White Water, Black Death

White Water, Black Death Magazine Editor Geneva Jones Has Been Sent On A Trans Atlantic Cruise To Help Secure A Major Advertising Agreement From The CEO Of The Cruise Line Rachel Atkinson, But Her Efforts To Win Her Over Are Curtailed By A Mysterious Crew Death Geneva Suspects Foul Play Rachel Insists Its Suicide A Former Investigative Journalist, Geneva Can T Resist Digging Deeper, But What She Finds Is Far Devastating There S An Ebola Outbreak On The Ship, Everyone Is Trapped Aboard And Rachel Is Trying To Keep It Secret Geneva Knows Enough About Ebola To Be Terrified, But She S Also Onto The Biggest Story Of Her Career Rachel Turns Geneva S Own Colleagues Against Her When She Tries To Investigate, So She Enlists The Help Of Her Son, Aaron Atkinson, Whom Rachel Adopted From Uganda Seven Years Ago, When He Was A Teenager Now An Isolated And Vaguely Broken Adult, He S An Easily Manipulated Source At Least That S What Geneva Thought Off The Coast Of Bermuda, With The Ship Anchored In Quarantine, Aaron Makes A Public Announcement Informing Passengers Of The Outbreak.Panic Surges Through The Ship People Begin Jumping Overboard, Ignoring A Ship Wide Lockdown The Ship S Security Start To Lose Control, Tasering Passengers Indiscriminately A Mayday Is Declared In Front Of The World S Media, But Bermuda Refuses To Open Its Maritime Border The Ship Limps Toward Miami, With Than Half Of Everyone Aboard Sick Rachel Shocks Everyone By Resigning After A Public Lounge Is Converted Into An Apocalyptic Triage Clinic Geneva Has Lost Her Story, Ebola Can T Be Treated On Board And The Nearest Help Is Than 3,000 Miles Away.

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  • White Water, Black Death
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  • 03 March 2019

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    I received an eARC from the Reads Reels Blog Tour Thanks Shanonnigans for this opportunity Wow what a thrilling and fantastic book I give this book 4 out of 5 thrilling stars While reading this book I was on the edge of my seat and so anxious to figure out what was going to happen next The reason I am not giving this book 5 stars is because I was a bit confused in the beginning and wasn t sure what was going on at first This probably could have just been me but overall this was a great read This book was filled with twists and turns that I didn t see coming There is action in this book from beginning until end I highly recommend this book I did a little bit of buddy reading with Adrienne Darque Dreamer Reads and we both agreed that we will ne...

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    Geneva was a cruise line magazine editor tasked with writing a glowing review of the anniversary voyage of the Seaborne line She kept hitting snags in her story with the way the CEO, Rachel, and the COO, Richard, kept secrets and furtively moved around the ship, holding clandestine meetings and talking out of the left side of their mouths The staff and crew seemed to be hiding something, but every answer only led to questions Then a crew member commits suicide Or did she Well, the executives were sure to try to brush the death under the rug, but Geneva couldn t help but want to dig deeper into what could turn into a bigger story than the pat on the back she had planned With the help of fellow passengers and the CEO s son, Aaron, she was determined to do just that But things only go from bad to worse when an illness on the ship makes an appearance and starts spreading rapidly, showing itself to be serious and a lot deadly than it first appeared.From its chilling prologue that served as a harbinger of things to come to the frightening way events unfolded, I was tensely held captive by the way this author told this story Although it was extremely hard to like anyone in this book, if I were to pick someone to r...

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    White Water, Black Death is a terrifying thriller Germophobes beware This one fast paced, unsettling, and full of intense chaos White Water, Black Death struck fear in my heart I get motion sickness pretty easily, so a cruise has always been something I have avoided I also have a degree in medical laboratory science, so the Ebola contagion aspect of the story terrified me, along with the notion of being stuck on a cruise ship with a bunch of sick people Page one of this was absolutely disturbing and striking But, from about page 3 to about page 62, I felt a little confused I m not really sure why I felt like this, but I just felt like it was a bit all over the place As the story went on, though, things began to fall in to place and the confusion at the beginning made a little sense This one was pretty plot heavy, too Aaron felt like the only decently developed character This was both good and bad I would have liked character development, but also understood why we didn t get to know the characters very well This led to mass suspicion and terror among the ship, and throughout the story There wasn t much world building needed, since this one took place on a cruise ship The plot was done quite well to make up for the lack of character development, and world building The story line really had me thinking about dis...

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    This book has an intriguing premise bioterrorism aboard a cruise ship although I d recommend not reading the book description on Goodreads which, in my opinion, gives far too much away about events in the book.The opening scene is great, setting the scene for the action to follow The idea of a confined space, an unknown culprit and a race against time are great ingredients for a thriller The book is divided into sections, plotting the progress of events day by day and often hour by hour with scenes on the bridge, public areas of the ship and passenger cabins However, at times, I found the story moved a little too slowly There were also lots of different characters, some with similar names.The book contains authentic detail about the layout out of a cruise ship perhaps a little too much in places Having travelled on a few cruise ships myself, the scenes of the ship weathering a storm were pretty terrifying in themselves, leaving aside anything else going on The conflict between com...

