We Walked the Sky

We Walked the SkyA Multigenerational Story About Two Teenagers Victoria, Who Joins The Circus In , And Her Granddaughter, Callie, Who Leaves The Circus Fifty Years LaterIn Seventeen Year Old Victoria, Having Just Escaped An Unstable Home, Flees To The Ultimate Place For Dreamers And Runaways The Circus Specifically, The VanDrexel Family Circus Where, Among The Lion Tamers, Roustabouts, And Trapeze Artists, Victoria Hopes To Start A Better LifeFifty Years Later, Victoria S Sixteen Year Old Granddaughter Callie Is Thriving A Gifted And Focused Tightrope Walker With Dreams Of Being A VanDrexel High Wire Legend Just Like Her Grandmother, Callie Can T Imagine Herself Anywhere But The Circus But When Callie S Mother Accepts Her Dream Job At An Animal Sanctuary In Florida Just Months After Victoria S Death, Callie Is Forced To Leave Her Lifelong Home BehindFeeling Unmoored And Out Of Her Element, Callie Pores Over Memorabilia From Her Family S Days On The Road, Including A Box That Belonged To Victoria When She Was Callie S Age In The Box, Callie Finds Notes That Victoria Wrote To Herself With Tips And Tricks For Navigating Her New World Inspired By This Piece Of Her Grandmother S Life, Callie Decides To Use Victoria S Circus Prowess To Navigate The Uncharted Waters Of Public High SchoolAcross Generations, Victoria And Callie Embrace The Challenges Of Starting Over, Letting Go, And Finding New Families In Unexpected Places

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the We Walked the Sky book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Fiedler author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • We Walked the Sky
  • Lisa Fiedler
  • English
  • 10 June 2019

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    I am an athlete, an artist, a magician An angel, a daredevil, a dancer in the sky THIS BOOK HAS AWARD WINNER WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

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    This book was a slow start for me I don t know why but once I found the rhythm of the voice I fell in love with the story Told from a grandmother, Victoria, and her granddaughter, Callie, it focuses on what is important to these two woman while growing up in the circus.Victoria runs away from a horrible home life to join the circus, figuring she will leave when she is far from home What she finds in the circus isn t just joy and love but a family that cares for her just as deeply as she cares for them Callie is literally a child of the circus..born into it so when it is taken away from her she mourns Forced to live a regular life after her mother takes a job at a wild animal sanctuary Callie schemes to get back into the circus no matter the cost Fiedler has written a lovely book that explores how two different women grow up and become themselves in this bookI fell in love with both of them Thanks to Penguin for the ARC

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    I CAN T WAIT FOR THIS NOVEL TO COME OUT I ve been really hyped about it ever since.

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    The vintage feel of Victoria s perspective adds so much to the story In the wake of my The Greatest Showman obsession, this felt like nostalgia and a hug all wrapped up into one book I adored Victoria s parts of the book and eagerly waited to see what was next.We Walked the Sky is an absolute piece of art ART, I tell you From Victoria s whimsical dreams of freedom and Callie s longing for her place she calls home, the book is a siren song to all who know what it feels like to dream of adventure The plot line kept me intrigued and interested, though I did find myself wishing there were of Victoria s parts in between Callie s.The characters are cleverly thought out and unique I definitely relate to Victoria s point of view though she just has a delightful way of taking the reader s thoughts and voicing them on the page Callie felt a tad distant and harder to connect to, but that s part of her personality played out on the page All in all, wonderful character building and plot We Walked the Sky is an amazing novel for the dreamers, the adventurers, and the hopeful I cannot wait to read of Lisa Fielder s books and see We Walked the Sky in bookstores everywhere

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    Who would have thought that a book about an abused girl running off to join the circus would turn out to be such a great read This story had a lot to it The characters Catherine Victoria, Callie, Jenna and all the rest including the animals created such a warm and supportive environment that I couldn t keep a smile off my face as I read I also thought it was an interesting way to present the advice from grandmother to granddaughter through the messages left on scraps of paper We can all learn a lot from the positive life guidance scattered throughout the book Although the back cover presents this as a story appropriate for the tween teen, I found it to be a wonderful feel good adult read as well.I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway for this honest review.

