Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face

Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle FaceLouise Belinda Bellflower Lives In Rochester, New York, In 1896 She Spends Her Days Playing With Her Brother, Joe But Joe Gets To Ride A Bicycle, And Louise Belinda Doesn T In Fact, Joe Issues A Solemn Warning If Girls Ride Bikes, Their Faces Will Get So Scrunched Up, Eyes Bulging From The Effort Of Balancing, That They Ll Get Stuck That Way FOREVER Louise Belinda Is Appalled By This Nonsense, So She Strikes Out To Discover The Truth About This So Called Bicycle Face Set Against The Backdrop Of The Women S Suffrage Movement, Born To Ride Is The Story Of One Girl S Courageous Quest To Prove That She Can Do Everything The Boys Can Do, While Capturing The Universal Freedom And Accomplishment Children Experience When Riding A Bike.

Larissa Theule lives with her family in Southern California.

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  • Hardcover
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  • Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face
  • Larissa Theule
  • English
  • 27 August 2017
  • 9781419734120

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    Although warned by her brother Joe about the dangers of bicycle face the bulging eyes and scrunched up expression that female bikers were in danger of getting stuck with, if they pursued the masculine activity of bicycling Louisa Belinda Bellflower decided to risk it, and learn to cycle With a pair of borrowed trousers, Joe s patient instruction, and a lot of perseverance, she eventually mastered this new activity But what would her mother think Although the illustrations from Kelsey Garrity Riley provide an answer to that question, in their depiction of the children s mother and her suffrage activism, it is still a pleasure watching Louisa being given the encouragement she deserves, when her mother discovers her attire and activities An informative afterword from author Larissa Theule gives information about the dawn of cycling, which was init...

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    Well crafted picture book with some interesting historical information about the liberating impact of the bicycle on women I had never heard of bicycle face

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    Touches on role of bicycle in helping women move their freedom forward Positive role of brother Joe, who helps Louisa Belinda learn Louisa Belinda shows perseverance and resilience, staying committed despite falling down again and again Joe is a patient teacher despite the blurb in the front that makes it sound like they are in an antagonistic relationship They are both afraid of bicycle face for her, but she takes the risk Includes a lot of ...

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    Great picture book about overcoming fears and learning to do something that feels right even when society might frown on it I loved how the illustrations set this story smack in the middle of the women s suffrage movement allowing the stor...

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    The year is 1896 and a young girl named Louisa wants to learn how to ride a bicycle even though girls are discouraged from doing so This is because of a so called bicycle face they might get when riding that will supposedly not go away Despite this, ...

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    Reading about the history of bicycling is always fun It s amazing to think about how very popular bicycles were at a certain time in our history This book focuses on how women were told not to ride a bicycle because the exertion would caus...

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    The lengths people go to oppress others always amazes me In this book I learned that people tried to keep women from riding bikes thus leading to being stronger and having independence by saying that they would get bicycle face bug eyes and a tight jaw that would stay that way forever.

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    Historical information on the early days of bike riding especially for women riders.Story of a brave young girl who learned to ride and then rode regardless of the obstacles and the fear of bicycle face.Explanation of bicycle face along with a brief history of female riders at the end of the story.

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    Did you know women didn t ride bicycles Louisa Belinda Bellflower didn t accept this and ditched her dress for her brother s pants Interesting thoughts about what would happen to women if they did ride a bicycle.

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    I absolutely love the historical references here My daughter and I learned a lot about a woman s right to ride a bicycle yes, that was a thing It s quite astonishing how far women went to actually do such an activity.

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