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Africas Tarnished Name He Needed To Hear Africa Speak For Itself After A Lifetime Of Hearing Africa Spoken About By OthersElectrifying Essays On The History, Complexity, Diversity Of A Continent, From The Father Of Modern African Literature.Penguin Modern Fifty New Books Celebrating The Pioneering Spirit Of The Iconic Penguin Modern Classics Series, With Each One Offering A Concentrated Hit Of Its Contemporary, International Flavour Here Are Authors Ranging From Kathy Acker To James Baldwin, Truman Capote To Stanislaw Lem And George Orwell To Shirley Jackson Essays Radical And Inspiring Poems Moving And Disturbing Stories Surreal And Fabulous Taking Us From The Deep South To Modern Japan, New York S Underground Scene To The Farthest Reaches Of Outer Space.

Chinua Achebe was a novelist, poet, professor at Brown University and critic He is best known for his first novel, Things Fall Apart 1958 , which is the most widely read book in modern African literature.Raised by Christian parents in the Igbo town of Ogidi in southeastern Nigeria, Achebe excelled at school and won a scholarship for undergraduate studies He became fascinated with world religion

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    Achebe is an angry man and in everything he writes he is full of rage and frustration at a world that denies the voice of his brothers This passion is persuasive and powerful his voice is commanding.He doesn t play around with words, instead preferring to cut straight towards the harsh truth of reality Africa is dramatically unrepresented in Western media, literature and politics White men and European leaders gather to discuss the economic future of Africa they put into place action plans that seek to alter the future of the continent The ideas are cold and will cause suffering to the people, a fact the white man cares not for Africa is people Simple words, but when delivered to such a gathering of leading authorities Achebe silenced the room The white man is so detached from the realities of the people that he has fo...

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    Chinua Achebe is one sassy motherfucker and I could listen to him roasting Joseph Conrad all day Okay, but for real, angry Chinua is my favorite Chinua I totally didn t expect him to let his guard down in this way in these essays and speeches Chinua Achebe, the man, really shines through his words You feel his anger, his frustration, he is so much relatable because he is so human and vulnerable in here Africa s Tarnished Name is a superb collection on the theme of the misrepresentation of Africa by Western eyes Chinua Achebe was born in Eastern Nigeria in 1930 He went to the local public schools and was among the first students to graduate from the University of Ibadan After graduation, he worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation as a radio producer and Director of External Broadcasting, and it was during this period that he began his writing career Nigeria needs help Nigerians have their work cut out for them to coax this unruly child along the path of useful creative development We are the parents of Nigeria, not vice versa A generation will come, if we do our work patiently and well and given luck a generation that will cal...

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    Originally posted on A Frolic Through FictionAfter reading Achebe s Things Fall Apart for uni and needing to write an essay on postcolonialism, I figured this was the perfect time to pick this one up and get a little extra background knowledge for my essay in the process Way to multitask, amiright Reading and studying in one Anyway, this is a collection of really short essays written by Achebe about you guessed it Africa s tarnished name, and how the representation of Africa has been created by Europe specifically, Britain I ve found that I really get along with Achebe style of essay writing, as he s not overly academic and includes anecdotes to support his claims, making them personal and humane than just having words thrown at your face as most essays feel You can sense his personality through his writing, hear his disdain at the world and it just works Granted, sometimes he would go...

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    Clear, well written and powerful indeed Not whiney his words , just well written honesty about Africa Beautiful observations Highly recommended.

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    The twenty eighth book on the Penguin Modern list is the father of modern African literature Chinua Achebe s Africa s Tarnished Name Of Achebe s work, the only book of his which I had read before picking this up is Things Fall Apart, which I very much enjoyed I was really looking forward, therefore, to reading some of his non fiction, and this collection of electrifying essays on the history, complexity and appropriation of a continent felt like the perfect way in which to begin his oeuvre Africa s Tarnished Name is comprised of four essays What s Nigeria to Me , which is adapted from a speech given in Lagos in 2008 Travelling White , which was first published in The Guardian in 1989 the titular essay, published in Another Africa in 1998 and Africa is People , which has been adapted from a speech delivered in Paris in 1998 All of these essays can be found in the 2011 collection entitled The Education of a British Protected Child.Achebe was born into the Igbo nation , one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, and the largest in Nigeria In What s Nigeria to Me , Achebe discusses nationality, and the granting of independence...

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    I m very interested in postcolonial literature fiction and nonfiction , but it s been some time since I ve read any since my studies have been focused elsewhere How convenient to have four of Chinua Achebe s essays about postcolonial Africa in one inexpensive volume Achebe writes with such electrifying power The last two essays were the most impressive to me, as they grappled wit...

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    I am a prime example of the paradox of proximity Africa is the closest continent to Europe but in my mind it feels so distant and different This little collection of essays looks at how that idea took root in the white European psyche over centuries and how it still manifests today through policy and practice It also takes the danger of relying on these colonial mythologies when reporting in t...

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    This tradition has invented an Africa where nothing good happens or even happened, an Africa that has not been discovered yet and is waiting for the first European visitor to explore it and explain it and straighten it up, or likely, perish in the attempt. Achebe, , .

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    Absolutely necessary read for anyone who wishes to understand through a series of essays and from one of Nigeria s best authors, what is like to constantly live with the prejudice and oppression of white society of an entire continent.

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    This Penguin Modern Classic, number 28, contains of four short texts adapted from various speeches and books by Chinua Achebe In short, I highly recommend it 1 What is Nigeria to me Nigeria is child Gifted, enormously talented, prodigiously endowed, and incredibly wayward Being a Nigerian is abysally frustrating and unbelievably exciting I have said somewhere that in my next reincarnation I want to be Nigerian again but I have also, in a rather angry book called The Trouble with Nigeria, dismissed Nigerian travel advertisements with the suggestion that only a tourist with a kinky addiction to self flagellation would pick Nigeria for a holiday And I mean both. I liked parts of this, especially his reflection on what it means to love and un love your country at the same time The beginning was rather slow, however 2 Traveling White But how was it that this prominent German jurist carried such a blind spot about Africa all his life Did he never read the papers Why did he need an African nove...

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