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    I wanted sooooo much from this book It really let me down But that cover is to die for.

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    I received an advanced reader s copy of this novel for free from Razorbill through a giveaway hosted on GoodReads If you find it, then it s meant to be That, along with the many other lessons written down by Victoria Van Drexel, and later found by her granddaughter Callie, is the driving force behind Lisa Fielder s We Walked The Sky Told in alternating viewpoints, it tells the story of two generations of young women as they learn that life does not always go as you plan, but that where you end up in the process is often exactly where you are meant to be.The books open in the 1950 s, the night a girl by the name of Catherine Hastings runs away from home Catherine is the daughter of an abusive father and husband, and as her mother sits dying, she tells her to go, to escape from this home where she will no longer be protected and find her own life Under the alias of Victoria, she joins the circus as a way to get far away from where her father will ever find her, and eventually find a job and apartment However, the longer she spends with the circus, the she finds herself among a family who will love and protect her as much as she deserves, as well as that she s falling in love with a young lion tamer whose own heart is breaking as one of his big cats grows slowly weaker with age and disease.In the modern day, Victoria s granddaughter find herself far from home as well, but not of her own volition Following her grandmother s death, Calliope is forced to follow her mother to an animal sanctuary where Quinn will be helping to take care of former circus animals, including the former animals of the Van Drexel Family Circus, as big tops choose or are forced to stop including animal acts in their program Growing up in the circus, Callie s whole life is her performances on the high wire, and she would do anything to keep herself from being forced to live on the ground Attending public high school for the first time, Callie makes a number of new friends who are fascinated by her upbringing and talents, including a girl named Jenna who is determined to help keep the Sanctuary open, despite widespread concerns that the exotic creatures it houses may be a danger As she grows accustom to normal teenage life, she also begins to learn that being a solo act isn t always what it s cut out to be, and that sometimes you have to stop being the main attraction and instead become the safety net to catch your loved ones when they fall.This book resonated with me so much For a long time now, I have loved the circus, and dreamed of what it would be like to walk the high wire or perform aerial feats of wonder, or even to be a clown, so the chance to see the unique relationships and challenges that happen behind the scenes was fascinating I also grew up in a home with an abusive father, so Victoria s story of escaping from her hostile home environment to a loving found family was the sort of thing I dreamed of And although I have never been the new kid like Callie, her story of finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment and learning to accept the hand you re given instead of trying to chase a perfect life that remains just out of reach reminded me of my current struggles to enter the adult world, no matter how much mental illness and personal struggles tempt me to remain curled up in bed here I can pretend to be a kid forever From the very first page of this novel, I fell in love, as both stories are so relatable, despite how unique the details When I was not reading the book, I wanted to be reading it, because I couldn t wait to find out what happened to Victoria and Callie next.One thing I will admit to is that I initially like Victoria s chapters than Callie s, and it have nothing to do with the fact Victoria was actively part of the circus in hers Early in the book, I found a lot of the people in Callie s life annoying, and was afraid I would not enjoy her story as much as her grandmother s While Victoria s story is one of overcoming struggle and finding love and happiness, and was therefore populated by kind and likeable people, Callie just came off a bit whiny and self absorbed at first, and the other teens she encountered didn t give me much hope either Jenna s decision to barge into Callie s home, and then her life, seemed shocking and rude, and most of her other classmates seemed initially like the stereotypical teen drama players the queen bee, the love interest, the stock friend group, etc I was expecting for Callie to have a Mean Girls esque story where she learns who her real friends are, gets the guy, curtains, roll credits, eye roll However, the deeper I got into the story, the I realized how much there was to both the story and the people in it Callie being too focused on her own disappointments to clearly see the people around her was the whole point of her as a character, and Jenna s brash actions after meeting Callie were to hide the pain she was trying to escape, rather than to shoehorn her into the narrative The other characters also came alive as being people with their own lives and goals, though the fact Callie s sections story were mainly focused on her person growth as she learns to understand the personal struggles both her mother and Jenna are also going through was refreshing and a pleasant surprise As both stories began to reach their peaks, I found myself just as invested in Callie s friendships and the fate of the Sanctuary as I had been in Victoria s adventures in the circus, and I found both narratives and their conclusions extremely satisfying and memorable.Obviously, I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who is as interested in the workings and history of the circus as I am The two eras that the story covers each exhibit very real problems that the circus faced in their day For Victoria, it was the corporatization of the formerly family shows, and the problem of some circuses abusing their animals instead of treating them like living creatures, and for Callie it is the uncertain future of the circus now that exotic animal shows are falling out of favor, and whether the human and common domesticated animal performances will be enough to keep the whole industry from caving in It presents an interesting look into the old adage the show must go on , as it demonstrates how hard those who live, work, and grew up in the circus try to keep it all together and put on a brave face, even when the world seems against them Further, it is also an excellent novel for anyone going through their own uncertainties in life, who may not be making such a drastic change as going from the circus to normal life or vice versa, but who may be having similar upheavals due to starting a new school, a new job, or a new stage of life It is appropriate for teens, but also has a mature enough treatment of the story to be enjoyable to adults as well It is a book I highly recommend to anyone who has the chance to read it, as I loved he story immensely and hope it is successful when it reaches wide release in July.On a final note, if you enjoyed this book, I recommend considering The Life She Was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman as your next read, especially if your reason for reading this book was for its circus themes The Life She Was Given using a similar format of switching narratives, one of a girl who becomes a part of the circus and the other of a later family member learning secrets about them after their death through what was left behind, though they depict different time periods and different views of the circus, as Lilly s narrative in TLSWG is of being sold by her mother to a circus side show during the Great Depression rather than joining of her own choice Given that detail, I would caution that TLSWG is a much adult book and provides a darker and grittier image of circus life, so it requires the reader to be a bit mature than WWtS However, if after learning this and perhaps doing a bit of research into the subjects it covers, as there are a few upsetting scenes , you still find yourself interested, then I am sure you will find it as informative a glimpse into history as We Walked the Sky was.

