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Entering StartUpLand Many Professionals Aspire To Work For Startups Executives From Large Companies View Them As Models To Help Them Adapt To Today S Dynamic Innovation Economy, While Freshly Minted MBAs See Magic In Founding Something New Yes, Startups Look Magical, But They Can Also Be Chaotic And Inaccessible Many Books Are Written For Those Who Aspire To Be Founders, But A Company Only Has One Or Two Of Those What S Needed Is Something That Deconstructs The Typical Startup Organization For The Thousands Of Employees Who Join A Fledgling Company And Do The Day To Day Work Required To Grow It Into Something Of Value Entering StartUpLand Is A Practical, Step By Step Guide That Provides An Insider S Analysis Of Various Startup Roles And Responsibilities Including Product Management, Marketing, Growth, And Sales To Help You Figure Out If You Want To Join A Startup And What To Expect If You Do You Ll Gain Insight Into How Successful Startups Operate And Learn To Assess Which Ones You Might Want To Join Or Emulate Inside This Book You Ll Find A Tour Of Typical Startup Roles To Help You Determine Which One Might Be The Best Fit For You Profiles Of Startup Executives Across Many Different Functions Who Share Their Stories And Describe Their Responsibilities A Methodology To Identify And Evaluate Startups And Position Yourself To Find The Opportunity That S Right For You Written By An Experienced Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, And Harvard Business School Professor, Entering StartUpLand Will Guide You As You Seek Your Ideal Entry Point Into This Popular, Cutting Edge Organizational Paradigm.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Entering StartUpLand book, this is one of the most wanted Jeffrey Bussgang author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 240 pages
  • Entering StartUpLand
  • Jeffrey Bussgang
  • 06 December 2017

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    We see startups everywhere Being a part of the fastest growing economy the word startup is now on the mouth of everyone Some have their own definitions of it, but as Jeffrey Bussgang mentions it is hard to define the word startup in mere words To help reader understand the concept and those aspiring to work for startups will definitely get some help by reading this book.Entering StartupLand An Essential Guide to Finding Right Job is pragmatic approach to various career options or job profiles and responsibilities that are available almost in every startup This includes product management, business development, marketing, growth and sales To help one figure out what to expect when someone joins a startup there are insights from Jeffrey s own life as he started his career with Open Market that was once a startup in 1997.The book divides in eight chapters and begins with introduction to the startup culture and then discuss various but essential job profiles Within the context, Jeffrey has made an effort to clarify and get his readers familiar with terms like Scrum and Agile working methodology This I feel, is...

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    The central theme of this book is that you don t have to be developer or an engineer to work at a startup company With that in mind, the author takes you through typical non technical roles at startups sales, growth, marketing, business development, etc He traces the evolution of these roles as the company matures he calls these maturation phases jungle, dirt road, highway, etc The author is up front about the fact that technical roles are ignored in this book.I wish the book devoted attention to tactical tools that would help readers find startup jobs In fact, there is only one chapter at the end dedicated to the job search, and I found it to be lacking Too much of that chapter was spent on summarizing previous content I also thought the writing was a little too repetitive at times, and some of the anecdotes in the book weren t particularly compelling.With that said, this book is a fun rea...

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    I tried this via an audio book playing in my car while I drove to my office everyday I finished it upto 40% around before dropping it on the Product Development Team chapter This chapter brings out the PD team as being quite different from the Development teams that I ve worked with in real life I didn t have any example in real life to relate this to and listening to it felt somewhat abstract It would have been great if the author could have added some case studies too so that I can get a feel of things.An example like this would have hepled There was once a company that had 10 employees The proprietor was part of the Product Development team and he was doing X for the company s product which was a Y After doing X a couple of times he felt that this wasn t helping the team and he decided to get a dedicated Product Developer to do this job The new guy did Z and A,B, C which helped t...

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    For someone unfamiliar with start up land this book used a lot of jargon Some parts were bogged down with too much detail and others were hard to follow There were a lot of personal anecdotes related to companies that the author had been involved with and these provided a mixture of interesting information with some puff pieces I found the first and last chapters the most helpful as well as the categorization of start ups as jungle to highway.Eve...

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    I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley This book is the perfect read for students and professionals who wish to work in a Startup There are many books which focus on how to build a startup , but not many books which cover the topic what are the skills you need to work in a startup Areas the book focuses on 1 Entering StartUpLand2 The roles of a Product Manager b Business Development Manager c Marketing d Growth Manager e Sales...

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    The book is structured in chapters of 1 Introduction of startup land 2 6 roles in a startup and the differences in the responsibility compared to big corporations 3 Searching for a startup to join Point 1 and 3 wa...

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    This book can be helpful for each srartup to reduce trial and error Technical debt product manager , A B testing .

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