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David Mogo, Godhunter Nigerian God Punk A Powerful And Atmospheric Urban Fantasy Set In LagosSince The Orisha War That Rained Thousands Of Deities Down On The Streets Of Lagos, David Mogo, Demigod, Scours Eko S Dank Underbelly For A Living Wage As A Freelance Godhunter Despite Pulling His Biggest Feat Yet By Capturing A High God For A Renowned Eko Wizard, David Knows His Job S Bad Luck He S Proved Right When The Wizard Conjures A Legion Of Taboos Feral Godling Child Hybrids To Seize Lagos For Himself To Fix His Mistake And Keep Lagos Standing, David Teams Up With His Foster Wizard, The High God S Twin Sister And A Speech Impaired Muslim Teenage Girl To Defeat The Wizard

Suyi Davies Okungbowa is a Nigerian author of the godpunk novel, DAVID MOGO, GODHUNTER Abaddon, 2019 and other African inspired SFF stories His internationally published short fiction and nonfiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Tor.com, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Fireside, Apex, Podcastle, The Dark, and other periodicals and anthologies He is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at t

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  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • David Mogo, Godhunter
  • Suyi Davies Okungbowa
  • English
  • 23 June 2017
  • 9781781086490

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    The gods rained from the sky in a deluge known as the Falling, and Lagos will never be the same again Godhunter David Mogo, half god himself, has taken on a job way about his pay grade and now everything he holds dear is in danger etc etc Split into three interlinked sections, this follows a pretty typical path of self discovery Yet what starts out as a decent intro quickly morphs into torturous internalising, over explanation, repetition, and a serious lack of forward momentum Even the fight battle scenes were formulaic and dull It s a shame because the potential was right there While suffering from some issues with style, the first story was punchy enough in parts to be fun, especially as the physical and cultural setting was so different from the norm After that, any interest was ground out by the writing If this collection had been edited down to a fast moving short story, it would have been so much better.but as it stands, fails to make any real impact.ARC via Netgalley

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    Absolutely genius idea the gods have come to Lagos and they aren t very nice David Mogo is a half orisha half human godhunter, who starts off trying to deal with the weird godling creatures that infest the city, and ends up getting into a full blown war The worldbuilding, steeped in both Nigerian and other African myth and in Lagos itself, is fantastic and the dialogue in particular terrifically vivid I love the different gods, and the way David s found family grows around him I kind of wanted of the personal side, since David is very isolated, but he s isolated because he s a demigod so this is what it s about The plot is a pretty uncomplicated throughline David takes on gods of increasing power, discovering hs own although that s not obvious for much of the book because the worldbuilding is so wonderfully dense and chewy I thoroughly enjoyed this and I m looking forward to what the author does next Publisher needs to do a significantly better job on proofreading though.

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    DNF 33%While David Mogo, Godhunter started off on the right foot with a Nigeria set Phillip Marlowe meets American Gods atmosphere, I was put off by many of its writing decisions that became and obstrusive as it went along What worked the setting and world building The story takes place in modern day Nigeria a few years after an event called The Falling, when gods had been kicked out of their pantheon and are now forced to roam the surrounding the region of Lagos David Mogo is a demigod half human, half god with a mysterious past who is a bit of a black market bounty hunter, solving the problems that the fallen gods have wreaked on the populace Modo s voice and description of the setting gave off a noirish feel, and the story initially felt a bit like a Raymond Chandler novel.What didn t work a LOT of exposition and info dumps The author subscribes to the tell instead of show format, and it quickly became tiresome At one point, the antagonist s plans are revealed through painful speechifying and mustache twirling, needlessly sharing all the details of his nefarious plans to the captured hero The explanations are so on the nose and there is little to no subtlety in the writing Everyone is declaring their plans and intentions in explict and oft unnecessary detail, and the book doesn t give the reader any breathing room to piece together any implications themself This torrent of information is oddly juxtaposed by the spoken Nigerian dialect, which is extremely different than the Western voice that David uses in his first person narration It was off putting to read David s thoughts and descriptions in one voice while the rest of the dialogue was written in a completely different voice This dialect sometimes changed dramatically depending on who was talking to whom, and when the conversation was taking place Context clues helped me figure out what was being said, but there s certainly a substantial amount of speech that went over my head I appreciate the authenticity the author was trying to bring to the story, but it was an odd choice to leave the dialogue vague while hitting some other plot points way too hard I enjoy reading speculative fiction SFF set in Nigeria, as I explored some of Nnedi Okorafur s catalog over the past year Suyi Davies Okungbowa clearly has some interesting ideas to explore, so I hope that its execution might be improved in future works.

