Sisters of Summers End (Summer Resort #2)

Sisters of Summers End (Summer Resort #2) As The Summer Ends, Friendship BeginsWhen Single Mom Joy Lee Abandoned Her Old Life To Take A Job At A Lakeside Resort, She Found Something That Her Family S Wealth And Influence Could Never Buy Peace Of Mind Not Easy To Come By For The Once Burned Divorce Who Keeps Everyone At A Distance But When Her New Friend, Maris, Dares Her To Take A Chance With The Drive In S Charismatic New Owner, Everything Changes For Joy And Her Young Son A Difficult Childhood Has Left Maris Kennedy With Definite Priorities Her Job Running Summer S End, The Camp Store And Cafe, Comes First Always Nothing Could Ever Make Her Risk That Hard Won Security Especially Not Her Free Spirited Colleague But The She Encourages Joy To Open Herself Up To New Experiences, The Maris Begins To Wonder What She, Too, Might Be Missing Learning How To Trust Will Bring Joy And Maris Together And Soon They Form A Friendship That Leaves Them As Close As Sisters And Open To Love Where They Least Expect Itin Summer S End.

Highlights In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy In 2002, Lori s book Too Much Temptation was the top selling romance title for books In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for Waldenbooks In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for the BGI group In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance In 2006, Jude s Law was the Bestselling Romantic Comedy romance title for the BGI group In 2007, Lori launched a new urban fantasy series under the name L.L Foster See on her dark side at

[Epub] ➞ Sisters of Summers End (Summer Resort #2)  ➟ Lori Foster –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Sisters of Summers End (Summer Resort #2)
  • Lori Foster
  • 17 March 2017
  • 9781335468321

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    Lighthearted and cute Synopsis Joy Lee runs a lakeside resort As a single mother, her hands are always full between caring for the vacationers and her son This leaves basically no time for a personal life But there s a new guy on the scene Royce It s Joy s friend, Maris, who gives her the courage to move past her divorcee label and see if there s the potential for something special You know what I loved about this story the most the friendship between Joy and Maris At the start of the book, it s implied that they re acquaintances But as the story progresses, they...

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    I have been reading Lori Foster for years, and absolute adore her alpha heroes Reading the second book in the Summer Resort series was a true delight because I got to enjoy the continued friendship of two women close enough to be sisters In this story, Joy Lee, a single mom, has taken a job managing a lakeside resort Joy comes from an affluent family, but that did not bring her happiness What she finds while working at the resort brings true happiness and peace to her life She is especially close to her new friend Maris, who we met in the first book of this series Joy is all but dared by Maris to take a chance on the resort s new owner, Royce Nakirk Since Joy s divorce, she expected to be alone and to concentrate on raising her son Jack Not only is Joy thinking of risking her heart again, but Maris is as well This will involve trust Can either woman let go enough to give themselves a chance at love With regard to Maris, she has held Daron Hardy at arms length He has made it clear time and again that he really wants her, but with her baggage, she just is not ready As far as Joy is concerned, Royce is pretty much the perfect man, but Joy just isn t sure she can take the chance.One thing I really enjoyed about this book was the bond between Joy and Maris I also really enjoyed little Jack and the times he appeared in the story Royce was a terrific guy and I looked forward...

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    4.5 starsSisters of Summer s End by Lori Foster is a beautifully written and heartwarming read.I really enjoyed it and loved watching both couples find love and happiness.The Summer Resort Series has been a joy to read and I highly recommend it Thank you ...

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    I was in a pretty big reading slump before starting this book and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself coming out of that slump after reading this book Although I enjoyed the first book in the series, I expressed by slight disappointment because I felt like the book was of a Contemporary Romance rather than a true Women s Fiction novel However, I definitely feel like Lori Foster has stepped up to that and created a story that is fitting to the genre.In this book, we have two characters, Joy and Maris who find something that they never expected to Both are at different points in their lives, but are feeling as if something isn t right As they encourage each other to step out of their comfort zones, they both discover something about themselves.I really enjoyed this friendship and this was the kind of thing that I was looking for in this novel While...