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    This book is phenomenal It is one of the best books I have ever read by far This multigenerational story follows Victoria Davis ne Catherine Hastings on her newfound life at the circus and finding her life s passion The story also follows Victoria s granddaughter, Calliope VanDrexel on figuring out her life after leaving the circus Catherine Hastings runs away from her horrible home life to join the circus, figuring she will leave once she is far enough from home She adopts a new name, Victoria Davis, to protect herself from being found by her father However, she finds so much in the circus than just transportation and a new life It is there she discovers joy and love for the first time from a family who loves her just as much as she loves them.Callie VanDrexel was literally born into the circus life When it is taken from her she mourns and stops at nothing to try and get it back She is forced to live a regular life due to her mother taking a job at a wild animal sanctuary Both girls learn important lessons along the way and become themselves.I do wish there was about Calliope s mother, Quinn Emily Sharon VanDrexel, aptly named for the three wonderful, strong women who were in Victoria s life I also wish there were surrounding the romance between her and Callie s dad, Marcello However the romance between Victoria and James was adorable I wish there was of them together.There are also many wonderful euphemisms that I feel we can all apply to our lives For example, The show must go on, even when it s not the show you expected to be in I took this to mean that our lives don t always turn out as we plan them We need to just roll with what comes and keep moving forward If you find it, then it s meant to be I have been trying to figure out what my next dream in life will be However, I know when I find it, it will be meant to be This story was very inspiring for me and I feel a renewed sense of hope that I haven t had in a long time.This book reminded me of my The Greatest Showman obsession which I will never truly get over and made me feel nostalgic and warm fuzzies all at once Clearly I have a penchant for circus themed stories I adored Victoria s parts of the stories most and eagerly awaited to read what was next This book had a wonderful interesting menagerie of characters All of them were lovable and created a warm, and loving environment I cannot wait to see what book this author writes next I know it will be amazing Also I clearly need to search for another circus themed read soon which I will I recommend this book to everyone, especially fans of The Greatest Showman or Water for Elephants.

