Someone to Honor (Westcott, #6)

Someone to Honor (Westcott, #6) First Appearances Deceive In The Newest Charming And Heartwarming Regency Romance In The Westcott Series From Beloved New York Times Bestselling Author Mary Balogh.Abigail Westcott S Dreams For Her Future Were Lost When Her Father Died, And She Discovered Her Parents Were Not Legally Married But Now, Six Years Later, She Enjoys The Independence A Life Without Expectation Provides A Wealthy Single Woman Indeed, She S Grown Confident Enough To Scold The Careless Servant Chopping Wood Outside Without His Shirt On In The Proximity Of Ladies.But The Man Is Not A Servant He Is Gilbert Bennington, The Lieutenant Colonel And Superior Officer Who Has Escorted Her Wounded Brother, Harry, Home From The Wars With Napoleon Gil Has Come To Help His Friend And Junior Officer Recover, And He Doesn T Take Lightly To Being Condescended To Secretly Because Of His Own Humble Beginnings.If At First Gil And Abigail Seem To Embody What The Other Most Despises, Each Will Soon Discover How Wrong First Impressions Can Be For Behind The Appearances Of The Once Grand Lady And The Once Humble Man Are Two People Who Share An Understanding Of What True Honor Means, And How Only With It Can One Find Love.

Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two year teaching contract in 1967 She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian When she s not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting She also enjoys watching tennis and curl

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    I hate to say it, but Mary Balogh has lost her touch.This is the lowest rating I have given to any of her books, including the not so polished earlier books I don t know what happened, but in recent years, her novels have gotten and boring, less and less romantic, and most of the time, I don t even really like the MCs.I don t have a whole lot to say about this novel I pre ordered it, even tho that s a rare thing for me to do these days I won t be pre ordering anything else by this author after this book It was a waste of money unfortunately Here are all the reasons why 1 Boring For the first few chapters, you barely see the MCs together And their initial encounter made me dislike Abigail right away I never thought much of her in the other books one way or the other, but I disliked her defensive prudishness right away.2 No passion Not only was there not a whole lot of connection or feelings or intensity between the MCs and there are moments of sudden divulging of personal matters that just seemed out of place and context , but the sex scenes are getting extremely tepid As in, not much better than if this book was written in the 1800s Is it that Ms Balogh has gotten tired of writing the love making But this style change is really grating on me, esp when there s not much connection between the MCs otherwise No good sex scene either I guess those are the main reasons I don t have the patience to write .Will not be reading of this author s work, unfortunately, ...

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    4.5 StarsYou don t need to read the previous books to enjoy Someone to Honor, but there are quite a few characters couples that show up from previous installments that won t mean much to you if you don t Also, you wouldn t feel original big shock that Abigail and her family feel at finding out they were illegitimate since their father wasn t actually married to their mother because was married to another woman The impact of that doesn t come through as much six books later, but if you go in knowing that it shattered the children Abigail, Harry, and Camille then you won t miss much But you d miss the delight of experiencing the other stories if you skip, so there is that Abigail travels to her childhood home to meet her brother Harry, back from war, weakened, but slowly recovering Here s where she meets Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Bennington, a fellow soldier of Harry s who escorted and helped him on the journey home Gil comes off as gruff, rude, and a little bit imposing to Abigail at first, and Abigail comes off as cold and haughty to Gil Abigail and Gil start off on the wrong foot, but I felt the energy and chemistry between them immediately Even though they ruffled each other s feathers, these two were aware of ...

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    Series Westcott 6Publication Date 7 2 19Number of Pages 400OMGoodness I cannot believe I m giving this author 3 stars It is a pleasant enough story, well written, etc but bland I have not read any of the other books in this series, but I understand they have all been great and I do intend to read the earlier books because I m sure I ll like them Many if not all of the characters from the earlier books make appearances in this story.Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Gil Bennington is not a gentleman by birth or breeding He is the illegitimate son of the village washerwoman He joined the Army at the age of fifteen by lying to the recruiting sergeant and hasn t been back home since Why would he go there his mother is dead and everyone in the village treated him abominably Since he left, he s become a hero several times over, gained a fortune, married, became a father and a widower Yet, he still feels like that bastard boy who was always looked down upon.Gil is now locked in a battle with his former in laws for the custody of his small daughter, Katy I absolutely LOVED how much Gil loved Kat...

