Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King

Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun KingThe Book Centres Around The Sun King And His Relationship With Numerous And Fascinating Women Naturally Dividing Into Five Parts It Will Concentrate On The King S Mother, Anne Of Austria To Whom He Was Devoted His First Important Mistress, Louise De La Valliere Who Bore Him Several Illegitimate Children Athenais Marquise De Montespan Who Acted As Unofficial Queen Of Versailles Until Her Involvement In The Affair Of Poisons And Of Course Marie Therese, His Wife And Madame De Maintenon, Governess To The Illegitimate Royal Children The Fifth Part Concentrates On His Relations In Old Age With His Daughters, Granddaughters And The Wife Of His Grandson It Will Vividly Bring To Life The Vast Edifice Of Louis XIV S Court The Magnificence, Artistic Splendour, Elaborate Ritual And In Some Cases, Absurdity And Misery.

Harold Pinter, who died on Christmas Eve 2008 She lives in London.

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  • Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King
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  • 06 May 2018
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    Did you know that Louis the XIV used to be given an enema on a regular basis Or that no matter one s suffering, they we re bled from their arms or their legs Now that is some horror stuff right there I can only appreciate the age I m living in, with all its advances in medicine.This book is than just a look at the women in the Sun King s life It contains references to his military expeditions and the life quality of the common folk I find Louis a very self centered man he had been raised to be as such and I like him less than before reading this book I think Antonia Fraser wanted to paint him as a not so cruel, selfish person, but that s what I understood while reading Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King All he ever did, he did it for he s ego, with little thought to those who actually formed the country the every...

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    Busty young princess Marie Ad la de set tongues and codpieces wagging today as she made her first appearance in court looking dressed to kill in a daring figure hugging gown The saucy Savoyarde 34 20 34, after corset was presented to future hubby the Dauphin but onlookers said her Alpine attributes also had the King giving her the royal once over Official courtiers were unavailable for comment, but sources close to Versailles told us She may only be 11, but that s hardly likely to stop Louis Frankly, if we didn t keep a steady supply of hos round here, I honestly worry he d start humping the furniture House of Bourbon said another House of Whore bon, like This book is essentially a Louis Quatorzian tabloid.The problem I had with it was that it felt a bit too light to be valuable history, but at the same time not quite salacious enough to be enjoyed as just good gossip Antonia Fraser s approach is to tell the story of Louis XIV s reign through the women that were close to him from his mother Anne of Austria, through his wife s and mistresses, down to his beloved granddaughter in law Adelaide but although it does contain quite a few fascinating anecdotes, overall I felt I didn t finish the book much enlightened than before I started.It does drive home to you quite ...

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    In my post Versailles TV series hangover, I wanted to read this to get a sense of the historical reality behind the fiction sadly, though, this is not Fraser at her best The narrative feels unfocused in comparison with her Mary Queen of Scots and The Gunpowder Plot, and that seems to be because she changed the remit of the book mid way She originally planned to write about Louis mistresses, then widened it to also cover his relationships with other women his mother, Anne of Austria his daughters the wife of his grandson The result is a book which feels messy in its organisation and skimpy in its details The first two sections that take us from Louis birth to the death of his wife Marie Therese are the most pulled together the latter two sections that take in his later crisis of conscience and move away from the gallant image of the virile, playboy Sun King are less coherent Ultimately, Fraser seems to want to say something about the position...

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    I don t know that I am totally unbiased in my review of this book, as just from a glance it held many of my favorite things history, courtly drama, France, clever women in high places, gorgeous color photo sections, and Antonia Fraser I...

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    A detailed look at the reign of Louis XIV and the various women in his life The list begins with his mother, Anne of Austria, who acted as regent when Louis assumed the throne at age four and then ends with his last mistress, Madame de Maintenon In between we get details of his first love, a couple other maitresses en titres, his wife, daughters, and in laws My favorite of the bunch was Mary Beatrice d Este, who was the wife of the exiled King James II When the king had to leave his country, he took his wife and daughter to the French court, where they lived under Louis s protection for several years Mary Beatrice, apparently, was very intelligent in addition to being beautiful, and she and Louis were very close Fraser doesn t think they ever slept together I vote doubtful , but their relationship was still very interesting.Information about each of the women is pretty evenly distributed, but Fraser spends the most time with Maintenon makes sense, since they were together the longest Fraser thinks they actually got married in secret after Louis s wife died, but I m still not convinced Fraser s evidence is basically, they were around each other all the time so you know, why not, and also once Maintenon was painted wearing royal ermine And I have to point out this book ...

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    Lady Antonia Fraser is an accomplished historian her Tudor books have enthralled me for years I chose her to introduce me to the French court sadly, a disappointment This book is focused on King Louis XIV and the women he loved in his life It begins well, with a focus on Louis XIV s mother and regent Anne of Austria Anne was a pious and effective ruler, and she left her son with a profound belief in the Catholic Church Partly through her influence, Louis abandoned his love affair with Marie Mancini and married the Spanish Infanta Marie Therese After a short period of romance, their marriage was stable, if loveless Louis was in love with Louise de La Valliere, a young woman as passionately in love with God as she was with Louis They had several illegitimate children together before Louis s attention passed on to the far glamorous Francoise Athenais de Rochechouart de Mortemart Athenais was dazzling in beauty and wit, and reigned Versailles for about ten years After a short affair with the beautiful but dim Angelique de Fontanges, who died bearing his child, Louis moved on to his illegitimate children s governess, Francoise de Maintenon She was three years older than he, with no connecti...

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    Antonia Fraser is known for her impeccable research and ability to bring history to life Love and Louis XIV is no different I thoroughly enjoyed this review of the women who influenced the Sun King and recommend it.

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    Love as presumed by casual browsers of the title, and Love as meant by the author may differ The book covers his friendships, flirtations, infatuations, in law relations, marriage and perhaps pseudo marriage and his views of the female obligation to sacrifice for international diplomacy By the standards of his cousin, Charles II of England, Louis XIV was the much responsible adulterer.Fraser demonstrates how Louis early bond with a loving mother an exception for a time characterized by royal nurseries was replicated in his intimate relationships with women There is an interesting symmetry that you come to understand as the story evolves.The best part is the end when Fraser gives analysis of Louis and his attitude towards women and his basic generosity.My only criticism is that the genealogical chart is difficult to read A different lay out would have helped.This book doesn t try cover the weighty historic issues which are well documented in many other sources T...

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    Louis XIV and the women in his life I had expected this book to be interesting and entertaining, but I found it chaotic and at times boring The subject matter is simply too broad Fraser doesn t only look at relationships between Louis and his wife and mistresses, but also his mother, daughters and in laws It would have been better to focus on only a few women and r...

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    Wella few historical inaccuracies But aside from this I like the format of the novel many mentioned there was a lack of structure the further into the book which is true , but I felt this just mirrored Louis life in love and with the women at court In the beginning it was incredibly structured and as those who were mistresses and wife ...

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