Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language

Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English LanguageThe Word Bitch Conjures Many Images For Many People But Is Most Often Meant To Describe An Unpleasant Woman Even Before Its Usage To Mean A Female Canine, Bitch Didn T Refer To Gender At All It Originated As A Gender Neutral Word Meaning Genitalia A Perfectly Innocuous Word Devolving Into A Female Insult Is The Case For Tons Terms, Including Hussy, Which Simply Meant Housewife, Or Slut, Which Meant Untidy And Was Also Used To Describe Men These Words Are Just A Few Among History S Many English Slurs Hurled At Women Amanda Montell, Feminist Linguist And Staff Features Editor At Online Beauty And Health Magazine Byrdie.com, Deconstructs Language From Insults And Cursing To Grammar And Pronunciation Patterns To Reveal The Ways It Has Been Used For Centuries To Keep Women Form Gaining Equality Ever Wonder Why So Many People Are Annoyed When Women Use The Word Like As A Filler Or Why Certain Gender Neutral Terms Stick And Others Don T Or Even How Linguists Have Historically Discussed Women S Speech Patterns Wordslut Is No Stuffy Academic Study Montell S Irresistible Humor Shines Through, Making Linguistics Not Only Approachable But Both Downright Hilarious And Profound.

Amanda Montell is a writer and reporter from Balti, Maryland, whose writing has been featured in Marie Claire, TIME, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Woman s Day, The Rumpus, Byrdie.com, and WhoWhatWear, where she is the staff features editor She graduated from New York University with a degree in linguistics and lives in Los Angeles Find her on Instagram amanda_montell.

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language
  • Amanda Montell
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9780062868879

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    I could not put this down Required reading Or, at the very least, I thought this passage should be required There is a simple way we can be part of the shift toward a less judgmental linguistic future instead of acting crotchety and pedantic toward new language trends, we can feel curious and fascinated by them Whenever we get the urge to criticize women or anyone else for a certain dialect feature, we can remember to think like a linguist, reminding ourselves that systematic spee...

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    3.5 starsmontell s writing and audiobook narration are delightful.

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    Well this spoke right my nerdy soul I m a sucker for any book that s going to tackle any subject such as language, in this case with a historical lens, a heavily humorous tone, and a healthy dose of deconstructing social norms Could there have been intersectionality in the points made Of course And, I was pleased and relieved to see how many voices experiences that were brought to the forefront read this isn t all about straight, cis, white ladies and gents I had a lot of fun reading this and feel its breadth prepared me to move onward to further exploring the wild world of sociolinguistics If you re looking to take a critical lens to your everyday language usage or how words are used around you , this book is for you If you re looking for a bunch of nerdy word fun facts, this book is also for you And, most importantly, if you re looking for another tool in your belt on how to start conversations about dismantling the patriarchy, this book is for YOU And then keep reading becaus...

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    Fun, shameless, and loaded with facts, Wordslut covers hundreds of years of linguistic history and today s cutting edge research It s all told through a feminist lens, with an eye to intersectional feminism and hope for the future If you love words, feminism, or sociology, Wordslut is a must read

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    disclaimer I am an anthropology major who did a focus in linguistics This book is so up my alley that it isn t really an alley any, it s a highway Or a field I don t know, you get my metaphor.OKAY FRIENDS everyone needs to pick this up an give it a whirl Here are my top reasons why 1 This book clearly and definitively supports an academic reason for the existence of my suck my clit cross stitch Is it lewd Yes It is also a totally legit form of descriptive sociolinguistic shift Hell yeah.2 I earned 100 ...

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    Open your mind with this amazing journey into language So many times during this book I uttered the phrases Oh my god, and YES and dammmmmn In this delicious and addictive read, Amanda Montell hilariously articulates how language has impacted and can influence our attitudes toward gender and sex This book gave me the tools to verbalize what I always felt was wrong with the way people spoke to me In the past, I d often feel stumped when tryi...

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    WOW WOW WOW Every single page I feel smarter and empowered I cannot say enough good things about this book I have learned so much about the influence and impact language has on our lives, especially as women Each chapter presents a problem or linguistic phenomena, gives you a very digestible and well researched overview of it, and then tells you how to be a wordy badass and smash the patriarchy through the language we use and the language around us Montell has nailed the line between informative and hilariously charming It s so funny, and includes countless platforms of research and data From facts and anecdotes you might only be exposed to in a college course to examples from pop culture, I was not only learning but thoroughly entertained Also the illustrations in Wordslut are so freaking adorable I might just use them as reference for my next tattoo If you want to learn about how to use language to find your feminist voic...

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    An interesting overview of the English language and the ways that words have shifted meaning over time to become or less genered, patririarchal, racist, bigoted, etc There s a really great chapter on uptalk and vocal fry and one on whether there is a gay voice Lots of sources cited on the page.

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    This book is a fascinating insight into how gender, history, cultural norms, and sociology all play a part into the words that we use in written and verbal communication.This book is funny, snarky, and full of facts that will make you think about society norms, grammar, and the use of your words It explains the origins of many slang words and it s eye opening It reminds me to choose my words carefully The most entertaining things about this book are the chapter names and the footnotes The footnotes are my favorite part because they are hilarious I wish th...

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    I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I honestly enjoyed reading this book any book that has sassy footnotes is amazing in book The author clearly states her case and, in most of the book, has well researched evidence to back up her point Montell covers a wide variety of topics in the book, and she is very current with her evidence As a word nerd, learning the etymology behind words was fascinating and seeing the evolution of language over time gave me a whole new appreciation for words and phrases and people Additionally, Montell challenged some of my preconceived notions on language that I use everyday going forward, I know that I m going to change some of my language habits to be a inclusive speaker The only reason for the four stars is that, in some of the chapters, Montell combines ideas that don t quite fit together In one chapter, I started reading about one type of grammar and about 5 pages later, I had t...

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