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Ask Me Again Download Ask Me Again By E.J Noyes What Do You Do When The Source Of All Your Problems Is The One Thing You Don T Know How To Fix With Don T Ask, Don T Tell Nothing Than An Unpleasant Memory, US Army Surgeon Sabine Fleischer Is Ready To Move On With Her Life If She Can Just Figure Out How To Move Past Her PTSD Fresh From Her First Deployment Since Surviving A Vehicle Attack In Afghanistan, Sabine Is Finding The Things She S Tried So Hard To Push Aside Aren T As Easy To Ignore As She D Hoped.Sabine S Girlfriend And Ex Commanding Officer Rebecca Keane Is Happily Settled Into Her New Job Running A Trauma Department In A Civilian Hospital Life With Sabine Is Everything Rebecca Ever Wanted But When Sabine S PTSD Reappears Worse Than Before, She S Left Struggling With Her Own Guilt.There S No Doubt That Both Sabine And Rebecca Want The Same Thing But How Do You Help The Most Important Person In Your Life When They Don T Want To Need Your Help Genre Lesbian General FictionEditor Cath WalkerCover Designer Sandy Knowles

E J Noyes lives in Australia with her wife, a needy cat, aloof chickens and too many horses When not indulging in her love of reading and writing, E J argues with her hair and pretends to be good at things.

[Epub] ➞ Ask Me Again  Author E.J. Noyes –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Ask Me Again
  • E.J. Noyes
  • English
  • 01 March 2018
  • 9781594936128

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    Ask Me Again is another excellent book by Noyes This is the sequel to the book Ask, Tell I highly, highly recommend reading Ask, Tell first This book is powerful and I just don t think it would have the same effect on a reader who doesn t know the backstory Ask, Tell is one of my all time favorite romance books so it s no hardship to have to read it first This book takes place less than a year after Ask, Tell ended Sabine has finished another tour in Afghanistan and is coming home for her next deployment Sabine can t wait to be home with Rebecca again, especially now that DADT was finally repealed But the closer Sabine gets towards home, the worse her PTSD and anxiety seems to get Can two people in love help each other to battle such a tough opponent This book is really different than any other book Noyes has written I would almost put this under drama romance This book is raw and heartbreaking at times, but it s also about true love I thought it was wonderfully written I have read a few books that I thought tackled the subject of PTSD well, but I think this book seemed the most honest and realistic I have read It also deals with Sabine s anxiety Anxiety is something I ve dealt with on and off most of my life and I tell you some of this was so realistic it almost hit a little too close to home I don t know how much is research or real life experiences but Noyes really knows how to write about some tough subjects A new change in this b...

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    I liked Ask Me Again even than its really good predecessor Ask, Tell I am not much for military romances in war zones so it is not surprising Ask Me Again is a greatly done romantic drama showing us two strong women sharing the one true love along with struggling with PTSD, guilt and self recrimination Noyes makes them struggle hard but never breaks them, not for a moment, and I really appreciate that.The story is written in first person past tense from the point of view of both protagonists Sabine 37 and Rebecca 45 The POV switches for each chapter from one narrator to another with indication who is telling the story for the moment It is done really well, and unlike Ask, Tell first person present tense, only Sabine s POV , it allowed us to get to know the main characters from both perspectives I really appreciate that too.Ask Me Again is an excellent book, but not a light read It deals with unpleasant events, w...

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    Well done This second book is much darker than Ask, Tell and it needs to be I know, I know, the first book in the series had lots of angst built into it and you don t want to cry again If you have not read Ask,Tell stop reading this review If you have, then you need to pick up this book to see what happens to Sabine and Rebecca You will be rewarded with an awesome read I loved reading this book from the perspective of both women It cemented my understanding of the love each had for the other and fears each had that they would screw things up and ruin their relationship I don t know when I have read a better study of PTSD than what we see Sabine dealing with when she returns Stateside I found this the most powerful aspect of the whole novel and I was impressed with the author s ability to show us her mental state and inner turmoil Watching her unravel and shun assistance from loved ones and professionals felt all too real The reader feels as helpless as R...

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    Oh Miss Noyes I salute you Since there are so many reviews on this one, I m not going to write what the story is about. Sabine you beautiful sexy broken creature, I feel the need to call and check on you And Bec you loving caring human being, I want to come have a glass of ...

