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All In Carla Was Tired Of Being Downtrodden And Living At The Bottom Of The Pile She Wanted To Be Rich And Wear Nice Clothes Not Much Wrong With That, Provided She Could Find A Way To Move On From A Troubled Past Her Only Way Out Was Playing High Stakes Poker Using Fat Yang As Her Mentor Soon Money Came Thick And Fast, And She Learned To Tip The Balance In Her Favour By Using Her Charms, At Times With Fatal Consequences Trouble Is, It Wasn T A Game Of Cards That Fat Yang Had In Mind For Her, It Was Something Far Dangerous Then MI5 Took An Interest In Her Association With Fat Yang, And She Became A Pawn In A Game Of Cat And Mouse But Then She Started To Hatch A Plan Of Her Own.

After 9 nine years with Royal Air Force I worked in Middle East for five year Returning to the UK I set up two concerns in magazine distribution and short term loans I started to write four years ago.My first book Coming Home accepted for TP is set during WW1 and selling very well with 70 reviews I have since written five other books which I self published, they have met with a varying degree

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  • 14 November 2017

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    What do I think I think this book should be required reading for every war monger politician on earth I think the players in the department of nuclear weaponry should line up their own sons and send them to a strange country to live for a year when they are 18 years old I think this book is a masterpiece of truth and I commend the author Doug Depew for the guts to tell it like it was I can t say any, so I recommend you read this take on our military secrets and the experience of you...

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    As always, this fabulous author takes you to all your five senses You read, you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel his charactors Great book

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    Carla Shawcross has had the deck stacked against her in life Her mother is dead so is her relationship with her father and soon, her only real friend will be But, Carla has a few cards up her sleeve For not only is she physically a diamond in the rough with green eyes and blond hair waiting to be preened to prettiness but Carla can play cards high stakes poker, specifically And when she wins consecutive games against reputed multi millionaire cardsharp Fat Yang, Carla is not only in the money but on the map as a force to be reckoned with in the poker world But Carla s weakness for money something she s never had in spades clouds her judgement The girl who can read anyone s bluff can t read a ruse that will engulf her and drag her from the slums into a dangerous game of international intrigue.Author Roy Stolworthy crafts a wonderfully twisted noir tale that is populated with a cast of low lifes seeking to rise to and remain at the topat any cost It is driven by hard hitting heroine Carla Shawcross The epitome of anti heroism, with a hair trigger temper and foul mouth that make her hard to like But, she is a shade likable than Fat Yang Stolworthy s designated villain oozes pure ...

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    In this book we are introduced to Carla Her mother died some years ago and she doesn t have a good relationship with her father She doesn t want to spend the rest of her life working in a Newsagents, she craves success and wealth Carla can play poker and, when the opportunity presents its...

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