Grave Peril

Grave PerilIn All His Years Of Supernatural Sleuthing, Harry Dresden Has Never Faced Anything Like This The Spirit World S Gone Postal These Ghosts Are Tormented, Violent, And Deadly Someone Or Something Is Purposely Stirring Them Up To Wreak Unearthly Havoc But Why If Harry Doesn T Figure It Out Soon, He Could Wind Up A Ghost Himself.

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resi

[PDF / Epub] ☀ Grave Peril By Jim Butcher –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • Grave Peril
  • Jim Butcher
  • English
  • 14 December 2018

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    Hey Dresden Files,Listen I know my trusted friends set us up, and they have really good taste and usually know what I like, but it s just not going to work out between us I like awesome, interesting female characters, and while I will give you that Murphy is awesome, the rest aren t cutting it for me Never mind that every time a female character DOES show up, no matter how dire the peril, Harry makes sure to describe the precise way whatever she s wearing cups her breasts If she is, in fact, wearing that much clothing to begin with And, you know, everyone s been telling me I should just wait it out with you That the books that come later are much better and SO worth it, but frankly, I heard you have a kid, and a vampire ex girlfriend in the refrigerator, and that s just not part of my 5 year plan I m sure that somewhere out there is an amazing reader who loves you for who you are 300 pages of a main character who has worse days than Jack Bauer, constantly finding that LAST OUNCE of strength to fight, and then another ounce, and one ounce, and an ounce in the back pocket you were holding onto for the penultimate chapter.So, you know, it s not you it s me I m just not jiving to what you re offering We can still stay friends, though, because I ve heard your friend Codex Alera is kind of cool, and I wouldn t mind hanging out with him maybe.And if anyone tells you that this is because I ve...

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    Jim Butcher How Could You Do This To Me Buddy Read JBHCYDTTMBR with my slightly unhinged MacHalo Freaks wife sister aunt Shelly Who are you and WHAT THE BLOODY FISH have you done with Formerly Awesome Happy Dresden FAHD Was this really written by the same author as books 1 and 2 in this series It sure doesn t seem like it I started thinking about DNFing it around the 20% mark, and it s nothing short of a miracle that I eventually made it to the last page Skimming rocks.You re lucky, my Little Barnacles, because no matter how much I want to, I don t have time to write a never ending rant about this one So I ll just cut the crap and tell you why this series went from Oooh Yeah I Want More Land OYIWML to I don t Give a Damn What Happens Next Territory IDGaDWHNT Because the writing is sub par Because it feels like the book was written 20 years ago, not in 2008 Because the plot is boring And dull And uninteresting Because everytime Harry said Hell s bells I eyerolled my little self to death and felt like smashing my Kindle against the nearest wall Because this book made me feel like I d missed an instalment in the series Because blah blah blah and blah killed the story Because I cannot stand Michael, Charity, their freaking righteousness, and incessant, exasperating, ever moralizing religious speeches And where the hell did these two come from,...

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four , Jenny , Lila , and Steven 3.5 starsGRAVE PERIL was a kind of awkward installment A year has passed since the end of FOOL MOON, and in the interim, not only have Harry and Susan stayed together and are now in a committed relationship, but at some point Harry and our favorite officers of law enforcement have taken down a Bad Guy sorcerer who was using a demon, teenagers, drugs, orgies, and did I mention, a DEMON, to wreak various havocs in Chicago, the latter continually brought up in vague references And that vaguely referenced takedown is the source of this book s plot But we weren t there for that takedown, so it feels like we re missing something that the vague references are vague b c we already have the 411, and detailed explanations aren t necessary Even though I knew, I KNEW, that, no, I had not accidentally skipped an installment, I found myself constantly wanting to check and make sure whispers again.Beyond that I had a gaping handful of other small issues, beginning with the fact that I don t like ghosts That s part of why I m not much for steampunk the Victorian obsession w...

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    Things I d rather do than read this book 1 Clean the toilet.2 Listen to Justin Bieber.3 Read the dictionary in a language I m not fluent in.4 Watch a political debate.5 Sit in rush hour traffic.6 Stare at the TV while Netflix buffers over and over.7 Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians.8 Eat plain unsalted rice cakes for lunch every day for a month.I just can t do it any I recently DNF d another book called Deadly Curiosities I don t know which is worse.It s not that there s anything wrong with this book It s just there isn t really anything right about it either In my view. I typically don t like ghost stories, so there s that I don t like religious fanaticism, and one of the main supporting characters in this is one, so there s that This feels like it was written a long time ago, with the goofy things Harry says Don t you say it again Hell s Bells I know it s just me, but also, I think it s kind of cheesy how the non physical realm is called the Nevernever. I just don t think this series is for me This is the third one I ve tried No one can say I didn t try This one is even worse than the first two I at least made it to the end of those Everyone says it gets better There has nevernever, okay only ever ever one time, been a series that actually did get better as ...

