Justice League Vol. 2

Justice League Vol. 2The Justice League Clashes Against The Legion Of Doom Hawkgirl Takes Wing Against Leader Lex Luthor John Stewart Faces Off With Old Foe Sinestro The Flash Must Run Down The Still Force Empowered Gorilla Grodd And Wonder Woman Tackles The Tag Team Of Black Manta And Cheetah Underwater, No Less Superstar Writer Scott Snyder Continues His Run With The World S Greatest Super Heroes In Justice League Vol 2 Spinning Out Of The Cataclysmic Events Of Dark Nights Metal And The Universe Defining No Justice, The Core Members Of The Justice League Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash And Are Finally Reunited But Standing In Opposition To Them The Legion Of Doom, Led By Lex Luthor And They Re Not Alone With Them The Ocean Masters Of The Universe Who Are These New Beings And What Secrets Of The DCU Do They Hold One Of The Most Critically Acclaimed Authors Of His Generation Continues His Legendary Run On DC S Flagship Title In Justice League Vol 2 Collects Justice League 8 12.

Scott Snyder is the Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer on DC Comics Batman, Swamp Thing, and his original series for Vertigo, American Vampire He is also the author of the short story collection, Voodoo Heart, published by the Dial Press in 2006 The paperback version was published in the summer of 2007.

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Justice League Vol. 2
  • Scott Snyder
  • English
  • 28 April 2018
  • 9781401288495

10 thoughts on “Justice League Vol. 2

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    Snyder picks up with his Totality story and continues his thread with the Legion of Doom as they resurrect some sea gods from other planets who turn everyone in the world into fish people as part of the Drowned Earth event I m not sure what the Legion s plan here is Who wants to take over a flooded world full of fish people I m not a huge fan of the stuff Snyder s been writing since Dark Nights Metal His strengths as a writer lie with individual characters, not team books He should leave the high concept stuff to Grant Morrison or Jonathan Hickman.I read both this and Aquaman Justice League Drowned Earth This book has two additional Justice League issues that lead into Drowned Earth The Drowned Earth event book has two additional Aquaman issues and a Titans issue These three issu...

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    Crossover ruined this volume completely What started off as a pretty fun story with good build up, turned out to be overstuffed and boring cross over with the aquaman storyline I fell asleep reading this, enough said Least start and art was decent 2 out of 5.

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    Started off strong But then became too much I think too many ideas were thrown amongst the smaller scale story The change in artists also threw things off a little.

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    Once again, Scott paid by the word Snyder proves that he doesn t know how pictures work by literally explaining everything that is happening in his panels I mean, literally There is one panel where someone tells someone else to look up In the next panel, accompanied by a picture of her looking up, Scott tells us She looks up So this volume was a clusterfuck In issue one, Lex is having a conversation with someone In issue two we get a tour of all of the Justice Leaguer s rooms in the Hall of Justice The rest of this was just chunks of a tie in event I thought DC pulled event issues out and put them in their own books This reminded me of Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy run that was almo...

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.Ever since Scott Snyder started his dark multiverse with Dark Nights Metal, the DC universe has been in the midst of great change that would pull back together scattered pieces of its history while scorching the superficial story telling gimmicks that have served as restraints to original ideas so far Now helming the Justice League run, his efforts to change the status quo continues to grow strong until his latest, risky crossover event led to some contrived ideas that showed no sign of flow for readers Where things turned out unacceptable is in the way they have been collected for fans to read and enjoy as it hints at money hungry decisions at the cost of coherency While the latest volume in his run might have a shaky foundation, there still remains some hope if his resume impresses you already that Scott Snyder and friends will find their footing in the stories to come.What is Justice League Graveyard of Gods about Picking up where it was left off in Justice League The Totality, the story explores criminal mastermind Lex Luthor s plan to assemble the Legion of Doom As he seeks help from an unlikely and dangerous individual, stranger and deadlier foes slither to the surface from the darkest abysses of the sea as they look to take ...

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    There s a lot of crossover between this and Aquaman Justice League Drowned Earth, to the point where there are only two issues in this trade that aren t in that one.Issue 8 pits the Batman Who Laughs against the Legion Of Doom, and you only have to look at Scott Snyder s other Batman stories to know that he has grand plans for the character His appearance here just shows we ve not even scratched the surface of his plans, while Lex Luthor s seem almost inconsequential in comparison.Then issue 9 is a standalone story that tries to fix the destruction of the Moon from the previous volume, thankfully, which has some Batman is a douche moments, so if you like those, you ll like that.The rest of the volume is the Drowned Earth crossover, minus the Aquaman and Titans issues collected in the main trade, which are fantastic, and I ve covered in my review of that book.Honestly, I picked this up because not having complete spine runs on my boo...

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    Basic plot the League protects the Totality as they battle alien sea gods and the Legion of Doom.The art was good, in different styles as different artists worked on the issues The art for Wonder Woman and Aquaman s pa...

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    Graveyard of Gods starts off with a few procedural issues, as the JLA talks and interacts and the Legion of Doom plots, and we learn about the fun seven forces and the characters There s not a lot of plot here, but it s got all the elements that have made Snyder s JL interesting.But then we re bogged down with the long, mostly dull Drowned Earth plot Alien gods take over the Earth, turning everyone into fish people The worst part ...

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    it s just utter chaos

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    Snyder, Cheung and Jiminez s totality story continues with a bang team ups between aquaman and wonder woman are superbly handled with each interaction coming off as what any flashpoint reader would ve wanted of.The only thing that kind ruins this book is the crossover tynions a great writer and he scripts his two three legion of doom issues so well that even though they re fillers they dont read like it I just wish they would ve done with the story because if you did miss out on the crossover issues, you wouldn t be missing anyt...

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