Tiny Little Rocket

Tiny Little Rocket There S A Tiny Little Rocket That Will Take You To The Stars.It Only Flies There Once A Year But Zips You Out Past Mars.Its Fins Are Solid Silver With A Door Made Out Of Gold.There S A Cozy Pilot Seat Inside For A Person Young Or Old.Climb Aboard For A Bedtime Picture Book.

Richard Collingridge was born in London Hammersmith, studied Illustration then went to Paris to live for a while 4 years , then got bored and decided to come back to England At about the age of five Richard noticed that real people didn t look like a bunch of sticks with a circle on the top But to his amazement, no one else in his classroom, including the teachers, seemed to be able to see this

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Tiny Little Rocket
  • Richard Collingridge
  • English
  • 11 November 2017
  • 9781338189490

10 thoughts on “Tiny Little Rocket

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    Lovely story, beautiful artwork and a gorgeous surprise gatefold ending Perfect for littlies

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    This book was a Best of the Best for the month of August 2018, as selected by Stevo s Book Reviews on the Internet.

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    Truly lovely illustrations, but the story here is weakened and hampered by text I think this would have been splendid as a wordless book I suggest reading it without the words and basking in the glow of the images Why not let your imagination take you on the journey through the book ...

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    Really lovely book to look at.

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    Beautiful pictures Minimum textall about space

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    Beautifully illustrated fantasy story invites kids to imagine themselves on a zippy rocket travelling space.

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    Interesting illustrations complement a story about a very special birthday Earth s Readers won t be exactly sure where the story and the rocket are going at first, but by its conclusion, they will understand The rhyming text works well here, but I especially...

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    Hello, friends Our book today is Tiny Little Rocket by Richard Collingridge, a journey through the stars on a very special day.Once a year, a special little rocket leaves earth and heads to the stars The little pilot that s you guides the wee rocket, with its silver fins and golden door, past the sun, past meteors, past the asteroid belt of our solar system There are a few moments of peril and excitement, but the little pilot fears not, deftly guiding the rocket through the black until it can complete its mission unfurling a great banner that reads Happy Birthday, Earth Lovely, yet a bit underwhelming Perhaps because of the grand, majestic fantasy style of Collingridge s last two picture books When It Snows and Lionheart, which are two of the most visually stunning picture books I ve ever seen , I was expecting something similar as he headed for the cosmos And while there are some spreads that capture his impeccable sense of scale and detail, much of them focus on the vast, black emptiness of space and the little rocket s interior, lit by the buttons and control panels The latter has it s own visual interest though obscuring the pilot s face behind a highly reflective helmet makes it difficult to conne...

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    Tiny little rocket is a poem about a little rocket that leaves earth once a year The little rocket zooms and zips through space and collides with a meteor sending the little rocket spinning in all directions.until it goes back bu earth only to deploy a banner that says, Happy birthday world the book concludes with braking from its poem format and giving some facts some facts about new years and how old the earth isopinion the best part of a tiny little rocket is the illustrations they make the rocket look shiny and really emphasize the intensity that the little rocket has to face to get to deploy the banner The poem is fine, it honestly was really not my favorite The large chunk of facts at the end of the book feels disproportional The book also teaches that the earth is 5,500,000,00 years old which could be a problem with private schools or some parents I would have liked the book a lot if it had facts and interesting pieces of information about the age of the earth or how it is...

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