Gnome-a-geddon Buck Discovers That His Favorite Book Series Might Be Less Fictional Than He Thought In This Delightful Middle Grade Adventure.Harry Potter Percy Jackson Custard The Gnome.Buck Is A Super Fan Of The Book Series, The Triumphant Gnome Syndicate He Knows All The Trivia The Properties Of The Troll Vanquishing Mace, And Even What Kind Of Snack Custard, The Gnome Of The West, Prefers But When The Book S Author Disappears In A Cloud Of Smoke At The Release Party For Book Three, And Buck S Little Sister Disappears Into A Bottomless Dumpster, Buck Realizes That The World Of Gnomes And Trolls Might Really Exist What The Heck As It Turns Out, The Real Custard Don T Call Him That Needs Buck S Help To Find The Troll Vanquishing Mace And Buck Needs To Find His Sister So Buck And His Best Friend Lizzie Set Off On An Adventure That Would Make Any Fan S Head Spin But Not Everything Is As Buck Expected It Seems The Books Did Not Tell The Whole Truth About This Not So Make Believe World Buck Soon Discovers That Real Life Doesn T Work Like A Story, And The Heroes And Villains Might Not Be Who They Seem Holy Trolls What S A Super Fan To Do Buck Is About To Fulfill The Ultimate Fantasy Going On Adventures With His Favorite Characters, And Getting The Chance To Save The World Assuming He Can Figure Out Whose Side He S Really On Less

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gnome-a-geddon book, this is one of the most wanted K.A. Holt author readers around the world.

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  • English
  • 18 December 2018

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    This is a summer of reading FUN MG at my house This was a fast read, with laugh out loud moments and a great twist at the end Read it in one morning

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    This book is in no way what I thought it was going to be Did I go in thinking this book was just a weird portal world chosen one young adult novel with gnomes Yep Is it really a weird portal world chosen one young adult novel that tackles racism and feminism themes with a VERY unexpected twist ending Also, yep I would definitely recommend this book to parents who want to discuss difficult topics with their kids Clear parallels can be drawn to the turmoil that is ...

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    A much better read than expected This is geek fodder fantasy for sure, with some unexpected twists to really subvert the expectations of the genre Any reader of a beloved series, will love being thrust into the world in which their favorites books were written.

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    Gnome a geddon by K.A Holt is currently scheduled for release on May 2 2017 Buck is a super fan of the book series, The Triumphant Gnome Syndicate He knows all the trivia The properties of the Troll Vanquishing Mace, and even what kind of snack Custard, the Gnome of the West, prefers But when the book s author disappears in a cloud of smoke at the release party for book three, and Buck s little sister disappears into a bottomless dumpster, Buck realizes that the world of gnomes and trolls might really exist What the heck As it turns out, the real Custard don t call him that needs Buck s help to find the Troll Vanquishing Mace And Buck needs to find his sister So Buck and his best friend Lizzie set off on an adventure that would make any fan s head spin But not everything is as Buck expected it seems the books did not tell the whole truth about this not so make believe world Buck soon discovers that real life doesn t work like a story, and the heroes and villains might not be who they seem Holy trolls What s a super fan to do Buck is about to fulfill the ultimate fantasy going on adventures with his favorite characters, and getting the chance to save the world Assuming he can figure out whose side he s really on.Gnome a geddon is a book with a fairly unique concept While there have been a few books that share a few characteristics, I really felt like this book took it in a slightly different direction I liked that our main characters change...

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    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineLizzie and Buck are waitin gin line at a release party for the newest book in the The Triumphant Gnome Syndicate series, and hoping that the reclusive author, Harold Macinaw, will attend He does, but there is an explosion and the store is evacuated Lizzie and Buck realize that they don t have a copy of the book, but Buck s sister, Willy, is able to read a copy on their mom s e reader This is, of course, unacceptable, and the two travel back to the bookstore the next day That s about the last time things are normal soon, Buck and Lizzie realize that there are robotic doubles of them trying to take over, and Willy disappears with a group of children Desperate to get her back, the two get sucked into the world of the book They meet Smith who is NOT the same as the hero of the novel , who makes Buck think that he is the answer to the prophecy, and that he must find the Troll Vanquishing Mace in order to save Macinaw and keep Flipside and its inhabitants safe Since Buck has the books memorized, he sees the sense in this, and he uses his knowledge to navigate the dangerous world and t...

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    What if your favorite book wasn t fiction at all, but a sort of memoir instead How does author bias affect the storytelling Can you always believe what the author is telling you Buck Rogers super dork with an extra helping of nerdLizzieWilly Wilma little sister has willies than anyone else I know Harold Mackinaw author of Triumphant Gnome Syndicate seriesGnomes in the book Custard Smith in real lifeMaoriJohnny O Sprocket lamest of the gnomes When you finish a Triumphant Gnome Syndicate book, it s like you re hungry like actually starving for of the story You re just supposed to go on with your life, do everyday things, go to school, thwart online goblin raids, and wait TWO YEARS to find out the answers to these mysteries The books are fiction, Buck he can tell whatever stories he wants His sarcasm drips out of his mouth like slimy drool I thought you wanted my help because there s something special about me I thought we were trying to save the world Your world So many thing...

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    Buck and his best friend Lizzie are eagerly awaiting the next book in their favorite series at a midnight release and are ecstatic to realize that the author himself will be making an appearance However, things go horribly awry and Buck and Lizzie discover that the imaginary of the Triumphant Gnome Syndicate series may not be as imaginary as they be...

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    This book had an interesting premise, whereby two kids are whisked into the alternate world of gnomes and trolls and have to find their way out It started out well, and the voice of the main character was quite engaging, with some laugh out loud lines, but about halfway through I thought the story started to go off the rails Mainly, it got too dark to maintain the humorous tone I...

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    Although it was a little confusing, Gnome a geddon, is a very funny story It talks about a boy who loved a series of books by an author One day, things began to be crazy As he and his friend frantically ran, they got sucked into a portal leading to a real Gnome world When Buck, the boy sees the world like in his book, he begins to explore Soon they meet and discover that Buck s favorite author had disappeare...

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    The story line is a very thinly disguised commentary As far as story goes, it was ok I did laugh out loud at times There are a lot of pop culture references, especially Harry Potter and Star Wars, but it didn t stop there Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Bi...

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