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    The spirit world has gone postal over Chicago, and ghosts are causing havoc Tormented, violent, and deadly ghosts that only Harry Dresden can stop First thing he needs to do before stopping the madness would be to find the one causing it The first two novels were good, but this third one was even better Dresden should be likable by now, and so should the other recurring main characters Michael was a great addition to the team I m not sure if he s in it for the long run, but the Harry Michael team was a very fun read The plot thickens in this novel because Butcher gave it depth A lot of plot twists here and there, and magic As an UF novel with a wizard as the main character, magic should be copious It was copious in this novel, and I finally saw what Harry could do with his powers I was complaining then that the author didn t focus on that, but this novel was not a let down In the first and second novels, the author introduced the Giant scorpions, Oversexed vampires, and Psychotic werewolves To be honest I wanted the scorpions to make their reappearance, but necessary for the plot, we got the oversexed vampires I wasn t shocked that Bianca made a reappearance because by now you should know that Harry had unfinished business with her The vampires here were a bit violent, and I liked them a bit A little violence and that would be perfect The main antagonist here would be the ghosts, but But...

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    Good ol Harry Dresden is at it again, only this time the werewolves have been replaced with ghosts and vampires Yep, ghosts and vampires Still not really sure why the vampires needed to be around, especially those siblings Wow The book starts out well with Harry and a new character named Michael,who is this crazy broadsword wielding priest, tracking down a ghost in the newborn wing of a hospital It was a little different than the previous books in that it really jumps right in, that guy Michael is there all of a sudden, and it skips right on into the action Even with all the weird ghostly stuff, Butcher maintains a sense of humor and never seems to take his writing or his books too seriously I mean, the other bizarro world is called the Nevernever and the thing they are fighting against is the Nightmare He s not very good at naming things So yeah, Michael is there, and he becomes a main character all of a sudden even though he just showed up Murphy kinda takes a back seat here Susan bounces in a little bit Where the book excels though is when it hits on Harry s backstory and introduces characters and events from his past It seems to be teasing information to be explored in future books, and I m interested to see where it goes, to say the most Just intereste...

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    Much better then the first two I m cheering for Harry Dresden again

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    Buddy read April 20th on Buddies Books and Baubles with Jessica, Ashley, Lege, Steven, Sh3lly oOSarahOo they is a little behind but still here, and Jenny as out official stalker this time.Everyone says just wait they get better Everyone says by the end of book 3 you will see.This is one of those times that EVERYONE was right.Before this book I was really sorta thinking what s all the hype I mean I liked them well enough but I really preferred two other series that were similar Charming and Hounded now Harry might be pulling ahead of at least Hounded Charming still holds a special spot in my UF loving heart Why is Harry pulling ahead Well it could be the addition of some great new characters Bigger badder baddies and a tragic star crossed romance I actually didn t care about the romance so much until the VERY end but the other stuff was fantastic.Who are these fantastic side characters Michael THE FIST OF GOD is a fantastic addition Everything he does is good and moral and he has a magic sword no not that kind ladies get your minds out of the gutter he is married It is an actual sword that he fights for God with AMAZIN...

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    Meh I keep hearing about how awesome this series is, but someone needs to tell me when it gets good Three books in and I am still not super impressed.The first problem I have is that everything he makes up sounds so convenient and unbelievable I know that fantasy supernatural stories involve a lot of made up stuff, but usually the author makes it sound believable With this book and the previous ones whenever the main character is in peril, the author would pull something out of thin air to save the day i.e OMG, the giant monster is going to eat me But, that monster is from Pittsburgh, and it is Tuesday, and the ancient chronicles say that monsters from Pittsburgh cannot attack wizards on Tuesday Therefore, with a flick of his wrist, Harry decimated the monster.The second problem is how conveniently every character seems to show up in every scene Toward the end of the book, they are at a vampire party and every few minutes, the main character runs into someone else from the story It does end up being relevant to the plot, but it feels forced.The third problem is how whiny Harry Dresden is I don t know feel like he is believable as a wizard that would take on the forces of evil Also, because of this, I find it hard to believe that he would attract so many friends and women who want him He is just kind of blah to me and if he says Hells bells one time The fourth problem is that the author frequently pr...

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    2.5ish stars.An improvement over the last book, but still not quite making good on the promising potential that s supposed to be there.I definitely like this better than Fool Moon I feel like it flows naturally Or maybe the story itself is just interesting I mean, it isn t great and I tend to prefer series that are serialized than procedural as this one is but that s just personal preference The central plot here introduces just another freak of the week I do appreciate the introduction of at least a few major status quo changes and some plot lines that Butcher can start to thread throughout the series.To be perfectly honest, I don t think these books are particularly well written Some of the dialogue is awful Butcher should only be allowed to put Harry on the brink of death so many times It was like 12 in this book alone It would be hilarious to play a drinking game while reading Every time Harry is convinced he s going to die every time Harry says Hell s bells every time a ridiculously over sexualized woman is introduced double if Harry comments on her breasts.I think the characters are mainly idiots and make stupid choices for no discernible reasons Harry still doesn t feel genuine to me He s a stock concept sarcastic, wannabe hard boiled gumshoe who cracks jokes an...

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