55There Were 54 Victims Before This Who Is Number 55 A Thriller With A Killer Hook, And An Ending That Will Make You Gasp Wilbrook In Western Australia Is A Sleepy, Remote Town That Sits On The Edge Of Miles And Miles Of Unexplored Wilderness It Is Home To Police Sergeant Chandler Jenkins, Who Is Proud To Run The Town S Small Police Station, A Place Used To Dealing With Domestic Disputes And Noise Complaints.All That Changes On A Scorching Day When An Injured Man Stumbles Into Chandler S Station He S Covered In Dried Blood His Name Is Gabriel He Tells Chandler What He Remembers.He Was Drugged And Driven To A Cabin In The Mountains And Tied Up In Iron Chains The Man Who Took Him Was Called Heath Heath Told Gabriel He Was Going To Be Number 55 His 55th Victim.Heath Is A Serial Killer.As A Manhunt Is Launched, A Man Who Says He Is Heath Walks Into The Same Station He Tells Chandler He Was Taken By A Man Named Gabriel Gabriel Told Heath He Was Going To Be Victim 55.Gabriel Is The Serial Killer.Two Suspects Two Identical Stories Which One Is The Truth James Delargy Has Written One Of The Most Exciting Debuts Of 2019 He Masterfully Paints The Picture Of A Remote Western Australian Town And Its People, Swallowed Whole By The Hunt For A Serial Killer This Novel Has Been Sold In 19 Countries So Far And Has Just Been Optioned For Film.

James Delargy was born and raised in Ireland but lived in South Africa, Australia and Scotland, before ending up in semi rural England where he now lives.

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  • Paperback
  • 423 pages
  • 55
  • James Delargy
  • English
  • 06 June 2019
  • 9781471177538

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    Another Aussie crime writer establishes himself as the latest to pen an intense and intriguing novel with a fabulous premise Set in Western Australia, Wilbrook is a small empty shell of a town, with the remnants of a history that included gold mining, blue asbestos and iron ore Sergeant Chandler Jenkins leads his small police team where domestics are the usual fare Everything is about to change when a terrified injured man, Gabriel, enters the police station with a scary tale of being held by a serial killer, Heath, intent on killing him, telling he will be number 55 He manages to escape and is unsettled and jittery, convinced Heath will find him Chandler sees him to the local hotel, with one of his team, Jim, on guard outside the building Another injured man, Heath, is bought to the station for attempting to steal a car Heath claims he only wanted the car to escape a serial killer named Gabriel, who was planning to kill him as number 55, until he escaped With well nigh identical stories, who is Chandler to believe Or perhaps they are equally guilty, with the pair being in cahoots, working together until they fell out The story...

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    Wow, this is one book that will get a grip on you and wont let go Two suspects, each with the same story, blaming the other A possible 54 bodies somewhere Small town cop Chandler has no choice but to call in the bigwigs, including his estranged former best friend Mitch.Mitch and his crew come in and take over, but Mitch is an arrogant moron, I have no idea how he got to such a high ranking, and the whole thing goes belly up With a police force divided, and a serial killer on the loose, this makes for an action packed explosive story As we race towards the stunning conclusion we have to ask ourselves, could this really happen This is a wonderful debut, James Delargy tells a tale so astonishing it comes alive on the page The harsh outback setting adds to the atmosphere, the flawed, and the irritating, characters all giving voice to a marvellous story I dare you to put this book d...

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    Whoa This was one high tension read I don t think my heartbeat returned to normal the whole way through And that ending Mr Delargy How Could You This is a very clever debut novel with two young men, beaten and bloodied, first one and then the other walking in to a police station claiming to be backpackers with an alarming story of abduction by a man who told them they were going to be killed as his victim number 55 Both tell identical stories of being locked and shackled in a small hut followed by a terrifying escape through the harsh and rugged bush surrounding the small outback town in northern Western Australia The local Sergent, Chandler Jenkins doesn t know who to believe Either one of them is guilty or they re both working together to abduct and kill lone backpackers Chandler has no choice but to call the regional commander, specifically Inspector Mitchell Andrews, with whom he has past history Once colleagues starting out together in the force, Mitch felt he was made for higher command and forced his way to the top, growing in arrogance and self importance as he went Delargy keeps us guessing most of the way through this novel as to how this will all end As well as the conflict between the two suspects both claiming their innocence, there is tension between Chandler and Mitch as Mitch walks in and takes over his station and sneeringly orders his staff around Flashbacks to their early ...

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    This book started so well with two men in police custody, each one claiming to be the victim of the other Who to believe and how to discover the truth What a great premise which led to an interesting and intriguing story The Australian setting was well done but I thought the characters needed work Most of them had a name but no background and the two main players ...

