Chimes of a Lost Cathedral (The Revolution of Marina M. #2)

Chimes of a Lost Cathedral (The Revolution of Marina M. #2) The Story Of THE REVOLUTION OF MARINA M Continues In Bestselling Author Janet Fitch S Sweeping Epic About A Young Woman S Coming Into Her Own Against The Backdrop Of The Russian Revolution After The Events Of The Revolution Of Marina M The Young Marina Makarova Finds Herself On Her Own Amid The Devastation Of The Russian Civil War Pregnant And Adrift In The Russian Countryside, Forced Onto Her Own Resourcefulness To Find A Place To Wait Out The Birth Of Her Child She Finds New Strength And Self Reliance To Fortify Her In Her Sojourn, And To Prepare Her For The Hardships And Dilemmas Still To ComeWhen She Finally Returns To Petrograd, The City Almost Unrecognizable After Two Years Of Revolution, The Haunted, Half Emptied, Starving Capital Of Once Had Been, She Finds The Streets Teeming With Homeless Children, Victims Of War Now Fully A Woman, She Takes On The Challenge Of Caring For These Civil War Orphans, Until They Become The Tool Of Tragedy From An Unexpected DirectionBut Despite The Ordeal Of War And Revolution, Betrayal And Privation And Unimaginable Loss, Marina At Last Emerges As The Poet She Was Always Meant To Be Chimes Of A Lost Cathedral Finishes The Epic Story Of Marina S Journey Through Some Of The Most Dramatic Events Of The Last Century As A Woman And An Artist, Entering Her Full Power, Passion And Creativity Just As Her Revolution Reveals Its True Direction For The Future

Janet Fitch was born in Los Angeles, a third generation native, and grew up in a family of voracious readers As an undergraduate at Reed College, Fitch had decided to become an historian, attracted to its powerful narratives, the scope of events, the colossal personalities, and the potency and breadth of its themes But when she won a student exchange to Keele University in England, where her pas

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  • Hardcover
  • 752 pages
  • Chimes of a Lost Cathedral (The Revolution of Marina M. #2)
  • Janet Fitch
  • 07 May 2017
  • 9780316510059

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    The concluding volume of my novel The Revolution of Marina M., the story of a young poet and her journey through the Russian Revolution The first volume I see as Marina s coming of age amid the chaos of the times, when the Revolution promised many things to many people Chimes of A Lost Cathedral shows the playing out of her decisions, the truths Marina has learned and the mistakes she has made, the self she has become as a woman and as a poet as the revolution shows its true direction for the future I m obsessed with Russian literature and history Russian novels formed my idea of what a novel should be intense, dramatic, and willing to confront the big issues I majored in history with Russia as my focus Russian is my language Those who know me weren t surprised that I would write a Russian saga.I m especially fascinated with the Revolution a time of high idealism and experimentation with often dire consequences, no clear good guys vs bad guys There were many si...

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    What a wonderful and important book There are so many good novels about the Russian revolution, but in Chimes of a Lost Cathedral Janet Fitch deals masterfully with the years immediately following the revolution of which very little is written These were the years of civil war and famine These were the years when poetry, art and independent thinking were erased from Russia by the Bolsheviks Through our heroine, Marina, we see the devastating effects of communism under the Bolsheviks, as the sound of Russia is wiped away We get a wonderful and detailed insight into the poetic literary world of the years immediately following the Russian revolution as well as as physical difficulties of life during that time Of course Marina remains Marina from The Revolution of Marina M , and she continues to make frustrating decisions, often as a result of passion or unreasonable expectations However, in Chimes we see her develop not only as an amazing poet, but al...

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    Chimes is one of those addictive novels you keep reading when you re supposed to be sleeping, eating, working, etc Chimes begins where The Revolution of Marina M ended with Marina 100% on her own in a frightening and shattered new world, one in which she must learn to survive against enormous odds I won t spoil the dozens of shocking twists for future readers, so I ll just say that what Marina experiences in Chimes and how she grows into a woman goes far beyond the first book It s a powerful exploration of love and loyalty and loss, of power vs helplessness, of adulthood and how it affects those who are forced to grow up too soon As before, Marina takes on passionate lovers and enemies sometimes the same person , including the brilliant Russian poets who inspired her before her world fell apart I loved how Marina so often chooses the hard path, hewing to her inner North Star She learns to trust her instincts and be wary of her heart, which sometimes yearns for people not worth her love and t...

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    Been waiting for this book to be released since I read the first one about a year , it was worth the wait What a great story I wonder if there will be book 3 Will post the question to the author.

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    3.75 Stars This is the continuation of Marina M and her desperate life in Russia It is stunning and heart breaking Marina had a stubborn will to live, with a wild desire and very impractical decision making Such a desperation to live even though Russia has fallen apart around her The fantastic details make the story come alive.That being said, this book is a fabulous read if you are at all interested in Russian historical fiction.I just reviewed The Revolution of Marina M and as I said in that review, the only downfall of the book was just too much history and fighting The history being that of Russia that I honestly knew nothing about I do love to learn about the history of other countries, however there was just so much emphasis on it.Janet Fitch wrote...

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    This is the kind of book that is so absorbing and transformative that, when you finish, it feels like there s no point in reading another What could possibly match up Of course something will, eventually, but books like this are few and far between, and maybe that s a good thing I don t know if my soul could take it.It helps, obviously, to read this book s predecessor, The Revolution of Marina M, as this picks up right where it left off Marina came so far in three short years in Revolution, and she will go even further emotionally, intellectually, and quite literally in the following three It s heartbreak, tragedy, death, but small moments of love and happiness and hope that Marina struggles to cling to amidst all the destruction.Marina is so richly realized a truly maddening character, her moods catapulting skyward only to careen directly into the Neva She makes so many awf...

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    I re read The Revolution of Marina M in preparation for Chimes of a lost Cathedral because as I read the character descriptions I realized I had forgotten what had happened in the first book Overall, I felt the pace of the sequel was much faster in my humble opinion there were a few parts of book one that dragged and the plot moved quickly than the original I was really annoyed with Marina and several times had to stop reading because I kept shouting Marina, NO She really makes some terrible choices in this book which have tragic consequences I cried a lot while reading the sequel and the novel does a fantastic job of painting a portrait of the gruesome atrocities of the revolution It was hard to read at times because it was all so.human Tragic, grotesque, cruel Such is the fate of many I was a bit disappointed with th...

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    Poetry weaves throughout the story and is well placed with the dialogue, the character is developed and the story researched but I couldn t get into the story The writing was well The character a pistol in attitude, which I liked, but I felt such dislike for the character in her decisions that I felt forced reading through the seven hundred some pages while feeling the story wasn t really going anywhere With that said the writing had much prose and details The story needed of a ...

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    I wasn t sure how a sequel to such a beautiful story, The Revolution if Marina M., would play out This work is gorgeous For those who ve read Russian literature, it has the beauty of Tolstoy without the tedium that some might feel time adds to the work There is incredible sadness throughout, yet the hope of perseverance While I m sad that Marina s journey has likely come to an end, what a beautiful finish it is This review does not do the book justice at all I m just terrible at writ...

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    After reading the first book, The Revolution of Marina M, I could not wait for this book 2 So far, it s just as engrossing as the first book, which will go down as one of my all time favorities Of course, I do enjoy historical fiction anyway, but Janet F...

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