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    First off, I want to preface this review by mentioning that Noyes first book, Ask Tell is one of my favorite reads of all time I really don t say that lightly either out of the thousands of books I ve read in my life, it s one of the very top rated novels on my shelf With that being said, if you haven t read Ask Tell yet, stop what you re doing and go read it immediately Ask Me Again would work as a standalone novel, but a big part of this story is based on an incident that happened in Ask Tell , and you would be doing yourself a disservice by skipping it Plus, why would you deprive yourself by missing out on reading pure awesomeness Since I loved the first book so much, I was really curious how this one would stand up So many sequels end up boring me because the MCs become stagnant and just can t or don t develop further as they should Not this time though, not by a long shot The characters I know and fell in love with just became even real and likeable with the sequel Ask Me Again is absolutely different from any of Noyes previous novels, but that s not a bad thing This story is told in first person, and shows us alternating glimpses between MC Sabine and MC Rebecca s POV The content is tough Sabine and in some ways, I think also Rebecca is struggling with PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan, and it s taking over her ...

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    This is my third novel from E.J Noyes, and it s the third I rated with five stars She s definitely one of my favorites authors now Ask Me Again is the sequel to Ask, Tell and I would say it s entirely necessary to read them in order This book starts about one year after Ask, Tell ended Sabine is coming home again from another tour in Afghanistan, for her break before the next deployment She is still suffering from The Incident the last time she was over there She has everything planned for the day when she sees her girlfriend Bec again, but the nearer she comes home, the she freezes inside Rebecca on the other side has to fight her own demons since The Incident Will the two be able to overcome their fears and help each other to heal What was extremly important for me, was, that it was written form the POV of both MCs It was essential to know each of them feels and what they were thinking What kind of struggles they have to overcome Sometimes it was heartbreaking to witness what kind of fears, anxiety, hurt and helplessness they had to endure But it was beautiful too, to feel how strong their love is and what love can achieve It s not an easy read, I had than once trouble to see the letters through my tears I m lucky that I never had to fight with PTSD, and I think nobody can really underst...

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    I will not summarize the plot of the book, for that you can read the synopsis I m just going to say that this book is a powerful story about the consequences of suffering a shock that changes your life It is a detailed description of the syndrome of post traumatic disorder, but not only for the person who suffers the accident but for those around, such as the partner, family or friends.And the feelings that are described are very detailed and strong, heartrending at times, although the characters are so strong that they are not afraid to face their fears and ask for help I suppose that since most of the protagonists are doctors, in addition to being in the army, it makes them have greater knowledge of what they are going through I do not have any personal experience in this topic, but I have found everything that is developed in the book really believable And I also thought that the author does not cheat and play with t...

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    Ask Me Again is a deeply moving continuation of Ask, Tell It felt as if I was a spectator or fly on the wall throughout this entire story And it was uncomfortable I imagine Noyes did PTSD justice It was horrifying to watch Sabine struggle with the changes, actions, and feelings she could not prevent And alternatively just as terrifying to observe Rebecca s silent suffering while trying to support her girlfriend.This is one of those books that is tough to read but you feel like you ve gained something from having made it to the end Rebecca was a saint I don t think anyone like that exists in real life The most enjoying aspect of Ask Me Again was her determined and absolute resolve to remain constant Such a rarity The length felt long It might have been because of the uncomfortable material, thou...

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    Sequel to Ask, Tell by EJ Noyes this book had to be written Sabine is back from another military tour but her PTSD is worse than ever She is struggling to function in her day to day life but so, she is struggling with her relationship with her beautiful girlfriend and ex commanding officer, Rebecca It s undeniable they are meant to be together and the love they have for one another is even stronger than ever before But with Rebecca struggling to move on from the part she played in Sabine s PTSD and with Sabine wanting to fix herself without worrying Rebecca They need to find a way to work together before they can move forward to the life they truly deserve This book was an emotional roller coaster that I am so glad I jumped on Even through the entire trauma these two go through, the love that is between Rebecca and Sabine is so freaking potent that even in the hardest conversations and moments throughout the book, you know there is only one way this can go I can t believe I am saying this but I loved this book than the first book, Ask Tell Rebecca and Sabine s love story is written beautifully and EJ Noyes really worked hard to make the reader aware that no matter what, they are soul mates and nothing will tear them apart The main difference in this story from the first in the series is that we have both Sabine and Rebecca s point of view which was pivota...

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    Oh my gosh What a powerful story Many sad and emotional heartbreaking things happened in this exceptional sequel Fortunately, there are also beautiful moments, full of love, that will warm your heart The author does a...

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