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    I ve always appreciated books that are set in a unique place and Sisters of Summers End along with the first book in this series Coopers Charm are set in a very unique RV resort and campground that Lori Foster admits is based on a real place although the characters are totally fictional In Sisters of Summers Edge we get two romances for the price of one and while one is definitely the main focus, I loved seeing the second couple also get their happily ever after as well Two women, who have worked at the same resort for years, form a bond in this book that is as strong if not stronger than those of blood related sisters as they both navigate new relationships they both never expected and life This book was uplifting it was fun, and most of all it left me with a huge smile on my face Single mom Joy Lee has worked for over 5 years as the recreation director and events coordinator for Cooper Charm RV resort, she loves her job, appreciates the people she works with, and is devoted to one man in her life, her 5 year old son Jack Since Jack s sperm donor left her she hasn t dated at all which is fine with her until she meets the new drive in owner Royce Narkirk who makes her body light up like a C...

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    I expected an engaging tale..but was totally blown away Ms Foster s ability to engage one s emotions, and invest you in her tale shine brightly in Sisters Of Summer s End We are given front row seats to the working of the minds of the main characters and even a few of the lesser ones Single mother, Joy Lee lives her life completely centered around her five year old son Jack, and the job at the RV resort park that enabled her to keep him safe and happy Maris Kennedy runs the camp store Raised in poverty, she works hard and constantly to ensure her future Daron Hardy fell for Maris at first site, but she refuses to take him seriously Royce Nakirk bought the drive in near the park, hoping to fix it up and make it profitable again and hoping a connection to the park will help These are the main five characters and their interactions are a joy to read With Ms Foster s vivid imagination and insight to human character, she fill the pages with humor and romance along with the reminder that each of us views life from a different perspective Vivid descriptions of people, places and objects in the scenes created movie like scenes in my mind I resented having to put it down, even for short periods of time, but also resented arriving at the end I strove so hard to reach I have already told friends to pre order or jump on it the first day, especially those who exclusively read print I requested and received a NetGalley ARC and recom...

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to read by this author.

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    This was a cute read Aside from the two romances, which ranged from sweet to sexy, I absolutely loved the burgeoning friendship between Joy and Maris Even though they d worked together for years, neither one had really taken a step out of their comfort zones and it was nice to see a positive female friendship Joy s son...

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    This was a terrific story of friendship and love Both Joy and Maris have worked at the RV resort for several years Each of them has concentrated on their work, preferring to keep people at a comfortable distance But as this season winds down, both Joy and Maris feel a little lonely I loved the scene where they drop their walls a little bit and reach out to each other It was great to see how easily they connected once they allowed themselves to open up Theirs was the sort of friendship I like to see between women, one where they encourage and support each other There were some hilarious moments between them, especially when it came to their conversations about their men There were also some deeply emotional ones as they shared the ups and downs of their pasts and presents One of the things I enjoyed the most was seeing them give each other the push needed to take a chance on love.I loved Joy She grew up as the spoiled only child of affluent parents, then she rebelled and married against their wishes When she got pregnant and her husband deserted her, they disowned her when she refused to give up the baby and come home I was amazed at her strength and determination as she turned her life around to make a good life for her son, Jack He and her job are her whole life she has no plans to enter any relationship Then the drive in theater next door is sold, and the new owner stirs up feelings that have been dormant for si...

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    I was wondering where the sisters would come in to play at Coopers Charm RV park since after reading the first book, Coopers Charm, and knowing there was only one set of sisters residing at the park and they had their story line in the first book After finishing this book I realized sisters don t have to be defined by blood only The best kind of family is the ones we pick for ourselves.Joy has had a single focus in life since she became a mother to Jack Once her family disowned her, she set out to make a life for her and her baby and almost 6 years later she has found her stride Living and working at Coopers Charm has been a dream come true, having taken pity on her pregnant self and hiring her on the spot while providing an apartment, Cooper saved her life and soul These people are her family now and she hasn t looked back.Royce has looked to make a change in his life since his mother passed away Buying the old drive in seemed like the perfect way to escape all of life s hardships and taking care of himself unencumbered He never counted on Joy or Jack working their way into not only his life but also his heart Secondary in this novel is ...

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