The Hammer of God

The Hammer of GodA Century Into The Future, Technology Has Solved Most Of The Problems That Have Plagued Our Time However, A New Problem Is On The Horizon One Greater Than Humanity Has Ever Faced A Massive Asteroid Is Racing Toward The Earth, And Its Impact Could Destroy All Life On The Planet.Immediately After The Asteroid Named Kali After The Hindu Goddess Of Chaos And Destruction Is Discovered, The World S Greatest Scientists Begin Their Search For A Way To Prevent Disaster In The Meantime, Captain Robert Singh, Aboard The Starship Goliath, May Be The Only Person Who Can Stop The Asteroid But This Heroic Role May Demand The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Arthur Charles Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction He spent the first half of his life in England, where he served in World War Two as a radar operator, before emigrating to Ceylon in 1956 He is best known for the novel and movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, which he co created with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick.Clarke was a graduate of King

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    Sir Arthur C Clarke one of the BIG THREE golden era hard science fiction writers, along with Robert A Heinlein and Isaac Asimov was still writing fresh and relevant, and scientifically exciting books in the 90s, almost 50 years after he began writing stories.The Hammer of God, first published in 1993 following the publication of a short story setting out the essential framework of the idea demonstrates Clarke s far ranging scientific vision for the genre While the idea that an asteroid or a comet could slam into the Earth and cause catastrophe had been explored before Larry Niven s Lucifer s Hammer had been published in 1977 Clarke developed the idea that a team of Earth s scientists and engineers could do something about it.Set in the future, life on Earth had approached utopia with the advent of scientific and technological breakthroughs that solved most of our Childhood problems But when astronomers discovered a relatively small asteroid given the name Kali that was on a destruction course for Earth, plans were set into motion to save our planet.Stephen Spielberg bought the film rights to this book and with some significant changes, that production led to the 1998 film Deep Impact Coincidentally, or interesting depending on Hollywood insider standards, The Michael Bay film Armageddon also came out in 1998.Never content to just deal in the grand idea, Clarke also explores social, political and theological changes that have occurred in thi...

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    Read for post apocalyptic book club.Last month, we read Lucifer s Hammer , so in keeping with the hammer comet impact theme, we decided to compare and contrast This one is FAR better When I was around 13, Arthur C Clarke was my very favorite author I read and re read everything by him in the public library However, by the time this book came out, in 1993, he d kind of fallen off my radar It wasn t so much that my tastes had changed as that my life was a bit chaotic at the time not apocalypse level chaotic, but enough that I wasn t really tracking authors The first thing that struck me on reading this was, Oh, yes, THIS is why I liked Clarke so much I just really enjoy his writing style He might not have the deepest characterization like many sci fi authors of his era but his writing is just very engaging full of interesting ideas and striking images while managing to stay consistently accessible However, I can t say that this book is Clarke s peak It was expanded from a magazine article...

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsI was at my local public library trying to sign up for e book service Don t get me started on how annoying that was when I stumbled upon this book As I began reading, I wondered how I had missed this novel back in the 90s This was answered within two chapters, however, when I realized I had read this back in the day and just forgotten about it The premise of The Hammer of God is drum roll please an steroid on a collision course with Earth And yes, there have been several novels exploring this same premise and also a couple movie released in 1998 For those keeping track, the movies were Deep Impact starring Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman and Armageddon directed by Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and headlined by a star studded cast including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy BobThornton, Liv Tyler, and Owen Wilson Mr Clarke s novel is a bit different from the normal disaster, end of the world story or movie in that it spends the majority of its time...

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    In The Hammer of God, a comet threatens to destroy human life on the planet Earth This doesn t represent all of humanity, since humans have colonized the moon and the planet Mars, so in a worst case scenario, the human race lives on Tasked with the monumental challenge of redirecting the comet is Captain Singh and his crew of scientists on the Goliath with a laser weapon that is designed to slightly redirect the course of the comet so that it doesn t splatter Earth Plan B is to use a massive warhead attached to a missile, which still may not solve the problem, only splinter the comet into many smaller pieces, which still may do serious damage.If you strip down the book to its basic plot, it s about the size of a long short story or a short novella There isn t really a whole lot to it Mostly the novel is a series of flashbacks and backstory, but there wasn ...

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    This is an especially important Clarke novel because its central plot is mitigating the threat of an asteroid impact The prospect of such an event, which many scientists regard as inevitable, plays out as a subplot in other Clarke novels, including Rendezvous with Rama But here it is what the novel is all about While I felt this novel lacked the philosophical depth of 2001 A Space Odyssey or Childhood s End , I enjoyed the science in it and Clarke s concise approach to plot development The man never drifted into 1,000 page novels that say, Hey, look at all my research n stuff He kept to the key issues he wanted to explore.My favorite part of this novel is a speech describing the groupings of asteroids that exist in gravitational pockets on either s...

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    Great classic sci fi from one of the masters of the genre This is short but profound.

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    3.5 StarsGood theme Story reminds us of possibilities of disaster if an asteroid or a comet crosses its path with the earth s orbit, and in such an instance what can us collectively as a so called intelligent species do try to intervene and avoid the disaster, or allow it to happen as Nature wants it so.Taking place in the year 2110, quite an amount of futuristic technology has been very well described where humanity has been successful in colonizing the Moon and Mars, where the latter is at this point in its longer process of terraforming A well described sport Running on the lunar surface s 1 6 gee is an interesting idea formation of a reconciled religion called Chrislam the Brainman a Virtual Reality machine worn on the head where billions of atom sized terminals make painless contact with the skin of the cranium to revisit one s memories or entertain or educate oneself These were absolutely amazing ideas to read, and will rate it very high The ...

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    The climb to higher pedestals of scientific achievement has made man snug in his confidence A confidence that erroneously makes him think that most if not all the challenges that nature throws at him can be averted by his technical toys Let s now take help from a talented sci fi author and fast forward into a technically much advanced future Mars and Moon have been colonized and man is perhaps at the Zenith of his technical prowess Now take one of the oldest points of terror of humanity a rain of fire from the skies and add it to this mix What comes of this concoction is The Hammer of God .A meteor threatens humanity with extinction and a bold team of space cowboys goes out there to save all of us and that pretty much sums up the whole plot The point of difference between this novel and the likes of movies like Armageddon is definitely the writing by Clarke Backed up w...

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    This was my first Clarke book, and though I m generally pretty unenthusiastic about death comet hurtling towards Earth stories, this one was surprisingly good Clarke is clearly an idea guy much of the story is about the various technologies that have emerged over the next couple hundred years, with only smaller parts devoted to the trials of the characters Usually this sort of thing would turn me off, which probably says a lot for the talent of Clarke I read this bo...

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