Betrayal in Time (Kendra Donovan, #4)

Betrayal in Time (Kendra Donovan, #4) February A Race Through The Icy, Twisting Cobblestone Streets Of London Ends Inside An Abandoned Church And A Horrific Discovery Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly Is Called To Investigate The Grisly Murder Of Sir Giles Holbrooke, Who Was Left Naked And Garroted, With His Tongue Cut Out Yet As Perplexing As That Crime Is, It Becomes Even Stranger When Symbols That Resemble Crosses Mysteriously Begin To Appear Across The Dead Man S Flesh During Autopsy Is It A Message From The Killer Sam Turns To The One Person In The Kingdom Who He Believes Can Answer That Question And Solve The Bizarre Murder The Duke Of Aldridge S Odd But Brilliant Ward, Kendra DonovanWhile Kendra Has Been Trying To Adapt To Her New Life In The Early Nineteenth Century, She Is Eager To Use Her Skills As A Twenty First Century FBI Agent Again And She Will Need All Her Investigative Prowess, Because Sir Giles Was Not An Average Citizen He Was One Of England S Most Clever Spymasters, Whose Life Had Been Filled With Intrigue And SubterfugeKendra S Return To The Gritty Streets And Glittering Ballrooms Of London Takes Her Down Increasingly Dangerous Paths When Bodies Are Discovered, Murdered In The Same Apparently Ritualistic Manner As Sir Giles, The American Begins To Realize That They Are Dealing With A Killer With An Agenda, Whose Mind Has Been Twisted By Rage And Bitterness So That The Price Of A Perceived Betrayal Is Death

Julie McElwain began her journalistic career at California Apparel News, a weekly Los Angeles based trade newspaper She has freelanced for numerous publications from professional photographers magazines to those following the fashion industry Currently, Julie is West Coast Editor for Soaps In Depth, a national soap opera magazine covering the No 1 daytime drama, The Young and the Restless Juli

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  • 464 pages
  • Betrayal in Time (Kendra Donovan, #4)
  • Julie McElwain
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9781643130743

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    Early nineteenth century class lines were crossed when FBI Agent Kendra Donovan was drawn into a murder that reached deep into the world of spies and espionage This was the fourth story in a time travel historical mystery series and the first one I gave five stars Kendra was a modern day, gutsy government investigator when she was transported back in time to Regency era England A Murder in Time covered her introduction into this discriminating period I thought it was an interesting look at the downstairs of an Upstairs, Downstairs dukedom The introduction of secondary characters and solving the mystery in the first 3 stories was very good and the reason I gave each narrative four stars I hesitated on a fifth because of Kendra s abrasive and at times, unrealistic, behavior Yes, she was a product of the 21st century, but her language rather than being cautious was very much contemporary speech and unlikely to be spoken and accepted by the others In Betrayal in Time, I thought Ms McElwain situated all her characters in their groove I accepted Kendra will always have issues with sexist s but her personality blossomed and grew on me His Grace was an absolute dear and Alec was scrumptious I appreciated the scarred Rebecca coming into her own and the introduction of a possible love interest, Muldoon Bow Street runner Sam Kelly was always welcome company Dr Ethan Munroe made his presence known again and I enjoyed seeing of Barts I am glad the author brought back Snake and, yes, I even liked listening to Kendra banter with the underworld crime lord, Bear And better yet, watching her explain her actions to the men who loved her This is a dark mystery series it easily bends the reader s outlook If you don t mind a complicated and shadowed side of history and can accept Kendra, then I think you will like the In Time stories Be sure and read them in order The development of the secondary characters provides the necessary strengths Without them, I wouldn t be able to recommend the books As for now, I wish I had the fifth to read.

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    Loved it This series is so much fun to read This is probably my favorite so far The Who Done it in this storyline was very well done and had me continually changing my mind I highly recommend this series I can not wait for adventures with Kendra the crew.

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    Once again Julie McElwain writes a dynamite book Julie McElwain s Betrayal in Time Kendra Donovan, 4 draws the reader into the book once the reader opens the book and begins on the first page Kendra Donovan, a ward of the Duke of Aldridge in 1816, is actually a 21st c FBI profiler who landed in the 19th c while working a case Kendra has a hard time with all the rules that must be followed by the 19th c.Beau Monde of which she is a member being a ward of a duke , but the Duke, his nephew, The Marquis of Sutcliffe, and Mr Kelly, a Bow Street Runner, 21st c cop all understand Kendra s need to solve murders Needless to say, Kendra is a definite oddity for the era in which she is now belongs In this book, 4, a horrific murder is discovered, and the victim is well known and a friend of the Prince Regent Of course, Kendra has to be involved, but at the same time, she is attending events of The London Season What a conundrum The characters are beautifully written The research the author has done enables 1816 London to bounce off the page for the reader A great and fast paced read Highly recommended 5 stars I did not want this book to end

