The Rakes Wicked Proposal (The Notorious St. Claires, #2)

The Rakes Wicked Proposal (The Notorious St. Claires, #2) From Innocent Miss To Libertine S Lady Everyone Knows Lucian St Claire To Be One Of The Wickedest Rakes Around His Heart Is Out Of Reach, But He Certainly Knows How To Charm A Lady Now The Time Has Come For Lucian To Produce An Heir So First He Must Choose A Wife Young, Vivacious And Opinionated, Grace Hetherington Is Definitely Not The Kind Of Woman He S Looking For Yet There S Something Irresistible About Her And When They Re Caught In A Rather Compromising Situation, He Has No Choice But To Make Her His Convenient Bride The Notorious St Claires

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for my outstanding service to literature I am very happily married to Peter with six sons, and live on the

✪ The Rakes Wicked Proposal (The Notorious St. Claires, #2)  Books ✬ Author Carole Mortimer –
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  • The Rakes Wicked Proposal (The Notorious St. Claires, #2)
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 01 October 2018

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    Rating 3 starsThe author intended that the heroine, Grace, be written as a strong willed, intelligent and passionate young lady Instead, she was annoying, abrasive and vindictive Aside from her good looks, I could not understand why Lucien St Claire wanted her so badly He was far likable and loyal to a fault than she deserved I kept picturing Colin Firth as Lucien and it worked quite well Oh yes.The overall story was decent with a few elements of wate...

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    I truly struggled with scoring these two titles They were so deliciously bad that I teetered back and forth between a 1 and the Keeper Shelf In reading thousands of romances over the years, I ve never read such laughable prose with the exception of The Italian s Rags to Riches Wifeby Julia James Both are Harlequin titles and the overuse of exclamation points just makes my internal editor shriek in pain There are over 100 of the little beasties just waiting to pop out and steal your breath.So why did I think about putting these titles on the Keeper Shelf Because the author makes up her own WORDS Yes, snig lets via Carole Mortimer For example Lord Tillton Jane gasped at his accusation I detest Lord Tillton He behaved most disgracefully towards me during dinner to such a degree that in the end I had to pierce his wrist with my fingernails in order to stop his pawing of me beneath the table Besides which, he is a married man she added frowningly.Hawk s mouth twisted scathingly Summer house parties like this one are notorious for the night time assignations of people who are indeed married but not to each other I mean, can you get any better than this And she stacks them one after another the overuse of adverbs is hysterical I found myself greedily turning the pages to gorge myself on paragraph after paragr...

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    Horrible writing Every page had at least two or three exclamation marks The characters must ALL be very excitable shocked angry.I also found the story to have way too many holes One minute she hates him and the next she loves him because she knows he s suffering internally And then the next minute she hates him again when he has done nothing wrong Grace as a character is so annoying I want to smack her I know she is supposed to be young and all raised in the country so doesn t know the rule of Society but at time she just seems to disagree for the sake of being a brat and disagreeing haha did you see how I used the exclamation mark there and there.I ve read a few romances this one is for sure on the bottom of the list For the annoying characters, horrible writing a...

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    2 of 4 in The Notorious St ClairesRegencySociety rules strike again This time snagging Lucian St Claire There was just something about Grace Hetherington that made him forget caution landing him in a betrothal with her, one she most deifnitely does not want Grace only agrees to be his convenient wife because she figures if she can put the wedding off long enough, everyone will know that nothing happened Forced together to keep up appearances to keep the gossips qui...

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    Really, definitely, utterly unimpressed It s not just about the writing style let s say opinions may differ on that one , it s mostly about the uneven and controversial flow of the story So, okay, they start off hating each other, they are supposed to then fall in love But they seem to be on a constant roller coaster of hating and wanting each other And the usual kind of roller coaster, but a confusing and poorly stitched kind Also, I can t...

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    NOT impressedListen, I have now had my first story by Ms Mortimer that I did not like It was if a ghost writer had written the story having not spoken with the author The story was to slow and made no sense Even worst, ...

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    Love the passion, love the story, hate the ending too sappy for me

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    3 e 1 2 Grace gli pos i palmi sulle guance e lo fiss negli occhi Amo tutto di te, Lucian, con tutta me stessa non mi importa di quali demoni infestino le tue notti Sorrise Non potrei neppure concepire di amare qualcun altro In generale, mi piaciuto pi del precedente della serie ma ricalca un po gli stessi schemi lui sempre molto arrogante, lei un po bisbetica sempre pronta a bisticciare an...

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    I enjoyed reading my first book by this author I do however think they could have came together a little sooner They off and on liked each other but never agreed to get along till the last 30 pages and then it all came together at once So part of me felt like it took forever then when...

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