Profiled (The Zodiac Serial Killer, #2)

Profiled (The Zodiac Serial Killer, #2) The Search Continues Following Up On The Meticulously Detailed Research Of HUNTED The Zodiac Murders Book 1 , PROFILED The Zodiac Examined Book 2 Goes Beyond The Case Files To Develop A Comprehensive Psychological Profile That Examines The Personality, Psychology, Physical Characteristics, And Motives Of The Zodiac Based In The Same Detailed Research Of HUNTED, PROFILED Sticks To The Facts And Articulates At Every Step How The Conclusions Of The Profile Were Reached The Zodiac Serial Killer Murdered, Wrote Letters, Created Ciphers, And Taunted The Police And The People Of The San Francisco Bay Area From 1966 To 1974 But, Over Five Decades, Has Not Been Identified At The Time He Was Active, The Term Serial Killer Had Not Yet Been Coined, And Psychological Profiles Were Practically Unknown Now, Using 21st Century Crime Analytics And A Sophisticated Understanding Of Serial Killers, It Is Possible To Create A Psychological Profile That May Help Identify The Kind Of Man Who Could Commit These Terrible Crimes And Get Away With It For Decades, Despite An Overabundance Of Evidence That Should Have Pointed Directly To Him Join The Search For The Killer As The Evidence Is Compiled And Analyzed In PROFILED The Zodiac Examined.

Dr Mark G Hewitt, DBA is a true crime author and award winning public speaker who travels the world in his quest for intriguing, unanswered questions and enduring mysteries.Dr Hewitt is the editor in chief of Radians Inches in search of the Zodiac, the journal dedicated to identifying the Zodiac serial killer With inmate Guillermo Mendez, he is the co author of Charles Manson Behind Bar

[Epub] ❤ Profiled (The Zodiac Serial Killer, #2)  By Mark  Hewitt –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 415 pages
  • Profiled (The Zodiac Serial Killer, #2)
  • Mark Hewitt
  • English
  • 09 February 2018

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    I liked this second part from The Zodiac Serial Killer series a bit better than the first one However, this book, similar to the first one, was slightly disappointing in terms of what it was promising to deliver and what it actually delivered On one hand some of the points are somehow repetitive and written sloppily, but on the other the book is organized in a clear manner and it is easier to follow than the first one.The book contains six major sections, the Conclusion being the sixth one The other five are, in chronological order as following Part 1 The Serial Killer Part 2 The Attacks Part 3 The Letters Part 4 The Other Evidence Part 5 The Profile I truly enjoyed reading the first part, although it was not specific to the Zodiac killer Instead, it gave a general overview, analysis and classification of serial killers in general and the author later referenced some of the introduced concepts to the Zodiac I learned a great deal in this part and I was especially surprised by the available statistics on the serial killers for eg I was astonished to find out that nearly 66% 67% of the World s known serial killers operate d in the USA The second part was okay, but this was the part that I somehow found a bit repetitive or redundant, especially since I have read the first book which dealt at great lengths with the Zodiac s attacks I thought ...

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    The second book of three about the Zodiac killings in California approximately 50 years ago Volume 2, like the first book, is excellent It looks at the evidence and examines the kind of man the Zodiac killer might be, using techniques such as criminal, psychological and behavioural profiling forensics writing analysis influences on his personality including interests, skills and hobbies location etc Profiling is a hit and miss science and far from exact Nevertheless it has its uses but in my view should always be run in parallel with proper investigatory work It failed miserably with the original chief suspect in the Rachel Nickell murder Staging and providing red herrings and false clues is integral to how the Zodiac operated which is a reason for his evasion from justice However, it is also clear that he was very lucky luck plays a significant role for those who get away with it Will he ever be unmasked Yes, I believe he will but it will probably be after his death, if he is still alive today The reason being that there is so much information out there My own personal view is th...

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    Excellent ReadThis is an excellent follow up to his first book, Hunted It details the evidence and compiles all released facts about the case Hewitt also explains in a clear, concise manner why certain myths, such as a partner, do not fit.I agree that at this point, it is time to release all information It is also time for all involved law enforcement agencies, including Riverside, to pool everything and form a dedicated cold case task force under the direction of either the California DOJ or the FBI Riverside needs to participate if for no other reason than to determine once and for all whether Cheri Jo Bates was a Zodiac victim.He also goes into detail about what can and cannot be believed ...

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