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    I was welcomed back to the Regency England world of the unconventional Westcott family who endured a great family scandal and it made them rally and show an inner strength most didn t know they possessed I enjoy this series of a family who take their turns finding love and happiness in their own unique ways, but this was one of my favorites yes, I say that a lot with this series This broody, slightly bitter, stone faced hero with a tender heart won me over from the start The betrayal of the last page coming before I was ready to be done says just how much I loved the story.Someone to Honor is book six Because of the way the books build the family and all ripple out from the events brought to light in book one, it is best read in order even if each book has different couples.The story opens with the Westcott family welcoming back Harry after he spent two years recovering from a near fatal injury at Waterloo and then additional surgeries He s still delicate, but on the mend He wants the quiet life at his family country estate and patiently waits for people to stop treating him like an invalid.Against the backdrop of this event, Lt Colonel Gil Bennington accompanies Harry back to England and gets dropped into the midst of the boisterous, vibrant family togetherness and love of the ...

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    Another winner from Balogh Balogh brought her A game to Someone to Honor I absolutely adored this historical romance it has everything that I love about Balogh in it complex characters, a truly realistic obstacle to overcome, and a lovely, quiet, emotional romance Abby and Gil were perfect foils for one another I especially enjoyed Gil s journey to better accepting himself and his worthiness for Abby and her family Who doesn t love a self conscious hero There s just something so endearing and realistic about Gil absorption with his status At times he bordered on petulance, especially with Abby s f...

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    ARC received for an honest review I enjoy Mary Balogh s books There s a lot of character focus Plenty of plot Frequently the hero or heroine has something emotional to overcome There s a sweetness to the healing in her books I struggled to see Gil and Abigail as a couple The things he d been through kept ...

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    3.5 stars, rounded up.Lt Col Gilbert Gil Bennington returns to England with Harry Westcott Harry barely survived Waterloo and now almost 2 years later, he is still weak and ill he asks Gil to stay with him in England until he recovers, Gil agrees and then wishes he hadn t when Harry s family shows up Gil is not a fan of the nobility and has his own reasons for returning to England The primary reason is to regain custody of his young daughter, who is currently living with his late wife s parents.Abigail Westcott is excited to see her brother Harry when the family arrives at their childhood home She hopes to convince Harry into letting her stay with him after everyone else returns to London She has no desire to participate in the season and has basically given up on the idea of marriage, as she has never met a man who inspired any desire in her But all that changes when she meets Gil and mistakes him for a servant A half dressed, large, very masculine servantAfter their initial disastrous meeting, they form a truce of sorts and then an unlikely frien...

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    Originally published at Reading RealityThe entire Westcott series is the story of one family making lemonade out of what initially were some rather bitter lemons with no sugar at all.Humphrey Westcott is dead, to begin with And that s a good thing for him, because if he hadn t died before the series opened, the line to kill him would stretch for miles The late and totally unlamented Humphrey was a bigamist, a fact that was only discovered after his unexpected death.The series is the story of all of the applecarts that were upset by that discovery learning, one way or another, and sometimes quite painfully, that the overturning of the lives they thought they had was actually the best thing that ever happened to them.Someone to Honor is Abigail Westcott s turn Abigail was the youngest child and second daughter of Humphrey the arsehole and the woman everyone believed was his wife, Viola Kingsley Abigail, as the daughter of the Earl of Riverdale, as Humphrey the figurative bastard was, expected to have her Season on the Marriage Mart, find a wealthy and titled husband, and be married It was not necessarily what she wanted, but it was her duty and she seems to have had no objections to fulfilling it I never have anything nice to say about the late, unlamented Humphrey NO ONE in any of the stories has anything nice to say If divorce had been possible, his family woul...

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    Two people paying for their parent s mistakesAbigail and Gil are both illegitimate She born a lady and then dispossessed of her title and social standing upon discovery that her father had being bigamous He born in poverty, illegitimate son of a nobleman and a washwoman This book is not excessively romantic Most of the time the MCs are not fully aware of their true feelings for one another As with other books in this series, the story evolves slowly and the treasure is underneath Feelings that are not fully expressed but that are masterfully translated into the pages In other words, of a mature and profound relationship than a torrid love story.A delicate gem My absolute favorite side character is Matilda Abigail s spinster aunt and I cannot wait to read her novella to be publishe...

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    An extremely pleasant romance novel Which I intend, perhaps, as faint praise, but in no sense the damning sort.

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