The Darkest Hour

The Darkest HourIt S Been One Year Since Ex Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly Last Saw His Wife Rachel Alive Overwhelmed By Grief And Guilt Over His Failures As A Husband, Ethan Shuts Himself Off From Everything And Everyone.His Brothers Have Tried To Bring Ethan Into The KGI Fold, Tried To Break Through The Barriers He S Built Around Himself, But Ethan Refuses To Respond Until He Receives Anonymous Information Claiming Rachel Is Alive.To Save Her, Ethan Will Have To Dodge Bullets, Cross A Jungle, And Risk Falling Captive To A Deadly Drug Cartel That Threatens His Own Demise And Even If He Succeeds, He Ll Have To Force Rachel To Recover Memories She Can T And Doesn T Want To Relive The Minute By Minute Terror Of Her Darkest Hour For Their Love, And Their Lives, May Depend On It.

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

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  • Paperback
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  • The Darkest Hour
  • Maya Banks
  • Croatian
  • 15 April 2018

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    Well, this was my first non BDSM Maya Banks, and I really liked it I am definitely going to continue with this series, and I m especially looking forward to book 3 The story is about Ethan and Rachel, getting a second chance in life, literally.It s been a year since Rachel s death and Ethan is still grieving, a total mess One day he gets an envelope with loads in pics and information that leads him to believe his wife might be alive and held hostage somewhere in South America.Lucky for him, he has a whole family in the covert operations business, and they set off to a rescue Well as you can suppose, the rescue works and they bring Rachel home.The rest of the book is all about the emotional aspect, their marriage, her memory loss and addiction, and basically A LOT OF CRYING Now here is a RANT coming, if you loved this book like crazy, don t read it if it ll offend you PI liked the book VERY much, but this just bugged me spoilers ahead Anyway, when I heard about this series, and the fact that it was romantic suspense, I was all happy because I recently discovered the genre, and love it I was feeling in the mood for some action And the guy on the cover looked like he could deliver The series is named after their kick ass business I got one action scene right at the beginning, and two car scenes, won t tell you what kind, it d be a spoiler Or hmm may...

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    I loved the premise of this book because it reminded me a little of two of my favorite RS books, To the Brink by Cindy Gerard, and Wild Card by Lora Leigh two stories about second chances Although this book was good, and is a good start to what looks to be an exciting series, it just quite didn t make it to great Something was missing for me and I think it had something to do with the relationship between the H h.Let s back up a minute and get the synopsis out of the way Ethan Kelly is an ex Navy SEAL, wallowing in misery grief guilt on the one year anniversary of his sweet wife of two years Rachel s tragic death in a plane crash while on a humanitarian mission to somewhere Colombia in South America Ethan comes from a large, loving, loud and loyal family, headed by ex schoolteacher rules the roost matriarch Marlene, Papa Bear hardware store owner Frank, and including three older, ex military, competitive, sometimes bossy brothers Sam, Garrett, and Donovan and younger brothers who are currently in the Army twins Joe and Nathan Sam, Garrett, and Donovan are all partners in KGI Kelly Group International , an elite agaency that specializes in hostage and kidnap victim recovery, gathering intell...

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    4 to 4 Captivating Stars I really enjoyed this book Why on earth it took me so long to start this series is beyond me.

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    5 stars Romantic Suspense I m a big fan of Maya Banks and military romantic suspense, so I was really looking forward to this first book in her new KGI series I m not at all surprised that I liked and enjoyed it, but I was amazed and impressed by the emotional depth and intensity of the story Ethan might be an alpha military hero, but he s not afraid to express his love, demonstrate his feelings, or shed tears of grief, relief, joy, and gratitude The homecoming scene where ...

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    Obviously I m in the minority, reading other reviews, but I have to say I didn t enjoy this.I m not going to rehash what the story is about, plenty of those kinds of reviews Here s what pissed me off ETHAN KELLY.To me, he s a sonofabitch His wife has been presumed dead for a year Granted, no one knew but when she s finally, FINALLY rescued and brought home, a literal shell of the woman she was, all super dick can worry about is her not finding out about the divorce papers he gave her before she disappeared GOD FORBID he be the one thing this poor woman needs an honest husband I ve never been a fan of the big secret trope but this one takes the cake I truly believe he didn t want her to recover her memory in full because she would find out what an insecure bastard he really was Oh sure, he claimed he was sorry, he was over it, he was a jerk extraordinaire, but even after Rachel came home, he was STILL jealous of his own brother And how many times can he hug her, call her baby and profess his undying love OMG it was over the top At one point I was even hoping that Rachel and Garret HAD gotten it on, despite how much I hate adultery Rachel didn t deserve to be shackled...