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    FTC DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FROM JULIIE MCELWAIN AND NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW In the fourth installment of the Kendra Donovan series, Kendra is called upon to investigate the murder of a postmaster, the first in a series of killings by a truly deranged murderer A watchman chases a thief through the icy cobblestone streets of 1816 London, leading them to an abandoned church and a grisly discovery The body of Sir Giles Holbrooke is found hidden in the church, naked and garroted, and with his tongue cut out Bowstreet runner, Sam Kelly, is called in to investigate and during the autopsy, the case becomes even stranger with the discovery that invisible ink was used to leave symbols that look like crosses all over the body Sam turns to the one person that can help him Kendra has been trying to adapt to life in 1816 but jumps at the chance to use her FBI skills This investigation will definitely take all of her expertise because Sir Giles was far from your average nobleman.All of Kendra s adventures in London have captivated me, and this one was no exception In fact, this may be my favorite in the series, so far I love all of the characters that she s met, the Duke, Alex, and Rebecca, in particular I think she s doing a great job adjusting to her very unique, difficult situation That said, I think Kendra should think about how her actions will affect the people with care about her I get that in her time, she was independent and didn t really have anyone But, when she just jumps into situations it not only risks her life and reputation, but also Alex and the Duke I m also holding out hope that she ll marry Alex Part of me hopes that Rebecca gets sent to the future It just seems that with some adaptation, she would do well I honestly can t wait for book five of this amazing series Julie MCELWAIN obviously does a ton of research into the time period and manages to paint the scene so well that you feel like you ve actually there.

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    Julie, you have done it again You have skillfully sucked me into another great murder mystery that had me guess the WHOLE TIME The writing flowed freely and I was able to finish it in a SNAP I really appreciate the Kendra Donovan series because of the combination of the regency era mixed with time travel and crime I think that Betrayal in Time was the perfect edition to the series, setting the the scene with high pace action and shock right away This is a book that I would highly recommend

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    It ended too soon I have to wait a whole year for Kendra and alec

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    The body of a man is discovered in an abandoned Catholic church in London, naked, with his tongue cut out and strange symbols inscribed all over his body in invisible ink Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly and anatomist Dr Munroe are baffled, but know exactly who can help them get to the bottom of it all Kendra Donovan, the Duke of Aldridge and Alec, the Marquis of Sutcliffe return to London to investigate what s going on and soon get caught up in matters of state, including spycraft, fallout from the Napoleonic Wars and bitter recriminations between families.I ve mentioned before that this series is very formulaic, and this one is no exception All the elements that we ve come to expect are there the modern FBI profiler struggling against the role of women in 19th century England, surprise and disbelief among the people of the time regarding Kendra s role, glacial romantic subplot and an interesting, but not very hard to work out, murder mystery And even Kendra working it out just in time, rushing in to confront the killer and then being rescued by Alec I could do without that last one, but it s in nearly every book.The central relationship in these is actually between the Duke of Aldridge and Kendra Albert sees Kendra as a sort of second chance daughter, and her extensive knowledge of the future keeps him fascinated as well And his guardianship allows Kendra the freedom that she needs to continue to use the skills that she feels define her There are some very nice character beats in this entry in the series that further develop their bond.The series continues to entertain, but I do wish that the author would move along the underlying narrative a bit quicker.

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    This may have been my favorite book of the series so far I love seeing Kendra allow herself to continue to adapt to her new surroundings as her story continues I m torn on whether or not I actually want to see her return to the present day The mystery in Betrayal in Time was an engaging one, and it kept me guessing until the end There were a few points to the mystery that I did figure out as the story went, but if you ask me, that s good writing Julie McElwain had a clear goal with the mystery here and the plot points followed that goal and supported the ending When the final twist came about, it didn t feel like it came out of nowhere Ms McElwain didn t introduce any convoluted elements just for the sake of tripping up the reader, and I appreciated that a lot I know the overall theme of the series is for Kendra to investigate murders, but I d like to see some mysteries come about that don t actually involve murders Maybe an extra creepy escape room type of situation, or a masquerade mystery I m not sure, and I ll leave that to the author I ll just continue to read along in the journey.I was glad to have Rebecca back Hope to see of her in future installments, she s a fun character and I hope that Kendra eventually opens up to her Muldoon was a fun new character, wouldn t mind seeing of him And I m always looking for Alec and Duke It was fun to read about Alec s past as a spy in the war I hope we get of his background.Also, I know romance is not the central point of the story, but I do have to say, I appreciate the fact that as Kendra and Alec s relationship continues to build, it is portrayed as a healthy relationship Alec is obviously old fashioned, yet he s open minded He s protective but recognizes that he can t stop Kendra from being Kendra, and he doesn t even want to Kendra may give him a heart attack eventually, but he is getting to know her and he accepts her In the first book I thought their relationship kind of appeared out of nowhere, but that was the initial attraction, and the foundation for a strong relationship has followed Bring on book 5 SPOILERS THEORIES BELOWWhile reading the third book I started really thinking that there is something linking Kendra to this time period, that her going back in time to this specific time period wasn t at all random The fact that her mother is a quantum physicist feels very pointed to me, as is the fact that the Duke, a man of science philosophy, lost his daughter when she was still a child I think Eleanor is the duke s missing daughter, and she fell through a wormhole, and she s been studying her whole life to see if she could go back Maybe it s farfetched too science fiction, but that s my current theory.

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    Julie McElwain se supera con cada entrega de Kendra, me tiene fascinada y totalmente enamorada esta saga Me encantan los libros de misterio y asesinatos, y su puesta en escena es lo mejor Deseando que publique un quinto libro.

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    Can t wait for the next one

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