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Beautiful Bad PDF Epub Beautiful Bad Annie Ward In The Most Explosive And Twisted Psychological Thriller Since The Woman In The Window, A Beautiful Marriage Turns Beautifully Bad Things That Make Me Scared When Charlie Cries Hospitals And Lakes When Ian Drinks Vodka In The Basement ISIS When Ian Gets Angry That Something Is Really, Really Wrong With Me.Maddie And Ian S Romance Began With A Chance Encounter At A Party Overseas He Was Serving In The British Army And She Was A Travel Writer Visiting Her Best Friend, Jo Now Almost Two Decades Later, Married With A Beautiful Son, Charlie, They Are Living The Perfect Suburban Life In Middle America But When A Camping Accident Leaves Maddie Badly Scarred, She Begins Attending Writing Therapy, Where She Gradually Reveals Her Fears About Ian S PTSD Her Concerns For The Safety Of Their Young Son, Charlie And The Couple S Tangled And Tumultuous Past With Jo.From The Balkans To England, Iraq To Manhattan, And Finally To An Ordinary Family Home In Kansas, Sixteen Years Of Love And Fear, Adventure And Suspicion Culminate In The Day Of The Killing, When A Frantic 911 Call Summons The Police To The Scene Of A Shocking Crime.

ANNIE WARDAnnie s sopho novel and first psychological thriller BEAUTIFUL BAD will be published by Harper Collins Park Row books in March, 2019.Annie received a BA in English Lit with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UCLA and an MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute While studying at AFI, she sold her first short screenplay to MTV BFCS Productions Starring Adam Scott, STR

[Reading] ➭ Beautiful Bad  ➵ Annie  Ward –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Beautiful Bad
  • Annie Ward
  • English
  • 11 January 2017
  • 9780778369103

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    After a reading experience like this one I have to wonder, am I just a silly woman blinded by optimism or a glutton for punishment I think in this instance, I have to go with the latter There were too many telltale signs, and pretty early on I might add, that I chose to ignore Things that could never be resolved with the turning of pages A frantic 911 call draws readers in initially, but the bloody crime scene sparking the plea for help proves to be the strongest pull an opportunity to put those literary acquired sleuthing skills to use As any good detective knows, going back to the beginning is often pivotal for gaining background on suspects and even possible motive And so it begins, in Eastern Europe.Annie Ward tries to sell readers on the past with the introduction of two carefree, adventurous American girls living their best lives drinking and partying it up in war torn Eastern Europe, but I can t say I was buying Maddie and Jo could tell me over and over, until they were blue in the face, that they were best friends The lack of substance to their relationship said otherwise though And honestly, theirs wasn t the only one The girls kept company with four British bodyguards, one of whom managed all too easily to finagle his way between the so called besties...

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    Beautiful Bad is a psychological thriller about a mysterious accident, a murder, and a marriage at its breaking point While there are some interesting elements and one fascinating unreliable narrator, as a whole I struggled with the multiple POV s and timelines. The book opens with a chilling 911 call in the small town of Meadowlark, Kansas An investigator arrives a house in an upscale neighborhood to discover a lot of blood Who the blood belonged to becomes one of the main threads of the story The reader doesn t find out until the end what exactly happened in this seemingly beautiful house.Switch to 10 weeks before the murder and we are introduced to Maddie, the main narrator of Beautiful Bad It is her story to tell and her icy cold voice works to draw the reader in In the present, Maddie is in writing therapy she recently suffered a head injury and cannot remember how she was hurt Her husband, Ian, told her she slipped and fell, but the police believe domestic violence is involved In therapy, she focuses on her fears, especially on anything that could potentially harm her young son, Charlie She needs to go back to the time before she was paralyzed by anxiety to understand her current state of mind.Switch again to...

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    I sometimes feel like my mind is possessed by another person or creature One of the main characters thinks this thought towards the end of the novel, and the fascinating thing is it could be any one of them thinking it Was itMADDIE IAN JOANNA Oh madnessmy sweet embraceable you This is a tale about a tangled web of desire, deceit, and paranoia If you don t drink vodka, gin, scotch, or bourbon at the beginning of this story, you may be indulging by the end of it Who desires whom who deceives whom, and who is paranoid about what And how does all this lead to.MURDERREDRUM This story begins in Bulgaria, or does it begin in Kansas or maybe Macedonia Is it when Maddie meets Joanna, or Joanna meets Ian, or when Maddie meets Ian Or does the story really start with an incident on a Missouri lake, back in the States, before any of them meet They are friends, but not really friends as a group They might hang out together at parties in Skopje, but really Joanna is friends with Ian, and Maddie becomes friends with Ian, but when they are together, somehow Ian has to choose They are all adrenaline junkies Maddie routinely crosses a very unstable border from her home in Bulgaria to go to Macedonia to see Joanna Joanna is involved with some very shady deals, trying to secure supplies for refugees She knows people, people who peo...

