about how people attempts to use it to fill a need in their lives, but in reality that leaves a void or worse brings destruction, like addictions, divorce, and isolation From a perspective of calling these what they are, Wilson does a good job of communicating them.Where I think the book falters is relating those empty idol areas back to a faith This book is clearly written to a Christian audience and Wilson uses common Christian idioms often that speaks of God filling those needs But that language and style leaves little room for those that struggle with doubt or skepticism on that relationship of God be meaningful The traditional Christian audience has evolved significantly, and there is so much resistance to these traditional church idioms and assumptions of faith I would have preferred a much concrete examples of taking on faith in these areas that doesn t lean so heavily on assumptions that the reader knows how God works.Pete Wilson s writing style is very approachable, and I appreciate his writing style a lot His books are quick reads, but can also be read in segments It is clear that Wilson cares about people and writes for his desire to be helpful and share hi...

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    In the midst of contemplative times I pick up classic books and reread them Books have always been an encouragement to me When I received Pete Wilson s book Empty Promises for review, I thought this 205 page paperback would provide some light reading After all it was written by some southern guy with crazy hair.As I began to read I noticed quotes from classic books woven seamlessly into Pete s engaging dialogue Authors such as C.S Lewis, Dallas Willard, Erwin McManus, Henri Nouwen and Timothy Keller, are appropriately referenced in what is far from a shallow read This pastor is a gifted communicator and a qualified counselor He utilizes the story of Jacob in a powerful way I had never considered before to provide some fantastic Biblical insight Each of the twelve chapters are 15 20 pages in length and are perfect for daily reading and reflection.I d highly recommend this book to pastor s who are struggling personally or who would like to hand a quality resource to someone who desires to move from driven to dedicated, needy to affirmed, controlling to surrendered, ruled by religion to free in faith, appearance obsessed to truly beautiful and frustrated with the past to trusting for the future I doubt you could find someone who doesn t fit one of these categories.Pete bridges the gap as a fellow wounded healer Like an ant lined up on mission with us he doesn t beat anyone with this book He uses the Bible to guide and the words of Godly ment...

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    Pete Wilson explores the promises and lies this world tells us through anecdotes, personal stories, and quotes from respected Christians and nonChristians Within the stories of hopelessness, sin, and brokenness, readers will recognize themselves and people close to them But readers are not left with a message of des...

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    FINISHED before Christmas Was a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone Here s what I d written while still reading Reading it for a women s group discussion I attend I rate it up there with Crazy Love, Hole in the Gos...

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