Within These Depths

Within These DepthsTanner Is So Close To His Revenge That He Can Almost Taste It With An Unusual Brand Of Negotiation Skills Under His Belt, He Has Everything He Needs Now All That Stands Between Him And Destroying Elijah Ravenhill Is A Dangerous Mission Into The Depths Of Hell Accompanied By His Guides, He Will Enter Where Loyalties And Souls Are Tested, And Few Ever Return Newly Mated Alex Just Wants To Keep His Loved Ones Safe In The Sprawling Grandeur Of Wulfric Manor, He Finally Has His Family Under One Roof, Even If It May Only Be Temporary, And His Dreams Of Having Something Normal Seem To Be Within Reach Yet What S Normal For The Wolf Is Torture For The Prey, And Chaos Descends On Alex With One Mysterious Phone Call Can Alex Have All He Ever Dreamed Of Without Sacrificing His Life Will Tanner Put An End To Elijah Once And For All, Or Will His Revenge Go Up In Smoke Within The Fires Of Hell Itself Within These Depths Is The Highly Anticipated Sequel To Broken In Silence Demons And Wolves Series, And Things Are Really Heating Up This Story Is NOT A Typical Romance And It S Not Intended For Those Who Seek A HEA It Cannot Be Read As A Standalone As With Book One, Hold On To Your Knickers, Because It S Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride Oh, And Just Because I Like To Keep My Readers On Their Toes, Book 2 Ends In A Cliffhanger You Re Welcome

After leaving school and renting a crummy flat at sixteen, bestselling author Katze Snow lives in Scotland with her wolf dog and furbabies Don t be fooled by how cute she looks out on the outside Katze s writing is dark, twisted, and takes depravity to a whole new level.

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  • Within These Depths
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  • 26 April 2017

10 thoughts on “Within These Depths

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    Within These Depths is the second book in the Demons and Wolves series by Katze Snow I loved reading the first book in the series Broken in Silence and the second book in the series didn t disappoint me at all This book starts up right where the first book stops and I loved getting to see of Tanner and Alex relationship as it progresses Tanner is continuing his hunt for Elijia which will lead him to new places and make him have to blackmail people to get to where he needs to go I absolutely love Alex s sister, Emily She is such a lovable character I was heartbroken over her diagnosis, and I hope that with Tanner s influence that they will be able to help her The book does end on a cliffhanger, and I can t wait to find out...

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    I like this world, although at times I feel lost in the descriptions.

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    Katze Snow is young writer who has so much potential, so guys we need to keep an eye on her This is the second installment of the series called Demons and Wolves, a story about Tanner and Alex.Tanner was cursed we already knew this, and because of that, or maybe not, who really knows Tanner , he is the head of the Underground He also thinks that the paranormals should not serve humans in a way they do now, they should have an upper hand But as every paranoid sorry Katze P leader he, also, has weaknesses first is his revenge and second Alex The order is not casual, i didn t make a mistake, because for Tanner revenging his family is the most important thing, important than Alex Alex loves Tanner but he will never admit that He calls him Old man, and he is tantalizing him to a no end Alex is charming and even though he denies it, he would do anything for Tanner In this book Tanner will go to places to find his revenge leaving Alex and Alex s family be...

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    It s getting better 4.25 stars Wow, that cliffhanger Nicely done Really wish I could say something The author s world building continues into Belowsurface, the realm of the demons Again, great job I cannot even imagine her notes to keep everything in line Again, I do wish we are given a bit information in certain areas, especially with some of the characters, but again.patience Like before, this is not a romance However, while reading you can see Tanner and Alex s mating evolve the few tender moments between them So, it looks like I will have to wait until next year for the next book in the series Booooooooooo If I could have one an...

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    Trapped in a frozen hell We all fell in love with Tanner and Alex in Katze Snow s first book of this amazing series, Broken in Silence Well readers, if you purchase this book you re in for a wild ride Meet new faces as you follow our heroes into the depths of hell and to rescue love.Tanner proves his worth with Alex while his fire mage proves his strength in the newest installment Meet new allies and see old enemies on the journey from Unde...

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    The second book picks up where the first left off Tanner and Alex, now mates, are each still dealing with their own issues Alex brings his mother and his ill younger sister to live in Tanner s home Tanner is still...

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    Cries bangs head CLIFFHANGERS GRRR Man, I know I saw in the blurb it said cliffhanger, but I tried to get past it anyway until I m going along , everything is getting REALLY intense and interesting, and BAM It s over Argh And it was really getting good Sighs Just when you think things are somewhat calm, all hell breaks loose And literally Tanner and Alex had finally gotten a date Tanner seemed to mellow a bit I mean, the man was starting to show a bit of a softer side, especially with Alex I was loving it Alex had his family, a new family, things were ok with the shifters Not great but ok Family is so important to Alex I was so excited they even got a date Tanner is becoming endearing to me But yeah, hell shows up.The demon Tanner wants vengeance on, Elijah, is turning up the heat After sending one of his little demon soldiers, Zena, to hurt and kill people at a ball, Tanner knew things were about to get really bad For him himself, entering the bowels of hell was a trap in itself Amd there was no way out Alex has no clue wh...

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    Most people would rather not go to hell Not of their own free will But Tanner isn t exactly human and he has very important things to do in the realm of demons He s not unfamiliar to death and has often inflickted it himself, but the trick is to get to hell and back alive.

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    Great add to the series Tanner and Alex pick up right where we left off with book 1 Dark and twisted story continues with the hunt for Elijah, this book had me on the end of my seat not being able to guess what was going to happen next I can t wait for the ne...

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    Eager for the nextAnother brilliant read, and am eagerly looking forward to the next to see all the strings finally be revealed Good read

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