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    Put on those detective hats and prepare for a heart pounding thriller, sure to shock even the most masterful of sleuths I was not at all prepared for the epic twist in this book I think I ve become numb to the formulaic twists and turns I m accustomed to reading This book, however, was NOT that Annie Ward is supremely fresh in the way she writes, but also, in the way she can spin a tale Jo and Maddie are thick as thieves, as close as two people can be without being related This fact makes it unbearably cruel when a man comes between them, destroying their friendship Maddie cannot believe that Ian is into her Being Jo s best friend, she is no stranger to playing second fiddle Jo has the looks and the charisma Even so, to Maddie s delight, Ian wants her and this creates a massive chasm between them filled with jealously and hate In addition, Jo knows there is something off about Ian and tries to warn Maddie again and again, but to no avail Because. after all. Maddie wasn t just in love, she was conquered.This wasn t just a psychological thriller, but also a meditation o...

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    Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward is a 2019 Park Row publication Strange, absorbing, but too predictable Maddie and her friend, Jo, travel abroad to dangerous locations, which puts them in contact with paid bodyguard , Ian Maddie and Ian begin an emotional affair, which is complicated by Ian s entanglement with an unstable woman, and by Maddie s friendship with Jo Nine years after they parted ways, they are reunited, and embark on a torrid, yet disturbingly intense, affair which eventually leads to marriage and the birth of their son, Charlie It also brings Maddie full circle, as she and Ian decide to settle down in her old hometown in Kansas, a place that in her youth, Maddie couldn t wait to escape from Now, an urgent 911 call sends police units to Maddie and Ian s peaceful neighborhood where they discover a shockingly violent scene From here the story takes the reader back ten weeks prior to the 911 call, walking us through the events which lead up to the Day of the Killing , while also keeping us informed about the investigation as it proceeds The various timelines are not hard to keep up with, and for a while the murky shadows of Ian s world held my att...

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    4 Stars.Get lost in the Wickedness of Beautiful Bad You know those twisty turny books that have you so wrapped up that you forget all else Yeah, that is what this book did to me It starts with a 911 call where a Detective is called to a home in Meadowlark, Kansas where a lot of blood is found at the scene, which becomes known as The Day of The Killing Ten weeks earlier, housewife Maddie is attending writing therapy sessions to try and recover memories of the head injury she sustained Her husband, Ian told her that she simply slipped and fell The police however, find her injuries suspicious Maddie spends her days writing, hoping to remember what happened while also spending time with her son, Charlie whom she desperately wants to keep safe Now, every moment is devoted to him Ten years earlier, Maddie was a travel journalist on assignment overseas when she and a girl named Joanna became fast friends There, they met Ian Maddie became star struck You know the story Ian was tall, dark, handsome, enigmatic and mysterious He also had a girlf...

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    A whirlwind ride, guaranteed to keep you on your toes right to the end Maddie wants desperately to explore the world Living abroad has been her life long dream The freedom and excitement of working in Eastern Europe, far away from her family in Kansas, is absolutely intoxicating And to top it all off her best friend Joanna is just a border crossing away Finally, a much anticipated visit to Joanna, and here we go A night out on the town The evenings festivities in Macedonia take a scrumptious turn when Ian British Military, enters the bar with his friend Well, well the sparks are flying everywhere Told in multiple times lines and points of view The future of Ian and his wife comes to a frightful head A frantic 911 call So who will walk away Oh come on, you ll have to, actually, want to read this one to find out Annie Ward writes an ingenious, gripping psychological thriller that will shock you and leave you breathless I was...

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    Not sure if I m in the minority with my thoughts on this I m noticing average to fantastic.I put it somewhere in between for several personal reasons.I struggled at times with the back and forth in time It took me a while to get it all in my head, especially from the beginnings 911 frantic call the opens the book It slowed down its pace and although I m aware the information had to be narrated I sometimes got to a place in my mind where I wandered That s not saying it was useless information, not at all I just wish it was just too many pages of facts at one time.Thinking about Ian and Maddie and how they became attracted to each other at the beginning was written really well.The chapter headings were brilliant as the lead up to THE DAY OF THE KILLING chapters came to the forefront.That gripped me.This author can really spin a tale when she s writing the action scenes.This is a book written in reverse and written well It worked.So to sum up..I think the books pages could have been shorter and skimmed down and still have impact on a reader.The narration although needed was just too many pages of information that I tended to wander off in my head.But..The actual psychological story was good, the ending brilliant.Publishers, please please stop comparing books to others Let it stand in its own right.I ve ...

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    TWO STARSI really struggle with reviewing novels like BEAUTIFUL BAD The novel has a lot of good points and an unusual premise, HOWEVER it is a fail for me.Despite having several interesting passages set in foreign countries, the story moves at a snail s pace I don t necessarily hate slow reading novels if the author goes deep in character analysis Unfortunately, two of the three main characters remain mostly superficial throughout the novel There is a ton of wordage in BEAUTIFUL BAD and those millions of words are mostly wasted Ughhhh I ...

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    3.5 STARSBeginning with an alarming scene and a 911 call You know something bad has happenedA slow burning domestic suspense with some page turning chapters at the beginning and the end It also has a literary feel with the descriptive story telling and complex layered plot It is well written with some interesting and flawed characters.Maddie and Ian have an intense relationship and we learn their backgrounds, history and what makes them click through the author s detailed writing and timeline that flip flops.There is a LOT going on this novel, almost too much The timeline was quite challenging and I would find myself flipping back to the beginning of the chapter to double check the timing Many of the chapters refer back to the crime in the first chapter There are some past present chapters that give us background in...

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