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On PalestineOperation Protective Edge, Israel S Most Recent Assault On Gaza, Left Thousands Of Palestinians Dead And Cleared The Way For Another Israeli Land Grab The Need To Stand In Solidarity With Palestinians Has Never Been Greater Ilan Papp And Noam Chomsky, Two Leading Voices In The Struggle To Liberate Palestine, Discuss The Road Ahead For Palestinians And How The International Community Can Pressure Israel To End Its Human Rights Abuses Against The People Of Palestine On Palestine Is The Sequel To Their Acclaimed Book Gaza In Crisis.

Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, political activist, author, and lecturer He is an Institute Professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Chomsky is credited with the creation of the theory of generative grammar, considered to be one of the most significant contributions to the field of linguistics made in the 20th century H

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • On Palestine
  • Noam Chomsky
  • English
  • 11 February 2019
  • 9781608464708

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    Brilliant If only the people who really mattered, in terms of bringing a halt to the violence and the exile, would read it.

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    WHICH WAY FOR THE PALESTINIANS NOW Human rights activist and coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine Frank Barat has brought together Noam Chomsky and the Israeli dissident historian Ilan Pappe for a follow up to their 2010 collaboration Gaza in Crisis This time Barat has decided to change the format from being a collection of essays to a mix of interviews with both Chomsky and Pappe as well as individually authored essays.Im not the greatest fan of the use of the interview format in book form it works on radio television unfortunately places, bar marginal stations, where Pappe and Chomsky don t get much if any airtime Even for two authors as articulate and knowledgeable as Chomsky and Pappe undoubtedly are, the need to adlib produces a less direct and articulate text than the studied and concise essays Having both formats side by side in this edition clearly underlines that Having said that the exchanges are still worthwhile reading with the differences in the two interviewees opinions on the merits of the one two state solution, and the limitations of using the Apartheid experience to describe relations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, keeping it interesting.Amongst the essays the highlight is Chomskys address to the United Nations General Assembly last year which is a succinct account of dev...

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    I ve read this book twice so I can grasp everything I know that some people won t read it because of Ilan Papp s nationality , but you have to read this to know his position Being an israeli does not simply mean being a zionist or an anti p...

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    this is a cool book that explains americans pathological support for israeli crimes basically israel makes and breaks treaties with a subjugated peoples it views as savages and it steals land from them on a daily basis under the auspices that it was promised by god manifest de...

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    This book exceeded all my expectations I feel very much enlightened on the situation between Palestine and Israel Though On Palestine is meant to be a sequel to Gaza in Crisis , it fares perfectly as a stand...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it isn t necessarily for everyone Chomsky and Pappe are two excellent writers on the subject of Israel and Palestine and I find their writing insightful and incisive.This book is a follow up from their Gaza In Crisis book, written after Israel s murderous assault on Gaza in 2008 This book, produced quickly in response to Israel s assault on a defenceless population in Operation Protective Edge in 2014 were over 2,000 Palestinians were killed in their homes from relentless aerial bombardment attempts to address where Israel and Palestine go from this point.It is interesting reading Pappe and Chomsky s comments in 2014 they were not too far off in where things are going What seemed inconceivable in 2014, a one state solution has now entered the public discourse.For what it s worth, whilst Palestinians should have the right to self determination ultimately all the inhabitants of the region need to come together to live in relative peace and security The book makes the point very well that Israel s ambitions haven t changed very much since the 1940 s The aim has always been to have a Greater Israel, taking all the arable land and water to suit their expansion plans as a Zionist ...

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    Israel s problem is that it is a pre 20th century version of a colonizing power, doing its colonizing business by itself in the 21st century Palestine is a simple story of Colonialism and dispossession To forget about the past means forgetting about the future Most of what is interpreted as Zionism violates, and contradicts, basic human rights, and civil rights for anyone who is not a Jew in Israel If you are a citizen of Italy, you are Italian, but if you are a citizen of Israel you are Jewish The idea of a Jewish state is an anomaly It has no analogs in the modern world Why must we recognize something that exists nowhere else in the modern world We don t call the U.S a Christian state Why must we recognize Israel is a Jewish state Zionism became a settler colonial project and still is one today States are created by violence, that is how one applies a uniform structure on the people States have no inherent legitimacy Why has Israel been trying to block by law or by force commemorating the Nakba or recognizing it unless it is a racist issue In 1971 Israel, led by Golda Meir, had to choose between security or expansion and they choose expansion Decades later, Israel s sole support is the United States In South Africa, The final settlement was, let s keep the socioeconomic system and have some Black faces in limousines You can t do that in Israel In South Africa, the whites need the blacks, they were the work ...

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    I m a medical student who s currently taking Neuroscience The fact that I was reading this book during the time of the course ought to give you an idea about its value.

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    On Palestine is a brief, yet illuminating account of Chomsky and Papp s life long commentary on the Israel Palestine conflict The book is a series of discussions and essays on the past, present and bleak future for the Palestinians They contextualise the present actions of both parties and other parties with respect to the past which is absolutely essential for peace to the middle East It is essential to even begin to answer the terribly difficult question of who rightfully owns the lands the Palestinians refugees or third generation settler Israelis Unflinching in their criticism, they call Israel a colonial apartheid state which derives much of its policy from radical Zionist dreams of the last century The most famous of which is separating the Gaza strip from the west bank Personally, there were two key takeaways First, on how the colonialism Israel is different from the colonialism in South Africa The black people formed over 85% of the south African population and were the primary source of labour Whereas in the occupied territories, Israel actively rejects integrating Palestinians into their citizenry They want the land, not the people This has massive implications Secondly, on account of the two state solution, they quote an interesting proverb someone looking for a key that he lost where there was light and not where he lost it With t...

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