The Road to Wings

The Road to Wings What Does It Take To Earn Air Force Wings Your Heart, Your Soul, Even Your Very Life Lieutenant Casey Tompkins Is Starting The Most Difficult Flight Training Program In The World She Has To Face Thunderstorms, The Death Of Friends, And Male Instructors Who Want To Wash Her Out Captain Kathryn Hardesty Is The Toughest And Best Instructor Pilot On The Base And The Chief Of Flight Safety She S Demanding Because She Knows The Price Of Failure Is Tragedy And A Smoking Hole She Looks Out For All The Students, Especially The Female Ones Casey Has To Learn To Fly A Supersonic Jet, Not Get Killed In The Process, And Face A Growing Forbidden Attraction Can She Muster The Intelligence, Courage, And Unbreakable Determination To Become An Air Force Pilot Does She Have What It Takes To Earn Wings, Find Love, And Not Crash And Burn

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Road to Wings book, this is one of the most wanted Julie Tizard author readers around the world.

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  • The Road to Wings
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  • 18 December 2019

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    3 1 2 Stars An enjoyable debut book This book really worked for me personally, but I don t think it will be everyone s cup of tea If you are interested in flying, the Air Force, and what it takes to survive flight school, get this book If none of those things sound appealing at all, this book is probably not for you.Lieutenant Casey Thompson, wants to become an Air Force pilot She is entering one of the hardest flight training in the world And in 1992, not many women get this chance Her flight instructor is the beautiful and talented Captain Kathryn Hardesty Casey soon finds herself attracted to the Captain In a time where being a lesbian could mean losing everything, can Casey make it through flight school and have a relationship When I said this book will not be for everyone, it is because it is very technical Julie Tizard, is the first woman military pilot, that writes lesfic You can absolutely tell she knows exactly what she is talking about I almost feel like I could go fly a supersonic jet right now At times I was a little lost in the terminology I actually wish there was a glossary that explained a little better what certain terms meant did But the I read, the it became clearer I felt like I learned a lot, and really enjoyed the time in the jets I would say 70% of the book is flying and flight school, the ot...

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    WOW, wow I could keep saying wow but it wouldn t make a very interesting review But seriously, wow Let me just say Tizard has set the bar really high for her first novel Honestly, I can t wait for her second This book isn t for everyone but for me it pushed all the right buttons I can imagine that there will be a wide variety of reviews for this book But for me it was a 5 star novel without a doubt.Casey Tompkins proves to be a very proud and brave woman fighting against a male privileged area of the U.S.Air force She is learning to be a pilot Kathryn Hardesty is one of Casey s instructors and they quickly form a bond Yeah they fall in love but due to the air force still being anti gay they had to down play their relationship They could both loose everything I really liked that there was a kind of underground where these women could connect even with their jobs on the line.There was a hell of a lot of technical jargon which will put many off But I found it added to the authenticity of the book No I didn t understand it all but I guess unless you are a pilot a lot will go over your head I didn t always understand but I got it What I also loved was the visual she gave the reader You spend about three quarters of the time in a jet and it felt so real There was such a feeling of freedom even when they hit bad situations The instructors really knew their stuff You could actually feel their love of flying.T...

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    This book is in my recommended books of the monthhttps recommendeGood debut novel by Julie Tizard that describes the training process of a woman Air Force pilot in the 1990s with a slow burn romance in the background The author is a pilot so the book often gets very technical on flying issues and sometimes feels like a chronicle than a novel, so consider yourself warned However, you don t need to be an expert to enjoy it but I think at least a minor interest in flying and aircrafts is still essential In that case, the book is quite informative, entertaining and some scenes keep you turning pages.Those readers looking for a romance might be disappointed because it is very much in the background Having said that, the chemistry between the main characters works fine and the cast of supporting characters gives realism to the plot.It d be interesting to read in the future another work by Ms Tizard that would...

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    After finishing this book I have a bittersweet aftertaste It has a story about fighting male rules in a difficult environment, that accept women only till a certain point It has also the undercurrent homophobia in the military Both main characters do their best to acomplish their dreams to be air force pilots But th...

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    After reading some of the reviews I wasn t sure how much I would enjoy the book due to such a large portion of it focusing on the flight training Maybe it helped that I went in with a good understanding of what to expect but I was actually surprised that I was so drawn to this story I don t have a lot of interest in reading about flying and this book does have a major focus on this but it just worked for me Yes, there are parts during the instruction on the flying that I had to just skim read because I really had no clue what it was going on about but I got the over idea of what was happening and I was keen to know how Casey was going and what would happen next I did enjoy the romance I thought the tension was done well and the build up worked perfectly for me It is interesting to see what so many LGBT people put themselves through for their career, they gave up ...

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    This was a captivating, heart pounding, thrilling read ride I am so grateful to Julie Tizard for writing this If you have ever wondered what Airforce flight school is like, this book is for you If you enj...

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    I thought this book was excellent for a debut novel I always enjoy reading about women in the military and pilots in particular The story is incredibly detailed as far as what it takes to become a pilot in the Air Force Some of the flight descriptions were undoubtedly over my head and I w...

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    Casey Tompkins is one of the lucky few to be selected to learn how fly fighter jets in the Air Force She has gruelling months ahead of her in a program that s already hard enough without the extra test of being one of the only women in the program and the men trying extra hard to wash her out of it Captain Katheryn Hardesty is a flight instructor and chief of safety on the base She sees a kindred spirit in Casey and takes her under her wing, flying with her every chance she gets Casey progresses quickly but so does their attraction for each other Will the two risk their hearts and risk their careers or will they find true love and make all their dreams come true There was a lot of detail in this book, which I could see some people getting bored off and find the book too slow But I loved it It worked so incredibly well whenever Casey was in a test or emergency situation, and second by second you worked with her through each step and you re not sure if she s going to make it I stopped breathing at least a dozen times during this book because it was so intense It worked, it so worked I didn t love the character descriptions at the beginning of the book So and so had blue eyes, blond hair and was tall etc I would have liked to discover the characters a little organically But the characters themselves I loved Kathryn was so cool I had so much respect for her She s a real life i...

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    Wow, what a story I really liked the airforce pilot setting and how Casey learns to fly Only an insider can know so much about the process, well done Top gun part 2 There could be a little romance, but still a very good book

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    I believe this is the Author s first book I had some difficulty with the style in the beginning but settled into it about 1 4 of the way through I felt this was a book about becoming an Air Force pilot than a romance between two women in the Air Force It brought attention to how hard it was to have a family as a gay lesbian in the military with DADT I can t imagine how hard that must have been for thousands of people having to choose between career and family Anyway there is a lot of really technical talk about flying I found myself skipping over ...

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