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Furious Hours The Stunning Story Of An Alabama Serial Killer And The True Crime Book That Harper Lee Worked On Obsessively In The Years After To Kill A Mockingbird Reverend Willie Maxwell Was A Rural Preacher Accused Of Murdering Five Of His Family Members For Insurance Money In The 1970s With The Help Of A Savvy Lawyer, He Escaped Justice For Years Until A Relative Shot Him Dead At The Funeral Of His Last Victim Despite Hundreds Of Witnesses, Maxwell S Murderer Was Acquitted Thanks To The Same Attorney Who Had Previously Defended The Reverend Sitting In The Audience During The Vigilante S Trial Was Harper Lee, Who Had Traveled From New York City To Her Native Alabama With The Idea Of Writing Her Own In Cold Blood, The True Crime Classic She Had Helped Her Friend Truman Capote Research Seventeen Years Earlier Lee Spent A Year In Town Reporting, And Many Working On Her Own Version Of The Case Now Casey Cep Brings This Story To Life, From The Shocking Murders To The Courtroom Drama To The Racial Politics Of The Deep South At The Same Time, She Offers A Deeply Moving Portrait Of One Of The Country S Most Beloved Writers And Her Struggle With Fame, Success, And The Mystery Of Artistic Creativity.

Casey Cep is a writer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland Her first book Furious Hours Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee was an instant New York Times bestseller, and comes recommended by David Grann, Helen Macdonald, and Michael Lewis Cep graduated from Harvard College, then earned an M.Phil at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar Her work has appeared in The New Yorker

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  • Paperback
  • 486 pages
  • Furious Hours
  • Casey Cep
  • English
  • 13 August 2018
  • 9781984892232

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    Divided into three parts, Furious Hours tells the true story of Alabama serial killer the Reverend Willie Maxwell In the 1970 s he was accused of murdering five family members in order to collect the life insurance money With the help of a very clever lawyer, although rumour had it that Maxwell used voodoo to aid his success he escaped justice, but at the funeral of his last victim, he was shot dead by one Robert Burns.The first part of the book illustrates the life of Willie Maxwell, the murders, the fear that he induced in the community because he was thought to use voodoo, and the revelation that he took out insurance policies on almost everyone he had close contact with.The second part introduces Maxwell s lawyer Tom Radney who strangely also represented Maxwell s killer, and despite there being hundreds of witnesses in the church, Robert Burns walked free Present at Burns trial was none other than Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird She kept a low profile and spent a year gathering material for a book she was to write about this strange ...

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    Absolutely fabulous and gripping The novel tells three incredible stories of Reverend Maxwell, a murderer of five members of his own family, of Tom Radney, a lawyer who defended both Maxwell and the man who eventually killed Maxwell, and of Harper Lee, who came to the trial and followed it in hope of writing another novel Personally, I found Part 3 most interesting as I knew next to nothing about the author of one of the greatest American classics Casey Cep wrote a gem in t...

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    She wrote one book, a book that defined a time period A book that made her wealthy, but took away the privacy she cherished She became recognizable everywhere, and though writing was her passion, this she little expected Why did she write only one book, when everyone who knew her said writing was her passion, that she was always writing.The case of the Alabama minister, a man whose nearest and dearest were murdered for their insurance money He pretty much got away with it, until the last and during that trial something unexpected happened, and the lawyer who defended him now defended so done else Nell spent too years in Alabama trying to write this story, but eventually she gave up Why After two years The book is divided into three sections, the minister snd his heinous activities first, the lawyer next Nell doesn t appear until halfway through the book Having never read a biography of Harper Lee, there were some surprising facts I didn t know Her and Capote, fr...

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    Accursed Furious Hours is a truly engrossing documentary style book, which brings three enthralling stories together around a series of events involving a serial killer Each part focuses on the perspective of a renowned personality Reverend Willie Maxwell Serial Killer, Preacher , Tom Radney Lawyer and Harper Lee Author.The structure of the book feels like 3 shorter stories with a theme, rather than 3 integrated parts in the one story Each part covers the biographical background of each character with great awareness and commentary The research details are comprehensive and pursue threads to an extent that sometimes feel quite a distance from the connecting thread This is especially true for the section detailing Nelle Harper Lee That s not altogether a criticism as the narrative is great and the content is engrossing, but it does feel a separate piece of work Part 1, focuses on Reverend Willie Maxwell, a preacher accused, but never convicted, of murdering 5 members of his family in order to benefit from life insurance policies he held on them The narrative reads very visually, outlining the background, history, facts and supposi...