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    3.5 rounded up to 4 In the small, isolated Outback town of Gardner s Hill, Western Australia, a distraught man named Gabriel stumbles into the police station He claims to have been held prisoner by a serial killer called Heath, who intended him to be victim no 55 Later that day, another man turns up with the exact same story, stating his name as Heath, but is adamant Gabriel is the killer, not him Which man is lying It s up to Senior Sergeant Chandler Jenkins to figure out which of the two is a threat to the people in his town.A steady paced, engrossing thriller, with a gripping unique premise It was well written, twisty, with creepy, religious undertones The remote, lonely location served as a scary reminder that so much of the Australian Outback is unpopulated, and unliveable the perfect, private hunting ground for a serial killer to hide.Aside from the prologue, events unfold entirely from Chandlers POV in the third person Mostly takes place in the present with occasional flashbacks to 10 years previously It is very much a male dominated book, with few female characters, and the ones that there are aren t well developed Chandler is a likeable character, but not the brightest tool in the shed, and also somewhat s...

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    Sergeant Chandler Jenkins was in charge of the small police station in Wilbrook, Western Australia One morning, a bedraggled and bloodied individual who said his name was Gabriel, entered the station, telling of the horror of being abducted, beaten and threatened with murder that he would be victim number 55 He said the person who did this, way out in the bush, called himself Heath But it wasn t much later that another individual, in the same shattered state, entered the station, gave his name as Heath and said Gabriel had abducted him, telling him he would be number 55.Much against Chandler s wishes, the big guns from Port Hedland were brought in, and his nemesis, the now Inspector Mitchell Andrews put himself in charge Determined to find the answers to who the serial killer was who the two men were and receive accolades for his cleverness, Andrews quickly turned people against him Chandler, relegated to lower duties, put his time in trying to work out who was who and why the events were happening What would be the outcome in this baffling case With a terrible ending shocking, horrible, completely unexpected and a lot of m...

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    A small police station in a quiet remote town in Australia is sent into chaos when a man arrives stating that he has been held prisoner by a serial killer and he was to be victim number 55 Later that day another man arrives with the same story and these two men are blam...

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    One sitting, totally absorbing and utterly addictive read with a KILLER ending that is 55 , the novel coming next year from James DeLargey, definitely a writer to watch although I m not sure I d like to live in his head.One victim One killer But which is which This is the conundrum facing our beleagured main protagonist Chandler, manning a small police station in the back end of nowhere, suddenly thrust into a case beyond imagination Invaded by an old nemesis whose belief in his own investigative skills is second to none, Chandler leaps from one disaster to another, as the press descend and suddenly the spotlight is everywhere The plotting is taut and very very clever, the characters are all intriguing and fascinating not least our two prospective killers, who you ll waver between with every passing chapter The setting is wide open and beautifully described adding an atmospheric sense of place to proceedings, th...

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    From the opening pages of his first novel, 55, Irish born author, James Delargy creates instant intrigue when two men, clearly in fear of their lives, enter a remote Western Australian town in short succession claiming to have barely escaped a serial killer The details of their ordeals are virtually identical, except that each names the other as the killer, and themselves as number 55 With his staff of four, Wilbrook s Sergeant Chandler Jenkins is ill equipped to mount a search when one of the men disappears, and finds his town overrun by the expensively besuited Inspector Mitchell Andrews and his slick looking team of ten Mitch and Chandler started out in the force together, but ten years earlier, their paths diverged.Delargy s protagonist is a young cop with integrity whose focus on the case is blurred by the uncomfortable history he has with Mitch Chandler chose family life while ambitious Mitch chose a career now, though, Chandler finds that what he does have is under threat While Chandler is a believable character although hi...

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    I cannot believe that you ended it there James Delargy What the I was not expecting that at all This book, a debut from this author was fantastic This year I am reading and new Australian writers and I am so glad that I picked this one up. if you are a fan of thrillers and police procedurals then you need to get your hand story on it too The story was clever and different and so well written Set in outback Western Australia the writer makes you feel like you are there I heard that this has been picked up for a movie, and I am looking forward to watching it.Wilbrook is a quiet, remote little town in outback Western Australia Nothing much happens there That is until the day that Gabriel stumbles into Chandlers little police station He is injured and bleeding He claims that he was drugged and kidnapped by a man called Heath Everything is thrown at tfinding Heath. And then he walks into the very same police station claiming that Gabriel drugged and kidnapped him Both men claim that the other tried to kill them and that they were to be victi...

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