Falter Thirty Years Ago Bill McKibben Offered One Of The Earliest Warnings About Climate Change Now He Broadens The Warning The Entire Human Game, He Suggests, Has Begun To Play Itself Out.Bill McKibben S Groundbreaking Book The End Of Nature Issued In Dozens Of Languages And Long Regarded As A Classic Was The First Book To Alert Us To Global Warming But The Danger Is Broader Than That Even As Climate Change Shrinks The Space Where Our Civilization Can Exist, New Technologies Like Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Threaten To Bleach Away The Variety Of Human Experience Falter Tells The Story Of These Converging Trends And Of The Ideological Fervor That Keeps Us From Bringing Them Under Control And Then, Drawing On McKibben S Experience In Building 350.org, The First Truly Global Citizens Movement To Combat Climate Change, It Offers Some Possible Ways Out Of The Trap We Re At A Bleak Moment In Human History And We Ll Either Confront That Bleakness Or Watch The Civilization Our Forebears Built Slip AwayFalter Is A Powerful And Sobering Call To Arms, To Save Not Only Our Planet But Also Our Humanity.

Bill McKibben is the author of Eaarth, The End of Nature, Deep Economy, Enough, Fight Global Warming Now, The Bill McKibben Reader, and numerous other books He is the founder of the environmental organizations Step It Up and 350.org, and was among the first to warn of the dangers of global warming In 2010 The Boston Globe called him probably the nation s leading environmentalist, and Time maga

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  • Hardcover
  • 291 pages
  • Falter
  • Bill McKibben
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9781250178268

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    America is being held hostage by a curmudgeonly few who insist there is no man made climate change Meanwhile, the vast majority of both citizens and scientists seethes To that, Bill McKibben s Falter proposes two solutions solar panels everywhere, and forcing a cultural shift using nonviolent organizing He doesn t tackle the huge overpopulation issue, forcing gas and diesel vehicles off the road, mass extinctions, or even what to be aware of in the coming years It is rather odd for an environmentalist s book.The first 200 pages all seem to be tangents He talks at length about the invention of gene splicing, Ray Kurtzweil s drugs, gene editing, inequality, artificial intelligence and libertarianism And Ayn Rand Lots of Ayn Rand She keeps coming back, again and again, because of her religion of selfishness It has spread to the political and commercial leadership of the country, and is a main cause for the country turning its back on climate change and pollution, he thinks.There is a special emphasis on Silicon Valley s obsession with beating death McKibben finds all kinds of tech billionaires putting investment dollars and purchases in having themselves frozen, or their heads frozen, or just plai...

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    57th book for 2019.I would like to find nice things to say about this book, as I am sure McKibben s heart is in the right place, but this book is a hot mess McKibben s basic contention is that the human dream whatever that is is faltering We are rushing at high speed into climate change, designer babies and AI superlords, and this all has to do w...

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    Bill McKibben goes after much than climate change in this book He goes after the posthuman movement, libertarians, and the far right, oil companies, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan This book takes in the sweeping panorama of the moment which is on the precipice and addresses most of the major players on the political stage at the m...

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    A cri de coeur for the planet All the things we work on and worry about will be brought to naught if these existential concerns are not addressed The simultaneously worst and best thing is that the solutions exist and are feasible The clock is running down

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    if greed warps your life, you assume it must warp everyone s. if bill mckibben s prescient warnings had been heeded some thirty years ago, perhaps his new book wouldn t be so urgent and grievous presuming the question asked in falter s subtitle isn t a rhetorical one, has the human game begun to play itself out , a preponderance of the evidence seems to offer a resounding, unequivocal yes in reply the 350.0rg founder s writing remains incisive and engaging, but falter isn t likely to find many readers among the audience for whom it would be most necessary broadening the scope of existential threats beyond climate change, mckibben also considers the increasing dangers of gene editing germline engineering and artificial intelligence in all, falter is a deeply unsettling book and mckibben doesn t mince words when writing about the very real possibility that it s too late for our species to make the changes necessary to ensure our survival that is not to say, however, that he is without hope, for the whole last part of the book is titled an outside chance falter is fascinating, falter is frightening, but, perhaps most importantly, it s unflinching in its observations of the present human moment and the growing likelihood of a dark future waiting...

