Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for MenReading Invisible Women Data Bias In A World Designed For Men Author Caroline Criado P Rez Imagine A World Where Your Phone Is Too Big For Your Hand, Where Your Doctor Prescribes A Drug That Is Wrong For Your Body, Where In A Car Accident You Are 47% Likely To Be Seriously Injured, Where Every Week The Countless Hours Of Work You Do Are Not Recognised Or Valued If Any Of This Sounds Familiar, Chances Are That You Re A Woman.Invisible Women Shows Us How, In A World Largely Built For And By Men, We Are Systematically Ignoring Half The Population It Exposes The Gender Data Gap A Gap In Our Knowledge That Is At The Root Of Perpetual, Systemic Discrimination Against Women, And That Has Created A Pervasive But Invisible Bias With A Profound Effect On Women S Lives.Award Winning Campaigner And Writer Caroline Criado Perez Brings Together For The First Time An Impressive Range Of Case Studies, Stories And New Research From Across The World That Illustrate The Hidden Ways In Which Women Are Forgotten, And The Impact This Has On Their Health And Well Being From Government Policy And Medical Research, To Technology, Workplaces, Urban Planning And The Media, Invisible Women Reveals The Biased Data That Excludes Women In Making The Case For Change, This Powerful And Provocative Book Will Make You See The World Anew.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men book, this is one of the most wanted Caroline Criado Pérez author readers around the world.

!!> PDF / Epub ☂ Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men ✎ Author Caroline Criado Pérez –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men
  • Caroline Criado Pérez
  • English
  • 14 February 2018
  • 9781419729072

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    I really dislike conspiracy theories in fact, few things make me angrier The reason is that a conspiracy generally involves people plotting and planning and those people who are assumed to have the power to bring the conspiracy into effect generally have been shown in history to be pretty stupid in fact, far too stupid to do the conspiracy and keep quiet about it Conspiracy theories also tend to involve improbable leaps of faith along the way, you know, like the one that the US government was involved in bringing down the Twin Towers at 9 11 These theories become so convoluted and improbable that eventually it would be easier to just blame aliens.But the real reason I hate conspiracy theories is that a conspiracy implies that the bad shit that happens in our world is hidden from us by powerful elites and the fact is that the really, really bad shit in our world isn t hidden from us at all I think conspiracy theories have an appeal to us because they basically pardon us for our inaction How were we supposed to do some...

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    This is a book about unconscious bias It s not about men deliberately excluding women when considering things like uniforms, city travel, or treatments for medical conditions although it s true that once the bias is pointed out, it s not always top of the list to make safety adjustments And that s really one of the most important points of the book it endangers women if you design and build the world without considering women s needs and habits Women are built in a particular way, and they are socially conditioned in a particular way, and they re treated in a particular way comparing all this to men s situation is useful only to a certain extent because it is so easy for everyone to slip into the mindset that men are the default human, and women are, as the author notes, niche We design things for people, but really only think of men and their needs because and companies and designers are open about this women are harder, with our non linear bodies and hormones meaning that sophisticated ...

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    Do not read this if you are suffering from high blood pressure, because it is absolutely rage inducing However EVERYONE should read this at some point, it looks at things that I had never even considered, genuinely brilliant.

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    This is a long delayed, hugely important book, which people of ALL genders should be reading Sadly, people seem to be discussing it than have actually read it It s not just about crash test dummies, or voice recognition software, or airline seats, or toilet queues, or medical research It s about the systematic way in which data on women has been ignored, neglected and downright erased, whereas data on men is not only abundant, but recognized as the universal norm The needs of the average person boil down to the needs of the average man , and though not all men are average, there s still an enduring attitude that male is a default position and female, an aberration I found myself recognizing so many si...

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    Read this if you re ready to get mad about how basically every research study done and used to create solutions to problems for all people are based on the average white male Not surprising, but infuriating to see it laid out so plainly I ve always been so angered about technology being not useful for my tiny hands, and it s relieving and again, ange...

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    I decided to read Invisible Women after coming across an extract from it in the Guardian and associated discussion on twitter Both focused on how practically everything is designed for the mythical average man I m very aware of this due to being only 5ft tall I cannot reach any overhead racks in trains, hanging straps in buses, or top shelves in supermarkets I ve given up on backpacks because they re never comfortable and find smart phones incredibly unwieldy to use, one of many reasons I hate them The desk and chair I work in are too high for me to sit comfortably, so I have to adjust my posture all the time Constant minor inconveniences of this kind are something I ve just learned to live with Such relatively trivial examples are useful to highlight a much serious point the world is still largely designed by and for men Perez considers the impact of this in a variety of specific areas including politics and healthcare, repeatedly highlighting the lack of data on women s experiences and need for this to understand and improve them While I found the book very readable, after a while this started to feel slightly like a weakness than a virtue By this I mean that any given section could be lifted out and published as ...

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    Since I ve picked up this book, I ve recommended it to everyone I ve talked to, and now I m recommending it to you This is an extremely well researched and comprehensive look at the gender data gap in all aspects of life, ranging from the utterly absurd to the life threatening The sub subtitle of this book could be but wait, there s as Criado Perez delves deep into the social construction of the gender data gap with both consciou...

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    I wish I could make everyone read this book in the hope that every man could actually see how insignificant women are in a male oriented world Quite simply, we do not exist.When I was 13 I adored reading Sherlock Holmes stories but I soon worked out that when a man refers to people what he actually means is other men Every single thing that impacts on the lives of women has actua...

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    A really strong and interesting read It s a very powerful, somewhat depressing but entirely eye opening look at how women and data surrounding women is left out of the system we live it I would highly, highly recommend.

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    Audiobook fundamental para se ter uma vis o abrangente e fiel das desigualdades de g nero a que as mulheres continuam sujeitas num mundo moldado imagem dos homens.

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