Windigo Moon In the Path of the Ojibwe: A Novel of the Northcountry

Windigo Moon In the Path of the Ojibwe: A Novel of the Northcountry The Great Love Of Blue Heron And Red Bear Sustain An Ojibwe Clan As It Struggles To Survive War, Famine, And The Coming Of Foreign Explorers Bearing Deadly Diseases The Blood Feud Between Two Rival Warriors Over The Love Of Ashagi, A Strong Willed Woman Of Great Beauty And Greater Determination Threads Through This Story Of One Ojibwe Clan On The Cusp Of Great Change A Young Woman From A Peaceful Village, Ashagi Blue Heron Is Abducted In A Raid Conducted By The Sioux, The Ancestral Enemies Of Her Clan, And Made A Concubine Of A Fat, Slovenly Chief Who Already Has Two Wives When She Is Rescued By Misko Red Bear , An Ojibwe Youth, The Two Fall In Love And A Lifelong Bond Is Formed But Nika, Misko S Rival, Demands That Misko Surrender Ashagi To Replace His Brother Who Was Killed During A Raid Involving The Young Warriors Two Clans As Nika S Pride And Obsession With Ashagi Eats Away At His Sanity, Greater Danger For The Whole Ojibwe Way Of Life Creeps Ever Closer.Warfare, Vengeance, Supernatural Monsters, And Strange Spirits All Claw At The Edges Of This Love Triangle, But The Power Of The Clan And The Love Of Family And Tradition Helps Sustain A Culture On The Verge Of Harrowing Times Beginning In 1588 And Spanning Twenty Five Years, WINDIGO MOON Encompasses Warring Tribes Of The Upper Great Lakes, The Onset Of The Little Ice Age Of The 1600s, The Diseases Introduced By Foreign Explorers, And, Always And Forever, The Great Love Of Blue Heron And Red Bear.Meticulously Researched And Beautifully Written, WINDIGO MOON Will Appeal To Fans Of Kathleen O Neal Gear And W Michael Gear, Jean Auel, Alexander Thom, Anna Lee Waldo, And Other Top Authors Of Historical Fiction.

Author and world traveler Robert Bob Downes has been inspiring readers to pursue their dreams of travel and adventure for than three decades A resident of Traverse City, Michigan, Downes, 66, is the author of three nonfiction books Planet Backpacker 2008 , Biking Northern Michigan 2014 , and I Promised You Adventure 2018 His historical novel, Windigo Moon, was published b

BOOKS ⚣ Windigo Moon In the Path of the Ojibwe: A Novel of the Northcountry  Author Robert Downes –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 330 pages
  • Windigo Moon In the Path of the Ojibwe: A Novel of the Northcountry
  • Robert Downes
  • English
  • 05 January 2018

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    This made me watch videos of bears being skinned to see if they did look human at all Nope didnt survive the the third video I found but everything in the novel was interesting and vividly written I enjoyed the journey, the loyalties of love, the...

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    This being my own book, I am of course highly enthusiastic It s set 400 years ago among the Ojibwe Indians of the Upper Great Lakes The 1500s, also known as the Lost Century by historians, were an apocalyptic time for Native Americans In Windigo Moon, the village of a young woman, Ashagi, is destroyed by tribal warfare Abducted and held as a concubine by a Dakota chieftain, she is rescued by an Ojibwe warrior, Misko, whose own village is destroyed by diseases introduced by far off European explorers Together, at a young age, Ashagi and Misko must lead the survivors of their Ojibwe clan forward through a perilous ...

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    I truly, truly enjoyed this book I m not big reader of historical fiction, but this book caught my eye I was not disappointed A well crafted love story set in the late 1500 s and across the Great Lakes region, I quickly found myself immersed in the winding plot lines of the Ojibwe Indian protagonists, as well as many...

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    Outstanding story

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