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    Casey Cep has written a fascinating account about Harper Lee s obsession with writing a true crime novel about the Reverend Willie Maxwell, who murdered five family members in Alabama for the insurance policies he took out on them and got away with it After giving a eulogy for his stepdaughter one of the five relatives he was suspected of killing at her funeral in 1977 he was infamously shot dead in front of 300 people by Robert Burns, an uncle of the dead girl Harper Lee not only attended Burns trial but spent years collecting a meticulous amount of research about Willie Maxwell for a book that she proposed calling The Reverend Although, by all accounts, Harper Lee collected than enough information for writing the book and never stopped working, the book never eventuated In writing the book, Cep has retraced Lee s steps, interviewing the witnesses and lawyers involved She was also lucky enough to be able to look at the same briefcase of documents on Maxwell that Tom Radney originally provided to Lee The book is organised into three sections in order to highlight this extraordinary case In the first section, we learn of Willie Maxwell s life, the murders he almost certainly committed and the extensive life insurance claims he made after his victims d...

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    4.5 starsI was fascinated with the character of Scout Finch in Harper Lee s masterpiece To Kill A Mockingbird when I was a kid When I re read the novel for my high school lit class, I was in awe of the layers of the story and its topics that are only complicated by growing up Scout kept it honest and that s what made her the perfect narrator the adults are what complicated matters.I knew Harper Lee had never published another novel but when I decided to look into work she d done in the following years, I immediately hit a dead end in the age of Google Lee valued her privacy above all else and stepped out of the spotlight almost immediately after the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird, which brought with it instant wealth and fame While she was quick to reply to letters from readers, she rarely gave interviews or attended events.I wondered if she d written TKAM and decided it was her one and only masterpiece and put down her pen, if she d written privately for years but never shared because she feared or resented the spotlight, or if she simply became overwhelmed at the thought of a follow up to such an important novel After turning in her final draft of TKAM to her publishers, Lee accompanied her life long friend Truman Capote to Kansas where she assisted in researching the shocking murder of the Clutter family The notes taken...

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    Despite the title, Harper Lee doesn t appear on these pages until the last 1 3 of the book and even then it was about her life and her writing, not a trial.The book is divided into 3 sections, with a thin thread connecting them all the first dealing with the serial murderer, Rev Willie Maxwell, the second was about the lawyer connected to the case, and the third on Harper Lee The Rev was an enigma and it s shocking that he was able to get away with his crimes for so long but his story was told dryly, not like a typical true crime I didn t really care about the lawyer in the second section but there were some interesting historical details Unfortunately, it was delivered in a very dry manner that felt like filler and failed to keep my interest The third section reads like a biography I learned some things about Harper Lee that I didn t know but it was so unflattering that I wish I could unknow them.This is a case of a...

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    Furious Hours Murder, Fraud And The Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep is a great true crime book it s based around 3 main characters a serial killer The Reverend Willie Maxwell the lawyer Tom Radney who defended the reverend and the other killer you definitely need to read it to find out what that one did and Harper Lee an author made famous by her fabulous book To kill a mockingbird, it s also about her issues with the fame after it.Harper Lee had a friend fro...

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    I must start by saying that Furious Hours is probably the best true crime work I have had the pleasure of reading it has so much to it than one would initially imagine and that s what makes it such a gripping book It s an amalgamation of true crime, American history, legal thriller and biography of Harper Lee, which is a very interesting mix and works well For many years Lee was obsessed with one particular case that of church minister Reverend Willie Maxwell, and set in the context of the time and place 1970s rural Alabama, United States it provides much thought provoking information on the racial, political, cultural and societal circumstances at the time.It s certainly very easy to get swept up in this story, and I indeed was Part of my fascination, being a law graduate, was the trial of Reverend Maxwell s killer and seeing the differences in American law when compared to the British and the nuances of the system The case begins with murder and insurance fraud and from that point onwards the body count grows and grows As it is a little known case it s one many people, including myself, will not have been aware of this is quite refreshing as most true crime books focus on infamous crimes and convicts.The depiction of the deep south, also referred to as the gothic south, is vivid and evocative, and Casey Cep does a wonderful job of writing the book that Lee worked on for years after her most celebrated work,...

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    This is one of the best nonfiction books I ve read this year Furious Hours is both the story of a true crime in 1970s Alabama and the story of famous writer Harper Lee I was interested in the particulars of the crime, which involved a sketchy preacher who was linked to a series of suspicious deaths, and I just lovedlovedloved the section on Harper Lee, which included interesting details of her longtime friendship with Truman Capote.I m impressed with how Casey Cep managed this feat she wrote a fascinating true crime narrative, which Harper Lee had been investigating as a potential book topic, and then Cep writes a magnificent section on Lee s struggles to become a writer, and later, her struggles with her fame, her drinking problem, and her inability to produce any books It s an incredible work of nonfiction Highly recommended to both fans of true crime and those who like reading about writers.Favorite Quotes We are bound by a common anguish Harper Lee At its core, the Burns trial had turned on two kinds of primitivism belief in the supernatural and belief in vigilante justice It wasn t the first time that a white jury in Alabama had heard compelling evidence of murder yet reasoned their way to an acquittal Vengeance is as old as violence, and many white southerners can trace their moral genealogy through family feuds and gentlemen s duels, across rivers and oceans and all the way back to medieval courts and b...

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