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    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do A stunning, multigenerational story about two teenagers Victoria, who joins the circus in 1965, and her granddaughter, Callie, who leaves the circus fifty years later Perfect for fans of This is Us.In 1965 seventeen year old Victoria, having just escaped an unstable home flees to the ultimate place for dreamers and runaways the circus Specifically, the VanDrexel Family Circus where, among the lion tamers, roustabouts, and trapeze artists, Victoria hopes to start a better life.Fifty years later, Victoria s sixteen year old granddaughter Callie is thriving A gifted and focused tightrope walker with dreams of being a VanDrexel high wire legend just like her grandmother, Callie can t imagine herself anywhere but the circus But when Callie s mother accepts her dream job at an animal sanctuary in Florida just months after Victoria s death, Callie is forced to leave her lifelong home behind.Feeling unmoored and out of her element, Callie pores over memorabilia from her family s days on the road, including a box that belonged to Victoria when she was Callie s age In the box, Callie finds notes that Victoria wrote to herself with tips and tricks for navigating her new world Inspired by this piece of her grandmother s life, Callie decides to use Victoria s circus prowess to navigate the uncharted waters of public high school Across generations, Victoria and Callie embrace the challenges of starting over, letting go, and finding new families in unexpected places.This was an interesting YA read that adults would also like it was well written and the story was enjoyable to follow along with I am not sure of the This is Us angle being part of the story appeal as I cannot stand that show, aside from Randall family It was a different and interesting world to read about and the characters were well fleshed out and interesting a good read for summer vacation for the kids The cover AMAZING As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use by Millennials on Instagram and Twitter so let s give it NOTE I STILL cannot link this review to LinkedIn there is something wrong with the linking programming and it will not happen.

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    Sixteen year old Catherine Hastings despises her home life The year is 1965 because of this, there s no one Catherine can turn to when her socialite father secretly abuses herself and her sickly mother One day, a carnival rolls into town following her mother s last words, Catherine flees the proper, painful world of her father and takes on the unknown head first Going by the alias Victoria Davis, she is quickly swept up in the VanDrexel Family Circus a place of dazzling costumes, exotic animals and talented performers As she learns to walk on a tightrope, she also discovers not only the skill, but also the love and heartbreak that it takes to be a part of such a unique family Fifty years later, Calliope Callie VanDrexel adores growing up in the circus She s billed as one of the most gifted tightrope walkers in the world an impressive feat for a fifteen year old When she learns that her grandmother Victoria has died, however, Callie s dreams are shattered Callie s world turns upside down as her mother forces her to move to suburban Florida, replacing magic and travel with monotony and public high school At first, Callie is determined to run back to the VanDrexel circus after all, the only time she feels free is when she s sixty feet in the air She has no intentions of staying in Florida, until she discovers a mysterious box filled with Victoria s belongings Thanks to its contents, Callie starts to find reasons to put down some roots From the moment Victoria sees the fateful circus marching down her street, We Walked the Sky is magnetic in its telling The coming of age stories of grandmother and granddaughter are told in parallel to one another, seamlessly weaving wisdom and emotions across half a century of family Victoria and Callie are both stellar protagonists each girl grows significantly in both empathy and maturity, but each retains her quiet confidence along the way Even spellbinding are the settings, and the characters that come along with them Fiedler adds a sense of whimsical realism to not only the VanDrexel circus, but also animal sanctuaries, department stores lost to time and even a run down school The locations are made charming by the supporting characters that accompany them after all, what s a lion without his dashing tamer, or a pizza place without its plucky employee Enchanting and true, We Walked the Sky is a perfect summer read filled with compassion and sparkle.Instagram paisleys.picks

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