500 Days

500 Days Kurt Eichenwald New York Times Bestselling Author Of Conspiracy Of Fools And The Informant Recounts The First 500 Days After 9 11 In A Comprehensive, Fly On The Wall, Compelling Page Turner As Gripping As Any Thriller.In 500 Days, Master Chronicler Kurt Eichenwald Lays Bare The Harrowing Decisions, Deceptions, And Delusions Of The Eighteen Months That Changed The World Forever, As Leaders Raced To Protect Their Citizens In The Wake Of 9 11.Eichenwald S Gripping, Immediate Style And True To Life Dialogue Puts Readers At The Heart Of These Historic Events, From The Oval Office To Number 10 Downing Street, From Guantanamo Bay To The Depths Of CIA Headquarters, From The Al Qaeda Training Camps To The Torture Chambers Of Egypt And Syria He Reveals Previously Undisclosed Information From The Terror Wars, Including Never Before Reported Details About Warrantless Wiretapping, The Anthrax Attacks, And Investigations And Conflicts Among Washington, D.C., And London.With His Signature Fast Paced Narrative Style, Eichenwald Whose Book, The Informant, Was Called One Of The Best Nonfiction Books Of The Decade By The New York Times Book Review Exposes A World Of Secrets And Lies That Has Remained Hidden Until Now.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 500 Days book, this is one of the most wanted Kurt Eichenwald author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 640 pages
  • 500 Days
  • Kurt Eichenwald
  • English
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9781451669381

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    Back in September 2001, I was still in college, and my societal consciousness was to put it kindly undeveloped Like most college students, I was most interested in my own existence And in getting drunk On September 11, and on the following days, I was glued to CNN along with the rest of humanity After awhile, though, I stopped paying attention, and went on about my life This is the luxury of tragedy s spectators Certainly, I often heard the news droning in the background, but I never stopped to pay it much attention After all, there were beers to cram and exams to shotgun Or something like that Thus, Kurt Eichenwald s 500 Days Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars is like opening up a time capsule The worst time capsule ever Instead of old yearbooks and CDs, there are distant yet somehow familiar phrases like extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation that bring to mind the worst excesses of America s response to the worst terrorist attack in American history It brought me back to a period I lived through but never intellectually engaged.Eichenwald writes that he chose the 500 day timeline because in his estimation that is the time it took for the Bush administration to formulate its response to 9 11 With all due respect, it s still an arbitrary number of days, one that is never fully explained And ar...

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    The first 500 days after 9 11 2001 could have gone in multiple directions We could have leveraged the tragedy to reconsider how we engage with the Arab world We could have used 9 11 as an opportunity to re evaluate how we monitor and take on threats We could have used it as an opening to engage deeply into a mideast peace process.This book is about the path that was was taken instead, a path that was very different from the options above Instead, we invaded Iraq and instituted torture in interrogration practices These two dark decisions become part of the lasting legacy of 9 11.500 Days by Kurt Eichenwald describes how these misguided approaches came to fruition Both with torture and with the Iraq invasion, government officials approach the new reality of 9 11 with preconceptions that didn t align to any current reality.Regarding torture FBI officials were participating in humane interrogations of detainees with CIA officers The CIA officers had received approval to use torture, to the continued astonishment of the FBI Again and again, the FBI team would gain valuable information by treating the detaine...

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    Page 342 my book Robert Douman judge We must protect the freedoms of even those who hate us and that we may find objectionable The warlords of Afghanistan may have been in the business of pillage and plunder We cannot descend to their standards without debasing ourselves I have read a few books on the Bush presidency and the aftermath of 9 11 This is quite possibly the best one It gives a broad view of events in the U.S., Europe, and to a lesser extent Afghanistan and Pakistan It also provides us with striking portraits of the many personalities involved along with their conversations.The structure is chronological which I initially found confusing, particularly as there are constant shifts throughout sometimes on the same page to diverse topics and characters But this also gives us a feeling of how several events during that time were intersecting and colliding with each other simultaneously In a sense it makes the book a real page turner as we experience this progression and constant movement.Obviously there...

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    As crazy and or sick as this may sound, I wish I could go back to the late summer early fall of 2001 I want to experience it now again knowing what time and history has shown us Since time travel is impossible this book is the closest we ll ever get to re experiencing the entire panorama of it all from that fateful sunny, clear Tuesday morn in September through the Anthrax attacks of that fall up to the Guantanamo Bay scandals even up to the precursor to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a war that myself and so many others still consider unwarranted and unfounded.Read this book it actually reads almost like a novel and be taken back to a time that was unprecedented in its history, its scope and its moralities I wonder how any of the actual players in this drama would react to how this story plays itself out You read it and then you can totally understan...

