Someone Is Out to Get Us

Someone Is Out to Get UsFrom UFOs To Dr Strangelove, LSD Experiments To Richard Nixon, Author Brian Brown Investigates The Paranoid, Panicked History Of The Cold WarIn Someone Is Out To Get Us, Brian T Brown Explores The Delusions, Absurdities, And Best Kept Secrets Of The Cold War, During Which The United States Fought An Enemy Of Its Own Making For Over Forty Years And Nearly Scared Itself To Death In The Process The Nation Chose To Fear A Chimera, A Rotting Communist Empire That Couldn T Even Feed Itself, Only For It To Be Revealed That What Lay Behind The Iron Curtain Was Only A Sad Potemkin VillageIn Fact, One Of The Greatest Threats To Our National Security May Have Been Our Closest Ally The Most Effective Spy Cell The Soviets Ever Had Was Made Up Of Aristocratic Englishmen Schooled At Cambridge Establishing A Communist Peril But Lacking Proof, J Edgar Hoover Became Our Big Brother, And Joseph McCarthy Went Hunting For Witches Richard Nixon Stepped Into The Spotlight As An Opportunistic, Ruthless Cold Warrior His Criminal Cover Up During A Dark Presidency Was Exposed By A Deep Throat In A Parking Garage Someone Is Out To Get Us Is The True And Complete Account Of A Long Misunderstood Period Of History During Which Lies, Conspiracies, And Paranoia Led Americans Into A State Of Madness And Misunderstanding, Too Distracted By Fictions To Realize That The Real Enemy Was Looking Back At Them In The Mirror The Whole Time Pp Margin Px Px Px Px Font Px Times New Roman Pp Margin Px Px Px Px Font Px Times New Roman Min Height Px

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Read ✓ Someone Is Out to Get Us By Brian Brown –
  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Someone Is Out to Get Us
  • Brian Brown
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9781538728031

10 thoughts on “Someone Is Out to Get Us

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    Fun compelling multiple perspectives on the Cold War Makes you feel like you are living in those Scary Times Highly recommend its to both serious historians and culture buffs Couldn t put it down.

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    1.5 stars.The critical reader reviews I ve seen so far of Someone Is Out to Get Us have focused on Brown s liberal slant on U.S politics during the Cold War He is certainly less sympathetic to Republicans than to Democrats although he criticizes both , but that doesn t invalidate many of his points about American political opportunism in the Cold War, which are, in my opinion, mostly valid, though very well trod territory Joe McCarthy, Allen Dulles, Richard Nixon, and J Edgar Hoover abused their powers The U.S imported Nazi scientists to fight the Soviet Union The lack of communication between the Soviets and Americans during the Cold War led to near constant panic Quelle surprise No, what bothers me most about this book is the massive amount of hindsight bias here The idea that fall of communism was preordained Brown s words from the end of World War II by the clear superiority of the republican capitalist system, shown in its relative wealth and the freedom of its citizens, rests on the assumption that, barring tanks forcing people into submission, the populace will be given the option to choose its own form of government and that people who ve lived under tyranny in the past, if given the choice, will vote for republicanism But this isn t as clear cut as Brown appears to believe multiple countries current political situations attest to that Frankly, that mentality struck me as worthy of Alden Pyle.Also, while Brown synthesizes a variety of Cold War scholarship in a quickly readable way, there is a heavy reliance on other, narrowly focused histories rather than primary source material, which left me with the feeling that not a lot here is novel, and also made this seem rather like an opinionated textbook about American misbehavior during the Cold War It just doesn t go as in depth on any single topic as I prefer And why d this book come after Sputnik as supposedly not as impressive as people thought because it took multiple launch attempts and all it did was beep Creating the first artificial satellite in human history was an incredible accomplishment, no matter how lame it looks decades later.If the extent of your exposure to Cold War history is listening to We Didn t Start the Fire or you re interested in assembling a reading list of good Cold War books, this might be a fine jumping off point I can attest, from the source books I ve read, that many of them are excellent Otherwise, I wouldn t really recommend.

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    Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday where we travel back in time to visit an event, person, place or thing and relive an era This week s trip back in time, is not, unfortunately a gem, it is a very low grade semi precious stone, fun to look at, but there is not much to it I was excited to get it, but having started to read it, became disappointed rather quickly and then slogged through it and began to check resources and other actual Gems to double check Brown s facts.This is Brian T Brown s Someone Is Out To Get Us Brown starts out, in his Introduction, with the tiresome premise that Vladimir Putin and Russian bots sabotaged the last elections He goes on to say that the Cold War was based on a complete lie The United Soviet Socialist Republic U.S.S.R only hurt it s own citizens and never went beyond it s own borders with communism He seems to believe that had the United States explained to everyone that the Russians were just misguided, big old cuddly bears and we had nothing to fear everything would have turned out hunky dory But then he contradicts himself just a few pages later.If Brown were to actually stop and think that had the Soviets succeeded in spreading Communism as they actually wanted to and as their leaders claimed Lenin, Stalin, etc , then the things that happened there, would most certainly have happened here The gulags of Siberia and North Korea, would have been here and anywhere that Communism exists, just ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.He says Soviet spies were not as dangerous as Britain s Magnificent Five These were Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Sir Donald Maclean, John Caincross and Guy Burgess Philby eventually became the head of MI6 counterintelligence and to keep himself from being exposed as a soviet double agent, lead to slaughter a Russian who was defector Konstantin Volkov and his wife were assassinated by the NKVD in the basement of Lubyanka Prison thanks to Philby tipping off the Russians that he was about to defect and give the British the information the West needed about the Russians Never mind that the Volkov s had already made it out of Russia when they were taken back Brown blames the British, but this is plain old supply and demand Philby wouldn t have been supplying Volkov and Volkov wouldn t have been defecting if the Soviets hadn t had their system of government in place.Brown doesn t seem to get this and continues to contradict himself throughout the book But Brown is at least transparent We know which side of the political spectrum he stands on and so we can take his book with a grain of salt and make sure we keep our own resources handy I prefer to read what was happening in Russia and other communist, socialist countries during the Cold War from the perspective of those who lived in them and through them Some of the very best of these books are MAO by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky, Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Pol Pot by Phillip Short and Exposing the Real Che Guevara by Humberto Fontova I would suggest reading those first, then perhaps give this one a once over I also suggest reading American and Western history during the Cold War, the same way Read the details on my December 1st post Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T LongwittenI received a copy of this book from Twelve a Hatchett Book Group in exchange for an honest review

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    Meticulously researched, Brian Brown s look at the evolution of the cold war accomplishes the difficult task of weaving historical events from different points of view into an gripping story His passion and flow brings history to life As a fan of historical non fiction, I have trouble putting this down The only caveat is that depending where you are in the book, reading it before bed time may leave you a bit un nerved, making it hard to fall asleep.

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    I gobbled this book up It s so well researched and the author did a great job of making this intense and complicated history feel like a narrative story Def would recommend to people who love history.

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    Someone is Out to Get Us is a timely and easy read The chapters are individual stories that connect to a comprehensive and thorough book Brown gives enough details without being distracting I recommend this book for history lovers and anyone who likes to read well written narrative nonfiction.

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    Entertaining, informative and a bit disturbing, too Turns out the Cold War narrative we were given in school was less than truthful and fueled by political and financial ambitions of many Americans The Russians were no model citizens either Brian Brown s mission of truth telling makes for an easy and compelling read.

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