I Can Write The World

I Can Write The World Eight Year Old Ava Murray Wants To Know Why There S A Difference Between The Warm, Friendly Bronx Neighborhood Filled With Music And Art In Which She Lives And The Bronx She Sees In News Stories On TV And On The Internet When Her Mother Explains That The Power Of Stories Lies In The Hands Of Those Who Write Them, Ava Decides To Become A Journalist I Can Write The World Follows Ava As She Explores Her Vibrant South Bronx Neighborhood Buildings Whose Walls Boast Gorgeous Murals Of Historical Figures As Well As Intricate, Colorful Street Art, The Dozens Of Different Languages And Dialects Coming From The Mouths Of Passersby, The Many Types Of Music Coming Out Of Neighbors Windows And Passing Cars In Reporting How The Music And Art And Culture Of Her Neighborhood Reflect The Diversity Of The People Of New York City, Ava Shows The World As She Sees It, Revealing To Children The Power Of Their Own Voice

Joshunda Sanders is the author, most recently of The Beautiful Darkness A Handbook for Orphans 2016 and How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media Why The Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color 2015 A journalist, educator and trained librarian, she is also a speaker and entrepreneur She has also been a resident at Hedgebrook and VONA and is working on a novel Her fi

[Epub] I Can Write The World  By Joshunda Sanders – Couponpromocode.us
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • I Can Write The World
  • Joshunda Sanders
  • 02 May 2017
  • 9781644420010

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    I Can Write the World is Joshunda Sanders marvelous children s book debut depicting 8 year old Ava Murray and her dreams of becoming a journalist The engaging story, illustrated beautifully by Charly Palmer, centers Murray who observes daily life in the Bronx at odds with the representations of it that she encounters on the news This leads to a thoughtful discussion between Ava and her mother who clarifies the gap between lived experiences and news stories, Sometimes the way the world sees us is different from how we see ourselves This insightful story shows the importance of ownvoices stories The shrewd storytelling by Sanders can help one engage in media literacy A must read for children, parents, aspiring journalists, and anyone interested in the Bronx.

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    Gorgeous artwork along with uplifting text come together in this picture book that helps young readers see that everyone s story is important and everyone has the power to share their s with the world The little girl in the story is growing up in the Bronx and her world is filled with amazing colors, sights, sounds, smells that all come together to make her home uniquely wonderful to her But when she watches stories on the news, an all together different picture takes shape one that s told through a negative lens A school writing assignment gives her the opportunity to tell her story and present her neighborhood s story from her own experience This would be a terrific book to inspire young writers, especially at the beginning of the school year.

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    I am biased because Joshunda is a dear friend, BUT This is a wonderful, wonder filled book It s bright and beautiful and captures 8 year old Ava s world in a vivid way The writing is like poetry but not it s approachable and fun to read And it gives a message not just to little girls of color, who always need representation in children s books and toys, but to all children All kids hear the messages of you can t do this, that s not how that is done, just stay right here Ava s mom shows her that she can do things and dream big dreams I recommend this for kids from birth to maybe 10 and also to all adults

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    Well, I mean I feel like it s incredible but obviously I have some biases The beautiful illustrations are by the vastly talented Charly Palmer.

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