The Stolen Button

The Stolen ButtonHush The Gypsy Cried There S Nothing To Fear.I Ll Take Your Button In Return For Your Passage Home.A Navel S Neither An Ear To Hear Nor An Eye To See More A Tip Than A Fee, Don T You Agree In A Golden Oasis, Lived A Good Mother Who Raised A Wicked Daughter.A Truly, Terrible Girl.Just The Sort To Fall For The Gypsy S Trick.In A Golden Oasis, Lived A Good Mother Who Raised A Wicked Daughter, Just The Sort To Fall For The Gypsy S Trick.

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Stolen Button ❤ Marianna Shek –
  • Hardcover
  • The Stolen Button
  • Marianna Shek
  • English
  • 06 September 2018

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    Contains spoilers The Stolen Button, written by Marianna Shek and illustrated by Leila Honari, is a beautifully written and illustrated work with slightly words than your average picture book It s because of this extended word length that, after seeking publication through traditional sources, Shek made the decision to publish it using Kickstarter The campaign ran through June this year and was successful, with 104 backers pledging AUD 6,618 to bring the project to life My copy arrived in November, along with several gorgeous postcards of illustrations in the book It has taken me this long to sit down and read it, and it is a beautiful work The illustrations are colourful, mysterious, and evocative, the language is lilting and rich full of imagery, emotion, and depth Mei Ling is the spoiled only daughter of the rich, beautiful widow Lady Lin Mei Ling begs her mother to take her to the gypsy circus, and in the mirror maze she is tricked into giving her navel away to the cunning, lonely orphan Fang Fei After Mei Ling escapes the mirror maze she finds that she no longer has a home, but, ins...

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    Mysterious and melodious with beautiful illustrations Not for children and an open ending so you have room for you imagination to run wild and keep the story going.

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    More than quality, this is a classic The ending is indelibly sad, poignant, haunting, even terrifying Although a cautionary tale punishment for lack of respect or gratitude , it s also tragic from a feminist perspective, because Mei Ling suffers for having curiosity, boldness and dissent She is spoilt and at times cruel, yet some of her antics are funny and refreshingly bold, e.g pointing out the flaking fake gold dust on the coin in the general s presence I love her for that Like Hans Christian Andersen s The Little Match Girl minus the sentimentality , or Oscar Wilde s The Happy Prince equalling his enchanting vocabulary , it dances between cruelty and beauty, without compromising either Along with the legacy of Andersen and Wilde, this story deserves longevity Moreover, it demands to be lining the shelves of bookstores and libraries in countless editions, set in school curricula primary or secondary I ll come to that , deconstructed at university tutorials and seminars, discussed in book clubs and festival panels, and hailed as a permanent fixture in the fairy tale tradit...

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    The Stolen Button is a dark tale set in China s past, reminiscent of the original macabre Grimm s Fairy Tales and contemporary fairy tales, such as those by Angela Carter Filled with rich description and colourful characters, the book follows the story of a young Mei Ling, her privileged, spoilt life and subsequent downfall Malicious gypsies, surreal mirrors, jealous orphans and a touch of magic manipulate Mei Ling towards the punishment she deserves, or does she Leila Honari s sumptuous illustrations grace every page, enhancing the setting and emotions of the characters perfectly.Marianna wrote The Stolen Button for a young adult teen audience 12 due to the dark themes, b...

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    When I saw the cover of The Stolen Button I had a pretty good feeling the book was going to be beautiful Yes I did judge a book by its cover, and I wasn t disappointed Set in ancient China, Marianna Shek has created a story rich in mystical old style story telling, punctuated by clever little breaks of rhyming verses throughout, which I loved Leila Honari s illustrations are soft and delicate watercolours, full of ...

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    Exquisite illustrations and rich description abound in this dark and thoughtful tale Reminiscent of Angela Carter in its subversive and clever storyline, The Stolen Button will suit older readers who understand that not every fairy tale has a happily ever after.

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    The Stolen Button is beautifully written and fabulously dark With stunning illustrations, The Stolen Button will remain in your thoughts long after you finish it.

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