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    I wish this was fiction, so that I did not have to believe what I read The account of what happened in the 500 days after 09 11 is mind blowing, harrowing, even surreal, and so not according to what the USA stands for In spite of the honest, decent work of thousands of Americans in the war on terror, this is a story a...

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    I m halfway through this book and it is a page turner It is definitely on my list of books that I will read twice Only a very few books get that rating from me I will read it twice because in my first reading, done in record time, I am sure to have missed some nuances This is a great book for any reader that wants to understand how the top level leadership and mid level leadership got us to where we are today There are heroes and incompetents that formed the response to 9 11, but they are not who you might think I read Hank Crumpton s book about his time in Afghanistan, but after reading this book, Hank s book seems seems a little light and narrowly focused.I have read that we are in a scientific revolution in real time, to me this is history in real time It should be required reading for anyone that is elected or who is in high government office As a Canadian, I often ...

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    A NYT review prompted me to read this fascinating and depressing book There were no specific jaw dropping revelations for me, as I have carefully read most of the legitimate news media accounts on the Bush administration and its near declaration of martial law in the post 9 11 years To say that this bunch used the Constitution as toilet paper is to be generous The NYT reviewer opined that these were the years that an inexorable psychosis took hold of the Bush administration and he is right This book details that descent into panic, paranoia and madness Lies and unsubstantiated rumors fed a White House that was only too willing to act on them, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world But the administration s hubris and arrogance completely blocked out the sanity that other world powers tried to bring to the rush to war and torture, and the relinquishment of any vestige of a U.S moral compass.The administrations lack of self control resulted in their making baseless assertions to the American people about a purported plot to blow up t...

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    The title made me think this would be just another political rant, but this book is admirably balanced and never gets polemic Eichenwald shows how the Bush administration struggled to find a proper balance between national security and legal rights While it is all too easy to portray the Bush team as evil dictators hellbent on breaking laws, it is important to consider the context of the time period After 9 11 NOBODY wanted to see another such terrorist attack happen without having done something about it All this talk of conspiracies and curbing of civil liberties has nothing to do with some evil conspiracy Rather, it has everything to do with preventing another catastrophe like 9 11 from happening again We as citizens can, and should, debate whether these methods benefits outweighed their drawbacks But portraying it as some evil conspiracy completely misses the point In an ideal, perfect world, the Bush team would never have considered the things they considered after 9 11 But after 9 11, it was a different world, and the Bush team, or anyone in their position, for that matter, did what they felt was necessary If the typical pundit who criticizes the Bush team s decisions was in their place during and after 9 11, I find it har...

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    This book s subtitle should NOT be called Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars not sure why Goodreads says it is Decisions Deceptions in the Shadow of 9 11 It should be Stuff that Happened After 9 11.stuff you probably already knew if you re interested in this book in the first place I like Eichenwald Conspiracy of Fools and The Informant were both good This one is not so good In fact, it s downright boring and dry in parts Where Informant and Conspiracy moved with a swift pace and were intriguing interesting throughout, this book dragged in many, many places The discussions over legal minutea spell was about as interesting as chewing aluminum foil I honestly thought Eichenwald would take the Bush administration to task and or present some new information to the discussion he didn t Basically, it is simply a review of what happened in the 500 days after 9 11 though, he curiously completely overlooked the Patriot Act a fact I found disturbing and baffling Bagram is also brushed over only lightly I already knew 90% of what was in this book and it never revealed a single thing I would call a Secret at all No challenges are really presented and the book doesn t open the informed reader s eyes to anything they couldn t have found by reading the newspaper during those same 500 days OK, he re creates some inner office discussions and brings some inside acco...

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    This is a spectacular piece of writing Eichenwald blends a dozen or so storylines into a taut thriller that actually happened A warning, though this book will hurt you Having lived through these events, and even been privileged to be a part of a late chapter in some, I had to put this book down than a few times and just breathe You know most of these stories terrorists in the US, having been tracked by the CIA into the country, then left to wander as they pleased You know about FBI agents in Florida and Minnesota sounding warnings, with pieces of the puzzle but unable to put it together You know they are in a race against time and you know they lose You know what happens next Anthrax Afghanistan Rendition Guantanamo Waterboarding Bali Iraq I knew all these pieces, I watched on the news, I had never seen them put together like this Eichenwald is a fabulous storytelle...

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