Alien Warrior's Fated: Aizak (Warriors Of Fisoar, #1)

Alien Warrior's Fated: Aizak (Warriors Of Fisoar, #1)You Are My Fated Mate MineDumped By Her Boyfriend On Her Birthday, Marissa Kenley Seethes With Anger She D Not Been The One To Do It First That S OK, Because Despite The Shitty Hand That Life Tends To Deal Her, She Always Finds A Way Back On Top.But Fate S A Contradictory Bitch, And When Marissa Discovers Her Name On A Beautiful Watch, She S Teleported Ass First Into A Strange New World Filled With Terrifying Creatures That Try To Eat Her Thank Goodness For The Sexy As Hell Alien Warrior Who Saved Her Tall, Bronze And Powerful, Her Body Is Lit On Fire The Instant He Touches Her.She Really Ought To Find Her Way Back To Earth Yet As The Time Goes By, She Wonders If She Ever Has To Leave.Aizak Has No Time Or Attention For A Woman, Least Of All A Human As The Leader Of His Tribe, His Sole Focus Is Protecting His People From The Monsters That Seek To Hurt Them But The Moment He Holds The Soft, Curvy Human Woman In His Arms, His Plans Are Diminished In Importance The Connection He Shares With Her Is Deep And Intense She Is His Fated And All He Wants Is Her.

Hey I m Shea I live in Canada with my boyfriend and our two adorable kitties I love a good book with loads of slow burn romance, and I enjoy hazelnut chocolate a little too much I love filling my books with romance, humour, action, and adventure Stories with strong, protective men falling in love with feisty, brave women are totally my jam.Get in touch Newsletter

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  • Alien Warrior's Fated: Aizak (Warriors Of Fisoar, #1)
  • Shea Malloy
  • English
  • 09 July 2018

10 thoughts on “Alien Warrior's Fated: Aizak (Warriors Of Fisoar, #1)

  1. says:

    Not bad Brief Human accidentally ends up on an alien planet, alien guy saves her, and gives her room board until she can return to earth That s the plot.

  2. says:

    This book is pretty paint by numbers Alien Romance without details of the world and characters to make it really engaging It is fine.

  3. says:

    2.5 stars It wasn t bad, it just wasn t good.Heroine discovers a strange device that resembles a watch It transports her to alien world.Tribal chief recognises her as his fated mate Yawn No real antagonist to overcome h immediately lusts after H.Pretty short read.Recommended as filler only.

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    It was a cute story, but nothing particularly special The story was also pretty boring Nothing exciting happened at all, but that doesn t mean that the story is automatically bad I would say that if you are looking for a calm, cute story, then this one is for you.

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    I enjoyed the book quite a lot actually Interesting and fun story Only thing is that it felt to me that there was so much to tell I own many books that are less than 100 pages long and wonder to myself why I keep buying such short stories They always leav...

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    This was a nice and quick read Not spectacular, but not poorly written at all I enjoyed it.

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    When an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend ends with him dumping her on her birthday she turned to what takes up most of her time which is her Job working researching then keying in data for different project While looking for her boss mentor which she hadnt seen in a while she comes across a box with her name on it Inside she finds a watch which transports her to an ...

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    Wow I love this book To be transported from one world into another with a watch is ingenious The instant mate bond between these two is not a welcome one to aizak as his people are in danger, but watching his mate...

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    Spunky girl meets alien warriorMarissa is definitely a girl who needs some help with her life She s transported to an alien world and meets Aizak I really enjoyed how each character was strong in their own right but needed the other

  10. says:

    A wild ride I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author I freely leave this honest review It was a good read Well written with a smooth flow Aliens and space travel with a twist A very enjoyable book.

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