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    Future Publication Date July 9th, 2019

    Execution Enjoyment

    Key Descriptors Gods, Godpunk, Novellas, Urban Fantasy, African Fantasy, Nigeria, Lagos, OwnVoices

    Applicable r Fantasy Bingo Squares Novella hard mode , Twins hard mode , OwnVoices

    Premise The heavens have burst and the gods have fallen Some are minor pests, mere godlings, but some are high gods with unknown magics and powers David Mogo, a half god, contracts himself out to the people of Lagos to help with godling infestations However, when the local ruling wizard offers him a contract to capture a pair of twin gods, David knows the job is bad news

    Review This book is quite possibly the epitome of a 3 star book There were many excellent aspects, but each one was balanced almost perfectly by a negative While I don t regret reading this book, I d only recommend it if you re looking specifically for something featuring its positive characteristics and don t mind overlooking a few flaws

    First up, code switching For those unfamiliar with this term, I ll direct you to the Wikipedia definition

    In linguistics, code switching or language alternation occurs when a speaker alternates between two or languages, or language varieties, in the context of a single conversation Multilinguals, speakers of than one language, sometimes use elements of multiple languages when conversing with each other.

    I loved the use of code switching in Godhunter It was a small bit of subtle social commentary each time David swapped from proper US style English to his family s vernacular When speaking with the wizard or otherwise conducting business, David consistently used proper language so as to be formal and taken seriously At home with his adopted father, we saw David use a indigenous style language Unfortunately, although this was very cool to see, it did sometimes obscure meaning a bit It s a bit tricky to parse I feel like say pessin carry my body knack am for ground, arrange am back, if it s not a linguistic style you re used to I m actually still not 100% sure what David was trying to say here, if I m entirely honest That said, these instances were not detrimental to the book overall This is perhaps a representative example of the vernacular

    Eh I kick off my boots As you be like this, you go fit run ebo for me this night I gats work tomorrow.

    ebo is a substance explained in the novel which is harmful to the gods

    Next, I thoroughly enjoyed the gods themselves I would have loved a small slice of life style novel wherein David traveled around Lagos helping out folks with godling infestations, a la Mushi shi a lovely anime series for those who are unfamiliar Unfortunately, we only had a slight glimpse of this portion of David s life, as we rapidly jumped into the plot On the bright side, we still got to meet many interesting high gods and saw quite a bit of how they had impacted Lagos culture post fall The twin god Ibeji turned out to be a much interesting character than I anticipated, as did their interactions with Fati I hadn t originally expected either to get as much screen time as they did, but was pleasantly surprised

    Finally, a quick shout out to this being an OwnVoices read It s always fun to read literature created from other cultural perspectives, and you can certainly feel that coming through both in tone and in the plot structure.

    Sadly, there were a few major flaws to this book that balanced out the good and brought it down to a 3 star ranking

    David Mogo, Godhunter, is not actually a novel It is three novellas hiding in a trenchcoat standing on one another s shoulders pretending to be one cohesive novel There are three small, obvious plot arcs with significant time jumps between them Going in without knowing this makes the pacing feel strange and wrong Things were happening in the first third of the novel that made it seem as though we should be approaching the novel s conclusion which, technically, we were or at least the first novella s conclusion This was jarring and unexpected If you ve read the Binti novels by Nnedi Okorafor, imagine reading all of them at once if they d been branded as one complete, singular novel It just wouldn t make much sense, as they are clearly each independent novellas So it was with David Mogo, Godhunter

    Next, due to this novella structure, I felt a bit cheated out of the steady and thorough character development and worldbuilding I had been hoping for The novellas were short enough that they had to be action focused, which left little room for large scale worldbuilding outside of the events surrounding the protagonist While a main island with presumably advanced civilization was discussed, we never found out much clear information Additionally, we scarcely even got to see the village town city I don t even know what the population was David was living in There are some faceless villagers, but we never got to meet anyone who wasn t plot relevant in some way or have any sort of look into people who made up David s culture and daily life

    In addition to these structural issues, there were some glaring issues with the writing itself Far too often, the reader is exposed to info dump style monologues It felt less like a slow discovery of the world and like being spoon fed a few tidbits here and there Rather than painting a picture for the reader, we were provided a few small photographs that didn t really provide nearly enough context

    In conclusion, if you re hankering for some African fantasy featuring gods and seeing code switching in a novel, David Mogo, Godhunter is probably a worthwhile read If those two things don t interest you particularly, you may be better off looking elsewhere for your next book

    David Mogo, Godhunter, can be found on and Goodreads.

