ELEMENTS ELEMENTS Fire Is A Comics Anthology Of 23 Stories By Creators Of Color From Around The Globe With Stories Featuring Peaceful Warriors, Blossoming Brujas, Godly Hackers, And A Fire Breathing Dragon Boy, We Are The Main Characters Of Our Own Stories, Not The Sidekicks Or Token Characters This Is An Anthology That Is Full Of Our Passions, Magic, And Inner Fire Because Our Diversity Is Not Just A Buzzword It S Our Reality Cover By Chrystin Garland

Taneka Stotts is a queer little tumbleweed that has rolled back to Los Angeles After spending quite a few years as a spoken word artist, Taneka s focus shifted to comics, a medium full of collaboration and imagination Taneka writes the webcomics Full Circle and Love Circuits as well as the Eisner nominated, Deja Brew Taneka has edited a few comics anthologies including most recently the Ignatz

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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Taneka Stotts
  • English
  • 12 February 2017
  • 9780998282800

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    I funded this project on Kickstarter, and I was very excited that it succeeded The result is a lovely book with an amazingly rich diversity of styles and stories All artists work with the same three colors black, white, and red , and this ties the chapters together visually, even though each one opens up a new world to fall in love with The stories include a variety of genres some are fantasy, some are sci fi, some are dystopian, some are all or neither Some chapters were tiny, self contained stories, while others worked as pilots or teasers for a larger world and a longer adventure The latter left me wanting to read every time but what happened next I hope that the artists will continue them, I would love to read each and e...

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    Although I didn t consciously plan things that way, I realize that the graphic novel I read just before this one was Brian Fies A Fire Story So we could say that the theme of this anthology is extending beyond the bounds of its pages As you d guess from the title, Elements Fire is an anthology of stories revolving around the theme of fire It s also, as the blurb on the cover touts, an anthology, by creators of color No creator photos are included, but I ve certainly no reason to doubt this claim Honestly, when I m reading anything, the quality of the work is what concerns me, not what its creator looks like But I ll concede that, as a white male, my privilege probably allows me to be unconcerned about this In any case, whether you contemplate the appearance of the writers and artists of these stories or not, this is some fine work.The stories are all fantasy and or science fiction, not that that s a bad thing Some of the art shows a marked manga influence, which is also fine The design of the book is striking The art on all the stories is all black and white, with one additional color red keeping with the theme of the anthology This allows for some very pretty effects, for instance, the tangles of sins in Burner of Sins As with all anthologies, it has its ups and downs, of the former than the latter in my opinion Favorites include Firelily by Myisha Haynes, Pulse by Der Shing Helmer,...

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    Excellent collection of short comics by creators of color Stotts does an incredible job at editing the anthology from story and art choices to how the book s laid out and organized.Each story is fire themed, and all the art is black and white with red used as a pop fire color The stories range from fantastical and magical to futuristic and technological There are stories about first love, ending war, school, parents, best frien...

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    I backed this on Kickstarter and am very pleased, not just with the stories but with the thorough aesthetic of the volume Some used a lot of the fire red, some just touches, but it worked for all of them and ti...

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    I am 1000% in love with this anthology, which in addition to being all of the other great things it is, is also very very LGBTQIA friendly I just AIIIII I love it so much I am excited, too, that Stotts Co were recognized for their work with Eisners and so forth, and that they are currently wo...

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    Inspiring, and one of the best anthology comic collections I ve read.

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    This anthology was one of the best that I have ever read Many of the stories were written to completion, which isn t really the norm as far as anthologies go, and while I wish the anthology was bigger I now have a list of authors to look for in the future Its packed with fantasy, science fiction and folk lore for all ages with pro LGBT themes as well I would highly recommend you getting this one, it might be the only antholog...

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    This anthology is absolutely wonderful I found myself increasingly impressed with the stories and the art as it went on, which I never thought was possible every story was so quality, and you can tell that a lot of thought and love went into eac...

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    This is probably one of the best comic anthologies I ve read in a long while and I ve read quiiiiiiiiite a few The varying art styles from each creative team, the different stories, even the limited colour palette used black, white, greys, and shades of red , all of these contribute to make this ...

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    Wow A gripping, phenomenal sci fi fantasy comic anthology collecting stories about fire and heat, exclusively featuring creators of color As with all anthologies, some stories I enjoyed than others, but this works so well as a collection, and there are some truly unique and beautif...

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