The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care

The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-CareSome Days You Need A Pick Me Up, Some Days You Need A Life Preserver For Most Of Us, Writes Anna Borges, Self Care Is A Wide Spectrum Of Decisions And Actions That Soothe And Fortify Us Against All The Shit We Deal With You May Already Practice Some Form Of Self Care, Whether It S Taking An Extra Long Shower After A Stressful Day, Splurging On A Fancy Dinner, Or Choosing Netflix Over That Friend Of A Friend S Birthday Party But When Life Gets So Overwhelming That You Want To Stay In Bed, Some Radical Care Is Crucial To Maintain Your Sanity The More Or Less Definitive Guide To Self Care Is Here To Help You Exist In The World Borges Gathers Over Tips, Activities, And Stories From Experts And Everyday People Alike Into An A To Z List From Asking For Help And Burning Negative Thoughts To The Importance Of Touch And Catching Some Zzz S Make Any Day A Little OK With New Skills In Your Self Care Toolkit And Energy To Show Up For Yourself

Anna Borges is a writer, editor, and mental health advocate Currently, she s a senior health editor at SELF, and has previously worked at BuzzFeed and Women s Health An Oregon native, she lives in Brooklyn with her two cats, Francis and Regulus She s also a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, Libra rising, Slytherin, INFJ, and Enneagram Personality Type 4.

➽ The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care Free ➳ Author Anna Borges –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care
  • Anna Borges
  • English
  • 28 November 2019
  • 9781615196104

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    i m marking this as read so it counts towards my goodreads challenge and no one can stop me selfcare

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    This is the kind of book that I m going to read multiple times at least once from cover to cover, as I already have, and in bits and pieces many times in the future, I m sure As somebody who not only struggles with making time for self care, but also with figuring out what might make me feel better once I do take time for myself, the map at the end of the book is going to function as an excellent starting point for discovering and remembering all the little things that might make any given situation just a little bit bearable The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care isn t attempting to reinvent the wheel instead it s designed to be comprehensive and functional, and all the better for it The witty writing style, personal anecdotes, and cheerful empathy for what it s like to struggle with looking after yourself made me feel understood, and I m really glad this book ranges from the absolute basics hygiene, sleep, food to the long term ways to fundamentally change the way you treat yourself, such as therapy options.I can t personally imagine a person that wouldn t benefit from owning this book and keeping it in an accessible place Not only because of the variety of helpful options, but also because it s a useful reminder that self care should be a priority, and that most people struggle with it at some point or another in their lives Honestly, I m pretty sure reading and using this book is an act of self care all on its own.

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    I think I ve finally found a self help book that s actually helpful for me.I love that this book pours light on how the differences in gender, class, determine what self care is for an individual A lot of self care tips are usually banking on capitalism, making self care a commodity that certain people can t attain but Anne Borges addresses that.The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care is the type of book that I d like to read over and over until the pages are bent in my favourite places I ve already started some practising some of these tips This is what a self help book is supposed to do, it s supposed to help you help yourself I d recommend this book for anyone who s interested in self care and doesn t know where to start, or someone looking for self care tips that don t involve buying a candle and a face mask not that there s anything wrong with that it s all of that and Borges talks about how self care sometimes gets misconstrued and ends up being a negative coping mechanism and how to avoid that.At some point, I stopped reading this book as a reviewer and started reading it as someone who badly needed it I haven t found a self help book that was actually helpful before, that had helpful actions in them that one could actually undertake That s what Anne Borges book is It s greatly helpful and filled with tangible advice that one can take

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    Self care can be and has been defined many different ways Many of the resources I ve seen over the course of the last year have all been focusing on the pampering aspect of self care Things like taking baths, getting a pedicure, etc I ve also seen examples around practicing gratitude, journaling, etc What s great about this book is that is has both and then so much I think it s relatively true to its title in that it s pretty exhaustive The goal of self care is an ever morphing target, so concentrate on getting to know yourself and your needs instead of thinking in terms of cures and fixes, solutions and antidotes This book doesn t pass judgement on how to define self care and what s acceptable and what s not It casts a wide net and gives you so many options that you feel empowered to pick what works for you at different times in your journey.There are so many awesome ideas in this book that I can t imagine there won t be one that speaks to you I ve read several books and hundreds of articles on self care in the last few years and there were several new to me ideas in this book Many of which I was excited to try immediately If self care is an area where you re interested in exploring or if it s an area where you ve explored for a while and would like fresh ideas, I think you will love this book.thank you to netgalley and the experiment for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.

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    More reviews and book ish content Club Book Mobile Andrea RBKThe More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care by Anna Borges was stellar y all It was absolutely stellar Anna Borges is one of the authors of one of my favorite pieces on self care from the internet, so I was really excited to get the chance to do a deep dive into her work on the topic This is an A to Z index of a variety of self care strategies What I appreciate is that it keeps things simple It s a manageable exploration of the topic The thing about self care is that it can and should be accessible and easy More than anything, it s about meeting basic needs and finding fulfillment in your day I loved that this was the tone of the book Of all the stuff I ve read on self care and I have read a lot , this is the best and most comprehensive review I love that it wasn t just about one avenue, but this is really a chance to explore what works best for you This is a great way to learn the what, the how, and the why of a variety of strategies around self care This one doesn t hit shelves until November I know, total bummer , but thanks to NetGalley I got a sneak peek When this does hit shelves, I ll absolutely be purchasing a copy, so I can read, re read, and re read some

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    The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care by Anna Borges is a great reference book for anyone who is looking to make their mental health a priority Designed in an accessible A to Z format, it is full of tools, tips, tricks and practices that may make the process of caring for your self easier While I was reading it, I wasn t shocked by any of the options I had heard of almost all of them and practiced many of them, but it was nice to have a reminder of the skills that I ve learned in going to therapy and reading about self care strategies The writing is really encouraging and never didactic Reading this really feels like reaching out to a wise friend who gives you a lot of possible resources without saying This is how you solve your problems The flowchart, FAQ about therapy, and list of other resources in the back add to this books value I really enjoyed the accompanying illustrations and highlighted quotes I plan to purchase this book once it is published to add to my collection of resources related to mental health so I can easily flip through when I need a bit of a boost or guiding hand Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for the ARC

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    this was a great collection of things to do think about when you need a bit of self care i liked all the snippets from other people, i liked the variety of things listed my favourite one was the Laugh one, i tried it and it totally worked this is definitely a book i ll re read snippets of when i feel like i need some self love and don t know where to start i feel like this list is great, full of actual helpful things, different ideas for different people there s no one thing that will work for every single person, and i feel like this list has a little something for everyone i thoroughly enjoyed this ARC received from netgalley in exchange for honest review

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    My new favorite book recommendation is The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care by Anna Borges Every page in this book is practically perfect The layout is easy to read, the personal stories are a lovely touch, and the facts are undeniable The clarity of how to put the book into practice is amazing, and it covers every type of self care possible I truly cannot recommend this book enough Every therapist should have it in their office, every person who wants to show some kindness to their self should just look at any page.

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    The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care From A to Z by Anna Borges is definitely More One of those books that will be reread numerous times I wanted to highlight so many passages while reading the ARC but will have to wait to get the print edition once it is published Some new ideas and some older ideas but presented with a different spin making them fresh and relevant The flowchart will prove to be a very useful tool A very encouraging and uplifting book Thank you to The Experiment Publishing, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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    This was such an interesting book to read, with lots of infos and tips from hobbies to self improvement and I will definitely use it again in the future starting now.I found it very well structured and easy to understand, truly a good guide.

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