Boy, Snow, Bird

Boy, Snow, BirdBOY Novak Turns Twenty And Decides To Try For A Brand New Life Flax Hill, Massachusetts, Isn T Exactly A Welcoming Town, But It Does Have The Virtue Of Being The Last Stop On The Bus Route She Took From New York Flax Hill Is Also The Hometown Of Arturo Whitman Craftsman, Widower, And Father Of Snow SNOW Is Mild Mannered, Radiant And Deeply Cherished Exactly The Sort Of Little Girl Boy Never Was, And Boy Is Utterly Beguiled By Her If Snow Displays A Certain Inscrutability At Times, That S Simply A Characteristic She Shares With Her Father, Harmless Until Boy Gives Birth To Snow S Sister, Bird When BIRD Is Born Boy Is Forced To Re Evaluate The Image Arturo S Family Have Presented To Her, And Boy, Snow And Bird Are Broken Apart Sparkling With Wit And Vibrancy, Boy, Snow, Bird Is A Deeply Moving Novel About Three Women And The Strange Connection Between Them It Confirms Helen Oyeyemi S Place As One Of The Most Original And Dynamic Literary Voices Of Her Generation.

Helen Oyeyemi is a British novelist She lives in Prague with an ever increasing number of teapots, and has written eight books so far.

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  • 03 February 2019

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    SPOILERS HIDDEN Boy, Snow, Bird is part of a growing trend among recently published books books whose blurbs make them sound much appealing than they actually are It belongs unequivocally alongside deep disappointments such as The Age of Ice and The Night Circus Getting dubbed a re telling of Snow White, does not help Boy, Snow, Bird I want to be clear about this upfront in no way can Boy, Snow, Bird be classified as a fairy tale re telling and possibly, Oyeyemi never intended it to be one it seems clear that in this case, fairy tale re telling is a marketing ploy and nothing Readers coming to this book looking for a twist on Snow White will be sorely disappointed This isn t a horrible book, but it is a waste of time Boy, Snow, Bird is supposed to be an examination of race relations in 1950s America as they play out in the small town of Flax Hill, Massachusetts What it is instead is a superficial treatment of a psychologically complex topic told from the perspective...

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    Once upon a time, there was a girl who left her home and traveled to a cold land far, far away Sometimes she was very sad, and once she fell down a dark well, and no one knew if she would get out, but she did She wrote a book and sold it for a pot of gold People said, Surely, she is one of the best young writers in the realm, and she wrote happily ever after.That fairy tale version of Helen Oyeyemi s life is hard to resist The Nigerian born British writer has wrestled with cultural dislocation and severe depression, but the outline of her remarkable career glimmers with pixie dust Since writing The Icarus Girl before she was 20 she s dazzled critics with stories laced with myth, magic and legend.Her latest novel, Boy, Snow, Bird, continues on this bewitching path, winding along the edge of the forest of make believe Nobody ever warned me about mirrors, begins a 15 year old girl named Boy She s the only child of a grotesquely violent father who catches rats for a living Their lives are colored by the nightmarish hues of folk tales but rooted in the real life details of Manhattan s Lower East Side in the late 1940s As opposed to the surrealism of Aimee Bender, Oyeyemi seems determined to maintain a kind of magical deniability When she mentions giants or unicorns or talking spiders, she s only speaking metaphorically right but the atmosphere of fantasy lingers over these pages like some intoxicating incense.Just as the story starts to vibrate between Grimm fai...

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    This is the sort of book that you read on the subway, so engrossed that you only glance up every four or five stops And every time you look up, you need to quash the urge to grab the person next to you and say, HOLY COW THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD YOU NEED TO READ IT IMMEDIATELY, STRANGER On its surface, it is the story of a woman named Boy, who escapes her terrible father and life in New York for a calmer existence north Boy marries, mothers a step daughter, finds a best friend who is a writer, and generally takes to her new town as well as possible At this point, you re halfway through a completely engrossing and enjoyable story And then there s a twist, and you start to see what you re really rea...

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    On the one hand, this was incredibly written, and up until the last two chapters I thought it was going to make my faves of 2014 list But then we had SERIOUSLY dubious transgender issues, for no discernible purpose, and now I don t know how to rate this one.Five stars for almost everythingand one for really, REALLY crappy handling of trans issues edit No, I m giving this one star Because the I think about this the angry I get about it I don t see any excuse for what Oyeyemi stated...

