Das Spinnennetz

Das SpinnennetzJoseph Roth Das Spinnennetz Roman Erstdruck In Arbeiterzeitung, Wien 7 Oktober 6 November 1923 Erstausgabe Posthum Koln 1967 Vollstandige Neuausgabe Herausgegeben Von Karl Maria Guth Berlin 2015 Umschlaggestaltung Von Thomas Schultz Overhage Unter Verwendung Des Bildes Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Doppelselbstportrait, Um 1920 Gesetzt Aus Minion Pro, 11 Pt.

Joseph Roth, journalist and novelist, was born and grew up in Brody, a small town near Lemberg in East Galicia, part of the easternmost reaches of what was then the Austro Hungarian empire and is now Ukraine Roth was born into a Jewish family He died in Paris.

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  • 86 pages
  • Das Spinnennetz
  • Joseph Roth
  • 12 November 2019
  • 9783843076845

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    A haunting glimpse into the early 20th Century before Hitler s rise to power, The Spider s Web is as much psychological as it is political, giving a startling look into the life and mind of a main character who is about average as far as people go, yet lacking in personal ethics and morality enough to jump at the opportunity for power via a radical group With insidious manipulation, Theodor Lohse climbs to the height of society without having to think about who might get hurt in the end, or the consequences which could forever taint history.As interesting and somewhat chilling as Lohse as a character is, the character I found most intriguing was Benjamin Lenz, who is even manipulative than Lohse, but who behaves so for reasons of protecting himself and surviving Lenz has learned that power is ultimately the best form of survival, but that power can be fleeting, and as such he seems to have no outward political affiliations or m...

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    L ex sottotenente Theodor Lohse terminata la grande guerra torna ai ranghi ora uno studente di legge e un precettore inadeguato presso la ricca famiglia ebrea Efrussi Fuori dalle gerarchie militari perde la sua identit , non c una regola cui riferirsi e la disciplina un derivato della miseria di chi non pu ambire a posizioni migliori L anonimato lo schiaccia e si nutre di sogni grandiosi di rivalsa La stessa che anima chi non pu soggiacere ai trattati di Versailles, la stessa che non pu veder soccombere l impero, la stessa che agogna la Repubblica, la stessa che vorrebbe la rivoluzione, la stessa che imputa ogni scacco agli ebrei Odia e diventa violento Si insinua negli ambienti che cospirano e tramano, cospira, trama, sospetta, tradisce e supera qualsiasi ideologia, fa sue certe posizioni, le impara perfino a memoria, con esse attira le folle ma lui lavora solo per se stesso E l odio cresce, si autoalimenta, straripa Lui vuole la gloria, il suo nome sui giornali, il nazionalsocialismo d altronde solo un idea, lui vuole il denaro, lui vuole essere come l ebreo e comprarsi perfino uno come lui Lui vuole il potere Tremendo affresco rapsodico di una scalata individuale alla ricerca di un ordine nuovo, terribilmente individualista e senza morale.Romanzo storico politico del 1923, tratteggia un epoca, tutta vissuta da Roth, in una Berlino ben rappresentata, e anticipa un altro sogno tramutatosi in tragedia Incompiuto, lascia il lettore in un crescen...

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    Primo romanzo di Joseph Roth, pubblicato a 29 anni nel 1923 Lo stile narrativo forse ancora acerbo, ma i contenuti sono molto significativi, con il protagonista Theodor Lohse, uno disposto a tutto per diventare un capo , che si muove dentro una r...

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    A dark, vivid little novel that follows the fortunes of an ambitious young man involving himself in right wing maneuverings during the Weimar Republic Not especially intelligent, but brutal enough to be effective in times when b...

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    Bevreemdend, intens, bijna verloren gegaan en oorspronkelijk als feuilleton verschenen romandebuut uit 1923 van de grote Roth Het is het huiveringwekkende verhaal van de gedesillusioneerde Theodor Lohse, een luitenant die teleurgesteld teruggekeerd is uit de Eerste Wereldoorlog rings a bell en in Berlijn betrokken raakt bij een extreem rechtse, geheime organisatie die haar hoofdkwartier in M nchen heeft en in contact staat met Hitler en Ludendorff die sporadisch opduiken in de roman Verrassend visionair gezien de gebeurtenissen die kort na verschijning de Weimar democratie in brand zou zetten de laatste aflevering van dit wrange boek verscheen twee dagen voor Hitlers mislukte staatsgreep Roths typische stijl tussen ironie en sympathie, distantie en identificatie is van een bloedstollende heftigheid de korte, krachtige zinnen bedwelmen, overweldigen en spinnen een soms onontwarbaar web van mysterie, intriges en spa...

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    Le dar a cinco porque imagino que debe ser un buen libro, si lo tradujese un profesional que sepa gram tica, alem n, vocabulario y redactar.

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    A prophetic the book was written in 1923 descent into the abyss of nationalism and fascism in Germany s 1920 s through the eyes of Theodor Lohse, an ambitious, yet average lieutenant, who quickly understands that his fastest ticket to the upper crust of society is to belong to an underground right wing organization, bent on beating up socialists, communists and Jews Not terribly smart, but without scruples, his lack of self respect and humanity soon bring fruit His dealings bring him to use the services of Benjamin Lenz, a much smarter, opportunistic Jew who figured out that helping if not blackmailing plotters from both right and left is key to his survival In the end, in a remarkable reversal, the master is beholder to the slave Lenz holds the power but the reader knows that, alas, the reversal is soon to come with devastating and catastrophic consequences.The ...

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