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    Opening Line He d hoped if he drank enough the night before he d sleep right through today Ex Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly is hangover again, it s been a year since his wife Rachael was killed in a plane crash in South America and he can t seem to move on, the pain as fresh as the day she died Ethan has cut himself off from his large family and refuses to have anything to do with his brother s top secret business, that of KGI Kelly Group International With their expensive military backgrounds the Kelly brother s are essentially guns for hire taking the tricky jobs the government can t and specializing in intelligence recovery and hostage kidnap victim extractions.On the anniversary of Rachael s death Ethan receives an unmarked package containing surveillance pictures and maps of a drug cartel base camp in Columbia The photos show something else too, a woman who looks very much like his late wife Ethan doesn t think anyone will believe him but of course he now has to try and find her Good thing most of his family is in ...

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    Your wife is alive. Four simple words and Ethan s life implodes Again After losing his wife in a plane crash, a year after her death someone concocts a sick joke Making him believe she might be alive There re pictures of her being a prisoner in a Colombian drug cartel camp Guard change schedules, topographic maps, camp layoutsEverything he might need to get Rachel out of that hell If he believed she was still alive that is.And he does Despite everything, he does Because maybe, just maybe, a miracle is happening, and he ll get his second chance A second chance to do it all again, differently, to be a better a good husband to the wife he tried to selfishly push away a year ago To be the man worthy of her loveBut first, he must get her back Then, their trials will only just begin.What Is it possible A man that isn t perfect Are you sure In Romancelandia Really Could it be And what s that you say Their marriage wasn t that perfect either Wow Because Ethan is far from perfect besides his height, dark good looks, and apparently being hung like a horse This guy has made mistakes, big ones which the reader finds out through the course of the story , and he s convinced there s no way of making amends After all, his wife is dead Th...

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    Listening to this series on audio as a re read This one, while a tougher read I would probably increase to 4 stars upon re read Many of the below originally mentioned things did not bother me this time and I enjoyed the angst in this book even though I am not usually a fan of it.Previous comments I know I am late to this series, but thought I would give it a try The story is a heartbreaking love st...

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    So look I m not usually one to get on my high horse and go off on a rant about certain words or derogatory phrases used in books It s fiction and sometimes things are said because the flow of the story and banter can lend itself to the occasional you re a girl comment or that s a pussy thing to do remark and I get that And you know what I would probably even overlook it often than not ButThis book pissed me right off I LOVE alpha book men Adore them Can t read enough of them I m aware that these type of men can be misogynistic a holes on occasion, usually as a plot device to show what a holes they really are and then they become fabulously enlightened men who know that the woman they have fallen for is kickass and amazing and he falls over himself to show her he knows this Those are the men I like to read, it s my jam What is not my jam is reading about assholes who I m supposed to want to read of constantly using the term girl as an insult to each other and to women Men who think crying makes you a pussy or worrying about a person you love makes you a mother hen because fuck you assholes You think I exaggerate Some examples of...

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    4 Kelly Family and Alpha Badass stars Pardon my excitement as I know I m late to the party, but this book gave me two VERY awesome things 1 A new author to stalk 2 A new series to devourAllow me a moment Ok, I ve composed myself.What a great introduction to this series and the Kelly family Ethan is torn apart by the death of his wife Rachel So many regrets swimming in his mind And the cherry on top, he was horrible to her on the last day he saw her alive But then on the one year anniversary of her death, a package arrives telling him she s alive and being held prisoner in South America Enter KGI badasses a k a the Kelly boys and a group of hot military Alphas Rescue mission formulated, badasses united for justice, woman saved Insert explosions and gunfire where applicable.Rachel has no to little memory of her life She s been drugged almost daily and is suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms The only thing that kept her sane during her year of terror is the fact that she refused to forget her name and the image of Ethan in her mind She wasn t sure who he was, but she held on to his picture ...

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