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    I really could have loved this Absurd writing and nonsensical storytelling is right up my alley.Then the second half cameand oh boywhat a mess.

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    I found this beauty of a book in the library and just had to check it out when the cover transfixed my eyes And with already having read Oyeyemi s What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours in the previous month, I was than ready to pick up this tale.In the winter of 1953, Boy Novak arrives by chance in a small town in Massachusetts, looking, she believes, for beauty the opposite of the life she s left behind in New York She marries a local widower and becomes stepmother to his winsome daughter, Snow Whitman.A wicked stepmother is a creature Boy never imagined she d become, but elements of the familiar tale of aesthetic obsession begin to play themselves out when the birth of Boy s daughter, Bird, who is dark skinned, exposes the Whitmans as light skinned African Americans passing for white Among them, Boy, Snow, and Bird confront the tyranny of the mirror to ask how much power surfaces really hold.I feel like saying that Boy, Snow, Bird is a retelling of Snow White is quite confusing as it s barely that I mean, sure there are some nods to the original tale, however, less than you would anticipate I...

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    Boy was the daughter of the Rat Catcher Tired of the Rat Catcher s abuse she runs away from New York City to a small town in Massachusetts Thus starts the story of the three female characters Boy, Snow and Bird at the center of the this novel Oyeyemi once again has weaved together a story that fuses the real world with fairy tales She embraces both the whimsical qualities and the underlying terror of those stories that begin with Once upon a time As a reading experience there is something escapist in the book, it takes little to fall into the world she creates It s not that there is excessive world building but the mixture of the real with just a touch of magical flows easily and picking up the book each time I was kind of amazed at how quickly I would get right back into her rhythms, and be thinking, wow, this is really really good I m not using my words well here Maybe it seems like an unassuming style of writing that gives way quickly to some mesmerizing beauty Last night I reviewed The Spinning Heart, another excellent book, but one where the whole exceeded the apparent sum of it s small parts Here, the small parts exceed the whole Taken in parts this is wonderful, but ...

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    A beautiful book about ugly things I really liked a lot about it, but I found the treatment of a particular issue near the ending discussed under spoiler tags below to be too brief and too superficial, and it took away from the book s strengths.Boy Novak is a girl with a smart mouth, a crazy making beauty, and a motherless, grim childhood that sends her fleeing from her New York City home She winds up in tiny Flax Hill, Massachusetts, an idyllic town known for its legions of artisans, a place that values beauty and that trades in beautiful things Its most idyllic and beautiful resident y know, the fairest of them all is Snow Whitman, a dreamy princess of a little girl who eventually becomes Boy s stepdaughter Boy never assumed that marrying into the Whitmans flinty, upright, hard nosed, and still haunted by the loss of Snow s gorgeous mother would be easy, but she finds her family relationships growing complicated with the birth of her dark skinned daughter, Bird It s 1953, and while race relations are treacherous even in a fairy tale town, the most central pain here is centered on, and passed down by, the same source that often centers and passes down the color of own s sk...

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    An almost perfect 5 star book ruined by a non ending I m furious I want to strangle the author.Ok for a slightly coherent rant Part 1 BoyThe story has connotations of Snow White and Cinderella while being skilfully placed in the 1950s a nice touch by the author It is steeped in magical realism The tone is fearful, dark and muted It is hard to get a grasp on Boy and although you feel sympathetic towards her the language is distancing Although it is told in close personal point of view, it doesn t feel like you intimately understand The mysterious and unfathomable elements of her personality dovetail nicely with the underlining terror Boy feels and the mystical elements Core Themes Abuse, Influence of the Past on the Present, Secrets, Deconstruction of Beauty Part 2 BirdBird is Boy s daughter Race features prominently as do family secrets the magical realism was pronounced but for no good purpose that I could discern The sophisticated deconstruction go Beauty in part 1 is largely undone in this section in the plot The suggestion that Boy is possibly a malevolent force is explored then promptly discarded Their are very interesting aspects of Bird s story related to the reaction her family has to her blackness Core Themes Race, Truth, BloodlinesP...

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    Hmmm I really, really want to give this one four stars for the Snow White re telling alone And the first half of the book was so strong So strong I was equal parts riveted and repulsed The writing is a bit confusing and strange at times but it somehow served the fairy tale ish aspect of the story Then it gets a bit too weird The letter writing time period read like a device The rat ...

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