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    2.5 5Described as a Nigerian god punk, Okungbowa s David Mogo sounded like something I absolutely had to read The story, told through the first person POV of titular Godhunter, dives into Orisha mythology The story develops on the street Lagos As European I found the setting fascinating and exotic David works freelance hunting lesser godlings It turns out a powerful wizard plans to use one of his catches to seize control of the city David has to fix his mistake and save the day.I like the concept, but I have numerous issues with the execution David s continuous internal dialogue info dumps, back stories, stuff tired me and negatively impacted the pacing I found the characters intriguing, but not relatable David s interesting heritage and his unique skills made parts of the book fun to read, but his internalizations lacked substance and efficiently killed my enthusiasm.Readers looking for fresh ideas and an interesting will find some here That said, I couldn t get into it If only I could relate to characters, my rating would be a bit higher Because I couldn t, I ll settle on a 2.5 5 rating ARC through NetGalley

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    Trigger Warnings Implied predator Implied torture Curing of Speech Impaired CharacterDavid Mogo, Godhunter is an interesting own voices fantasy novel set in our world, that with a bit of extra attention could have been great Instead it flies just short of falling flat I was quite honestly very excited for this book I mean it is an own voices book when it comes down to the culture Lagos, Nigeria is where the author comes from and just that alone is something that sets this book apart Another thing that I think will appeal to a lot of people is that there is basically no romance in here But the book didn t quite build up as I expected it to be Essentially this book is set up in 3 parts that felt like 3 novella s due to the time jumps and arcs between them Especially between part 1 and 2 which was six months It meant that each part had to wrap its arc up action and plot wise It left not as much room for world building as I would have liked to have seen In the first part there was room to capture the feel of Lagos and how the Falling the big event that happened before the book starts affected the city It made this first part so much appealing to me Part 2 and part 3 were focused on a bigger plot and the journey to finding oneself in being a demigod Set between humans and gods There was less room for world building and the things that I thought would be expanded on More on the Gods, the Island and Odon, got left behind That could have been okay had the journey to finding oneself not been as boring and unnecessary Or some scenes were in any case like a scene where he got called out for showing his anger once and all of sudden he was losing credibility with everyone Just things like that, that didn t make sense in the grand scheme of what the author seemed to want to do here It is written in a first person present point of view Again the first part, David s voice was incredibly strong I liked him But I felt we lost a lot in the second and third part I feel like we lost a lot to him repeating himself Even so I did still like him for the most part I also liked his relationship with his adopted father An interesting thing here is code switching which is switching between two or languages within one conversation which is what happened often in speaking between these two However it took some getting used to as it isn t quite so easy to figure out what they are saying Sometimes I don t think I actually caught the meaning Another character I found interesting was Fati, a teenage girl David rescues from an adult wizard meaning to marry her She comes to live with him and his adopted father She is speech impaired I wish there had been room for her personality to expand Much of her time on the page is spend with others talking who inhabit her at some point and not so much coming from herself I also dislike that at the end she was cured Having said that, if you are looking for an African fantasy and are prepared to go into this novella set up I think one can really enjoy this I think this author does have some great ideas and I can t wait to see what he will come up with in the future.

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.DNF d 35%The concept of this book absolutely reeled me in from the get go Unfortunately though the actual execution of the story didn t work for me There s way too much tell and infodumps that it bogs everything and loses its forward momentum and my interest Thanks anyway, NetGalley.

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    WHO SUCKED ME IN Thomas from SFF180 in their SFF180 Anticipated Fantasy 2019 video published on 24 dec 2018I beginning to feel a bit superficial because I think most of the books that ends up on my TBR get there because I watched somebody s video and the cover intrigued meDo I really care Not really.

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