The Lost Continent

The Lost ContinentFor Centuries There Have Been Rumors Of Another Continent On The Dragons Planet Another Land Far Across The Ocean, Populated By Tribes Of Dragons Very Different From Those We Know But There S Never Been Any Evidence, And Most Dragons Dismissed The Rumors As Fairy Tales.Until Now.Because It Turns Out The Stories Are True.And The Other Tribes Are Coming.

Okay, I know what you re thinking Tui What kind of name is that Is it short for something Nope Among the many great things to come out of New Zealand the Lord of the Rings movies, cats that paint, my mom is a bird called the tui not as well known as the kiwi, but a heck of a lot noisier I was born July 31 same birthday as Harry Potter in Caracas, Venezuela, and lived in Asuncion, Paraguay

[Reading] ➬ The Lost Continent ➳ Tui T. Sutherland –
  • Hardcover
  • 301 pages
  • The Lost Continent
  • Tui T. Sutherland
  • 09 August 2019
  • 9781338214437

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    And so it begins FOR THE THIRD TIME

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    I don t understand how someone can continue to build completely new and fascinating worlds for the third time.Wow, like, wow I loved the whole Hives thing and the mysterious Tree Wars and the interesting set up of like, SilkWings under HiveWings and like the commentary on bystanders in a genocide of trees and generally like aljdfhalksjd this is what happens when I try to be sophisticated and coherentokay so like, basically, i really liked it my favorite thing about the first arc was like, discovering pyrrhia spelling and all of the different kingdoms and the different cultures each kingdom was unique and interesting and felt so well developed for whatever part of the story they showed up in it felt so adventurey and funthe second arc was only okay in that sense because the first book of it was literally just Moon going to school in a place we sort of already know and then we didn t get to explore of the continent other than the Ice Kingdom heck yeah but this third arc, it s kind of a given that we would explore it since it s a WHOLE NEW CONTINENTim just saying, i loved the idea of the Hives and the wingless SilkWings till like, Metamorphosis and the one Queen ruling over two tribes SilkWings being subservient to HiveWings and thoughts like would these HiveWing guards still be nice if they were talking to a SilkWing and just akjdfhakj subtle things like wood being a commodity because they CUT DOWN ALL OF THE TREES i have so many thoughts and no way o...

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    So wow, I m really loving all the new things introduced in their next arc of the Wings of Fire series This one takes place at the same time as the tenth book, and I definitely don t recommend trying to jump into the series here You should definitely go back and read from the beginning I also highly suggest you read the prequel, Darkstalker before you read this one Now with that out of the way, I loved the new types of dragons brought into our journey through the world of Wings of Fire They re all so cool and unique I thought how we got the history of this Lost Continent was really well done, and you can see how over time the dynamics between the different types of dragons shifted and evolved along with the environment of the continent itself I liked the characters a lot Blue was sooo frustrating, but that s just how he is I thought he went through a lot of growth in this physically and mentally which was awesome to see Luna was a great sister character pushing Blue but not too hard Cricket was a fun, eccentric character that asks all the questions I had while reading I really liked all of the other characters as well, and Sundew actually made me laugh out loud as I was listening to the audiobook There is some instalove in this which was kind of annoying, but I appreciated that the novel was self aware about it, and kind of pokes fun of it using other characters I m pretty excited to see how the new dragonets will handle their situations going forward, because ...

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    June 26, 2018 Absolutely amazing Words can t even begin to describe If you re invested in the Wings of Fire series and love to see things come together, this is one of the best books you could ever read Also, Clearsight Just, Clearsi...

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    It was wonderful coming back to the series through fresh eyes I certainly had fun exploring the world, as well as the new dragons, set up by the author It was the best course of action to focus on three species of dragons in this new world as opposed to the six that were in the previous books, especially if we are going to bring the two continents together as hinted at in the end of the last book as well as the end of this book This series follows the wonderful pacing of the previous books, starting at a calm but curious beginning and immediately throwing you into the action I certainly was never bored while reading the book The characters were each unique in personality and I can tell that the author is trying to branch out their appearances to match their personalities I would say the only down side would be the protagonist That doesn t seem like a good thing but I would say this critique is that the protagonist has a loose personality We have the main things established for Blue He follows rules, he doesn t want to fight and cause a scene, etc but other th...

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    AWESOME FACT Wings of Fire book 12 is coming out at Christmas, and the graphic novel version of book 2 is coming out in February

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    Edit I forgot to mention I preordered this book in January, and it came to me way earlier than I expected That s why I finished it days before the 26th Another great book by Tui I ve just finished The Lost Continent, a good read but lacking I certain departments Still, it s a great start to the new set of books, and seeing a dystopian like society with a main character that isn t against the system at the start is a breath of f...

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    This was AMAZING I finished it in 7 hours in one day, with no breaks Cricket and Blue fell HARD and FASSSSSSSST It was so amazing, I just can t wait for book 12 Oh I see that s why people take so long to read That way they don t have to wait a year Poo.

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    10 out of 10Great dragonsNot going to spoil anything

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    Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralBlue and his sister Luna are very close to going through metamorphosis, after which they will be given jobs and have a very different life Blue is a rule follower and thinks that his life in Pantala is pretty good Sure, it would be nice if the HiveWings were nicer and the SilkWings had freedom, and if his father hadn t disappeared right after his birth, but those are minor issues compared to safety and order When Luna starts to feel poorly while undergoing metamorphosis, the siblings realize it is because she is a very rare FlameSilk, which the HiveWings consider a dangerous threat and turn over to Queen Wasp Blue, while he wants to do what he is told, thinks this is a bad plan, and tries to rescue his sister Luckily, he runs into Cricket, a HiveWing who does not get sucked into the HiveWing mind when they are all told to capture Blue Cricket is a quirky, talkative creature, and so interested in Blue that she s glad to help him out Along with Swordtail, who loves Luna and whom the two rescue from the suspended animation he is held in as punishment, they head toward the home of the Queen Wasp to rescue Luna They also run into a family of LeafWings, who are supposedly extinct, and they threaten to kill the dragonets unless they bring the Book of Clearsight back with them With the help of their daughter, Sundew, Blue and Cricket venture deep into the lair of the HiveWings and th...

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