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    This book presents a good overview of what McKibben refers to as the human game human life and our responsibility to the planet as well as future generations, and the factors that are shaping the present moment and threatening our future climate change, AI, corporate greed, gene modification McKibben makes some excellent critiques and his writing is engaging enough that it kept me interested throughout I particularly liked the notion of the game, even if it does ...

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    This book should be required reading for everyone it is by turns sobering, infuriating and eye opening and written throughout in clear, conversational and even at times humorous prose that manages to make a scientific study read like a page turner Bill McKibben begins Falter with a survey of the symptoms of climate change that are currently threatening our planet although I was familiar with these issues on some level already, he marshals so many frightening examples and statistics that the urgency of the situation hit me like never before Part 2 is a look at how we got here the infuriating part , detailing the missed opportunities and insidious the deliberate misinformation and misdirection on the part of corporations and politicians that squandered 50 years during which we might have forestalled the devastating effects of climate change we are living with now McKibben then shifts from environmental threats to a discussion of existential threats to our very humanity itself, such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence AI This turned out to be the most fascinating part of the book for me I was particularly riveted by anecdotes from Silicon Valley that would be risible were they not so frightening Having laid out the problems in the bulk of the book, McKibben injects a muted note of optimism with a ...

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    In some ways, this is the scariest book I have ever read McKibben s object is questioning whether humans because of natural limits or the consequences of our actions are doomed to plateau, regress, or die out.McKibben takes a panoramic view of the poor choices we have made and the various precipices we have driven ourselves off of as a species In the same way that Yuval Hariri whom he name drops multiple times in this short book chronicles all of the ways in which humans may be progressing, McKibben gives us an oddly lighthearted survey of the dangers we face yet refuse to recognize It s scariest and most effective as an accounting of how utterly we have fucked ourselves, by way of fucking our planet, our only home and source of resources McKibben s goal of scaring his reader was so complete that when he started to introduce solutions, I wasn t even receptive to his suggestions They seemed too much like half measures Massive solar panel banks Nonviolent resistance What in the world would make him think that such things are sufficient, given the knowledge we already have about how irreversible the damage we have done is Instead, when he trots out ideas like we have to genetically engineer subsequent generations to be empathetic, to understand that the consequences of their actions accumulate and are difficult to chart out my thought was not atrocious we must not sacrifice our principles but instead yeah, we must just be flawed as a species to have gotten to this pla...

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    Scientists believe the end of the Cretaceous period came with a rock larger than Mt Everest traveling twenty times faster than a bullet slammed into the Gulf of Mexico leading to a 1,000ft tall tsunami and a blizzard of meteorites Scientists believe the end of the Cretinous period, will when Americans stop believing in endless growth on a finite planet A barrel of oil is equal today to 23,000 hours of human labor Unburned methane that escapes to air, traps heat 80x efficiently than carbon dioxide 270,000 sharks are killed every day Without the oceans to cool the heat, the temperature on the planet since 1955 would have risen a whopping 97 degrees Fahrenheit Bill says of Obama that He was elected to run a political system based on endless growth Ten years before Hansen s report, Exxon knew it was destroying the planet Their public affairs manager released in a secret memo, Emphasize the uncertainty That disinformation campaign costs us ten vital years to try to save the planet The cool new term for that greedy stuff is predatory delay When you fight a right wing Ayn Rand fan, ask if they know that she was scathing ab...

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    Easy to read, full of witty moments, and full of SOME information, I enjoyed reading this book, especially the weird science stuff There re parts about billionaires wanting to freeze their bodies, other billionaires who can t wait for nanotechnology and gene tweaking, so they can live forever Also, infuriatingly there s the Princeton professor, Lee Silver, who runs GenePeeks, who unashamedly says all aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry will be controlled by members of the GenRich class Meanwhile, Naturals will work as low paid service providers or laborers p 153 He s referring to the class of Humans that will be gene edited as embryos, into super humans As to all the money being put into AI and robotics, that will eventually take away most jobs, Tyler Cowen, America s hottest economist Business Newsweek and proprietor of the country s most widely read economics blog, had some advice for young people develop a skill that can t be automated, and that can be sold to the remaining high earners be a maid, a personal trainer, a private tutor, a classy sex worker p.155 But here s the surprising thing about this book about human s causing so much damage and pollution to the planet that we may not be around much longer th...

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