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    This is a fabulous novel It s always exciting to find a new Author that can grab your attention, with a thoroughly well written and entertaining story Shaun Ebelthite has done a wonderful job in putting together quite an edgy and tense thriller I really enjoyed that there were quite a few things happening on the ship, and this certainly added to the suspenseful plot The Captain of the cruise ship Symphony, certainly had a dilemma in deciding if he should turn into the storm, to find a stricken yacht that had run into trouble Keeping a thousand passengers and crew safe just to save two men wasn t the ideal situation to be placed in However since he had Geneva Jones, an editor from Cruisecritique.com on board watching his every move, he decided it would be in his best interests to find the yacht What should h...

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    3.75 stars I d like to thank the Author as well as RR Book Tours for the free copy of this book I received in exchange for an honest review.There s a lot going on with White Water Black Death by Shaun Ebelthite Lots of characters, lots of complexities It s very fast paced, which I thought was awesome given the setting and tone A few of the scenes were extremely unexpected, so the shock factor is really what kept me turning the pages rather than character attachment I didn t feel very emotionally invested with the people in the book, especially for the first half maybe a little less like a third At first I couldn t quite pinpoint my attachment struggle because it really is well written, yet I had to go back and re read several pages a few times in order to draw a clear mental picture of what was really going on and with who I feel like there are too many characters, and they re a little underdevelopment out the gate, so it takes a while to get them all straight I was a little confused Luckily it turns around and the story really picks up once the characters are mentally cleared It winds up being an excellent and very intense thrill ride That said, there are a couple distinct qualities about this book that I really loved First thing s first, the plot is so unique If you re going to write a book about a deadly virus then what better place to put it than an inescapable cruise liner in the middle of dicey seas What a setting After reading it you can bet your ass ...

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    White Water, Black Death by Shaun Ebelthite is a thriller based on a cruise ship Now, cruise ships always interest me, it is indeed wonderful how everything of one s needs and entertainment is gathered into a huge, moving vessel I haven t been in one yet but sure hope to check that off my bucket list some day Well, at least that s what I desired, but after reading this book, eh, not so much.Okay, so the book begins with Geneva Jones, a magazine editor, being invited into a trans Atlantic cruise by the CEO of the cruise line, Rachel Atkinson But when one crew member accidentally falls into the water, everything starts spiraling downwards for Rachel While there is word about murder, people are unaware that there is a serious and life threatening problem on board As many people fall sick in quick succession, what comes to light is absolutely shocking, to say the least.Well, it was one hell of a read Being stuck in a cruise ship might seem romantic but not so in this kind of a situation because it also means there is no means of getting out The story begins with what might seem a marketing strategy but soon picks up pace as mysteri...

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    I was so intrigued by this book s blurb and I got what I wanted when I started reading it And This book was full of everything that could possibly go wrong when hundreds of people are packed on a cruise ship When something like a murder or epidemic outbreak goes wrong, you have nowhere to flee to Sounds like the absolute nightmare After and while reading this book I got quite aware of the places that get used by lots of people in a day and don t get cleaned too often Like hand rails on the stairs, buttons for the elevator, pin machines and so on In other words, many of the things I make use of when I m at work I work at a train station Yep, it made me kind of afraid to touch things Besides that, it also made me remember the time when there was an ebola outbreak, also here in the Netherlands, a couple of years ago If people only mentioned they were feeling a little funny, others were immediately scared of it being ebola In the book it was even worse, because it was a case of bioterrorism and the people simply couldn t escape becoming infected hey all knew they would be next and that they would most likely die soon.The only thing that made this a less emotional read, was that I didn t really felt any connection to the characters Except for maybe Sarah and her baby son Zack I felt SO sad for them it was absolutely awful and one of the end events definitely lef...

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    Wow What a thrilling book Be prepared to read this one in one sitting because you wont be able to put it down It would break the spell The action starts on the first few pages and doesn t let up AT ALL Taking a cruise has never been on my list of things to do The only time I ve ever entertained the idea was when thinking about cruising through icy, arctic waters I really want to go to Greenland one day Honestly, the thought of spending a week in a tiny, lurching hotel room, holds zero appeal to me Not to mention, how easily illness spreads aboard a cruise ship Shudders Now that I know they also make excellent targets for terrorism, I m pretty sure I ll never take one.After reading this book, you may never want to take a cruise again It s that good Think of every plague book or apocalypse movie you ve watched and read Now move that horror, panic, and chaos aboard a ship where yo...

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    Engrossing storyI really enjoyed this book As a cruise fan, I could really imagine the ship I will look for of this author s work.

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