Every Tools a Hammer

Every Tools a Hammer A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An Imperative How To For Creativity Nick OffermanAdam Savage Star Of Discovery Channel S Mythbusters And One Of The Most Beloved Figures In Science And Tech Shares His Golden Rules Of Creativity, From Finding Inspiration To Following Through And Successfully Making Your Idea A Reality Every Tool S A Hammer Is A Chronicle Of My Life As A Maker It S An Exploration Of Making And Of My Own Productive Obsessions, But It S Also A Permission Slip Of Sorts From Me To You Permission To Grab Hold Of The Things You Re Interested In, That Fascinate You, And To Dive Deeper Into Them To See Where They Lead You.Through Stories From Forty Plus Years Of Making And Molding, Building And Break Ing, Along With The Lessons I Learned Along The Way, This Book Is Meant To Be A Toolbox Of Problem Solving, Complete With A Shop S Worth Of Notes On The Tools, Techniques, And Materials That I Use Most Often Things Like In Every Tool There Is A Hammer Don T Wait Until Everything Is Perfect To Begin A Project, And If You Don T Have The Exact Right Tool For A Task, Just Use Whatever S Handy Increase Your Loose Tolerance Making Is Messy And Filled With Screwups, But That S Okay, As Creativity Is A Path With Twists And Turns And Not A Straight Line To Be Found Use More Cooling Fluid It Prolongs The Life Of Blades And Bits, And It Prevents Tool Failure, But Beyond That It S A Reminder To Slow Down And Reduce The Fric Tion In Your Work And Relationships Screw Before You Glue Mechanical Fasteners Allow You To Change And Modify A Project While Glue Is Forever But Sometimes You Just Need The Right Glue, So I Dig Into Which Ones Will Do The Job With The Least Harm And Best Effects.This Toolbox Also Includes Lessons From Many Other Incredible Makers And Creators, Including Jamie Hyneman, Nick Offerman, Pixar Director Andrew Stanton, Oscar Winner Guillermo Del Toro, Artist Tom Sachs, And Chef Traci Des Jardins And If Everything Goes Well, We Will Hopefully Save You A Few Mistakes And Maybe Fingers As Well As Help You Turn Your Curiosities Into Creations.I Hope This Book Inspires You To Build, Make, Invent, Explore, And Most Of All Enjoy The Thrills Of Being A Creator.

Adam Whitney Savage is an American industrial design and special effects designer fabricator, actor, educator, and co host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters.

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  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • Every Tools a Hammer
  • Adam Savage
  • 11 July 2018
  • 9781982113490

10 thoughts on “Every Tools a Hammer

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    So many books on success principles are rooted in the business world it s refreshing to have one built around the joys of makerspace Adam Savage s unbridled enthusiasm and his willingness to share both his triumphs an...

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    If you re looking for a complete autobiography, this isn t the book for you There are some personal stories, but they aren t really the main focus If you re looking for a glimpse into a makers creative process and progress, and possibly a little motivation of your own, I highly recommend this book.

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    I loved this book I ve been a fan of his and really wasn t sure what to expect of the book but it was, for me, a bit inspiring, funny, honest, educational, and an overall good read It actually inspired me to start, and soon will finish, a woodworking project I ve thought about for a while I was reading this, and how he prepares and sketches and uses check boxes, an...

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    I m not a big fan of Mythbusters Adam Savage He can come across as loud, obnoxious and wanting the one liners all the time.I am a huge fan of Adam Savage though He is a gentle man full of passion, care and wisdom I have gotten to know him over the years on Tested.com I found tested about 2 months before Adam joined, in the heyday of Norm and Will Adam fitted in so well.Over the years, through videos and podcasts, Adam has been a source of wisdom and inspiration He s all let your freak flag fly and educating people in processes This book is a distillation of his wisdom that he has shared over the years and some stories that I hadn t heard before The guy bares his maker soul He tells of really big mistakes and embarrassments he tells us of those type of failures in life that keep you awake at 3 a.m 25 years later.Adam s introduction is all about taking on the new challenge in making a...

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    Loved this book So much encouragement to embrace our eccentricities and obsessions, and that through our differences we find greatness Plus practical tips Proclaim loudly I am a crafter, I am a maker

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    Most people who know me, know that I am a big fan of Adam Savage And boy, was I excited when I heard he was busy writing a book I rarely pre order books, but this one was paid for as soon I could give someone my money Equal parts instructional, philosophical and autobiographical, I had such a good time reading this Almost every single chapter left me excited to try something new or to improve the way I do something how I make lists, how I set deadlines, how I use glue vs mechanical ways to attach things to each other, etc.One of the most important takeaways for me was to not wait until everything is perfect to begin a project I often use that excuse I just have to wait until it is quieter at work, until I can buy this one tool, until I m done reading this giant list of articles Looking at the index and seeing chapter titles dealing with glue, cooling fluid, hammers, blades and scissors, you might think that those chapters deal exclusively with those things But while discussing cooling fluid and how it prolongs the life of blades and bits, the conversation turns to a reminder to slow down and reduce the friction in your work and relationships as well.Adam s knowledge, efficiency and enthusiasm is what makes him great, and his book is overflowing with it Apart from what I ve already mentioned, it also serves as a permission slip of sorts ...

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    The Audiobook Is Definitely Better 4.5 out of 5 starsBefore reading this I wouldn t have considered myself a maker I m not really good with tools or making things with my hands, but I do create things online I blog, I write, and I do design work as well It was interesting that early in this book Savage covers this I don t make, I code where he is telling someone if they are making something then they are a maker even if it s on a computer I liked that a lot.The whole book was a how to but of a how to not screw up like he did He admittedly rushed things and did things differently than a lot of makers and took a different path Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn t He went into detail on the how and why and it was a fascinating look behind the curtain.I was a huge fan of Mythbusters and I follow Adam s Tested platform as well from time to time I ve listened to some of his podcasts the first one I remember listening to reminded me of this book a...

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    An organized and meditative dissertation of Adam Savage s career life and his philosophy of making, no matter what you make Savage s bombastic energy and optimism come through on the page, and the act of reading this is pure enjoyment as a consequence Extremely useful advice a scale balancer for Adam is imparted thro...

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    This book is precisely what I would expect a book by Adam Savage to be a frenetic flurry of information, some obvious, some insightful, but all delivered with an undeniable enthusiasm I appreciate that he acknowledges the massive privilege he s had in his life, but it s still just a wee bit annoying that he says things like, I called up Guillermo del Toro Sure, great, let s all just call up our heroes in Hollywood and get some inside information While the occasional acknowledgement is appreciated, it might help mitigate the privilege a bit to have maybe a list of other resources that could be useful for those of us who don t have del Toro, employees of ILM, Jamie Hyneman, or R o n S w a n s o n Nick Offerman in our back pockets All in all, I got a couple tidbits out of it, and it was a pretty fast read I definitely appreciate the chapter on lists and drawings since I m prone to ...

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    Like many people, I loved watching Mythbusters not only for the busted myths but also to see what contraptions they built each week to test them.Every Tool s a Hammer is an insight into Adam Savage s mind and creative process one that I found fascinating as a maker myself In fact, it was quite cathartic to be told by a professional maker of things that my thoughts, obsessions, projects, tests, and even failure...

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