Becoming the Dark Prince (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3.5)

Becoming the Dark Prince (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3.5) In This Irresistibly Priced Short Story, Catch A Glimpse Of The Inner Struggles And Triumphs That Drive Stalking Jack The Ripper S Endearing But Troubled Hero Enigmatic, Brooding, And Darkly Handsome, Thomas Cresswell Has Always Been The One Mystery Audrey Rose Has Never Been Able To Fully Solve As Brilliant Partners In Crime Investigation, They Understand Each Other Perfectlybut As Young Lovers, Their Passionate Natures Have Led To Both Euphoria And Heartbreak Throughout The Stalking Jack The Ripper Series.This Novella Features A Collection Of Scenes That Takes Place During And After The Pair S Horrifying Atlantic Voyage In Escaping From Houdini Experience New And Familiar Scenes From Thomas S Unique Point Of View, Including An Intensely Personal Look Into His Plea For Audrey Rose S Hand In Marriage.With A Romance For The Ages, Audrey Rose And Thomas Reach The Conclusion To Their Epic, Irresistible Partnership In Their Final Adventure, Capturing The Devil.

[Reading] ➷ Becoming the Dark Prince (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3.5)  By Kerri Maniscalco –
  • ebook
  • 64 pages
  • Becoming the Dark Prince (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3.5)
  • Kerri Maniscalco
  • English
  • 08 June 2018

10 thoughts on “Becoming the Dark Prince (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3.5)

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    cover reveal, exact publishing date and synopsis will all be happening in the next week or two hope you enjoy this look into Thomas s POV

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    this short novella did the greatest thing and confirmed that thomas cresswell is in fact, a tall boi 6 1 186cm , and now i can live a happy life

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    My favorite character since day one has been Thomas And he has continued to become even so with each passing book.Getting this story from his perspective was like a prayer answered I loved being inside his head and seeing the struggles within himself...

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    The price of love doesn t come cheaply But the cost is worth it Rating 2.5 5 starsWelp, add this to the list of all the novellas that have let me down I pretty much knew going into this that I wasn t going to walk away feeling anything other than.nothing Because that s just it, novellas literally do nothing for me I don t really care about reading the same part of a prior book from a different characters point of view, even if it is Thomas Cresswell And even though this did have a few events that will bridge the gap from book three to book four, I just don t care.Let s start off with the inevitable of why I wouldn t like this In my opinion, Escaping From Houdini has been the weakest book in the series so far If you re curious as to my thoughts on that you can check it out HERE I was less than thrilled to know that I was going to have to return to this hellish book and relive Audrey Rose being a complete trash bag To read it from Thomas POV made it hurt even , but it still really didn t hold my attention because of how weak book three was.Now, we know that Thomas is the wittiest boy on the block and we know that he wants Audrey to love him for him and doesn t want to pressure her into anything He wants to worship her mind, her soul, and then her body Blah, blah, blah We get it, but this book repeats it a thousand times I will admit that I am probably the least romantic person you will ever meet...

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    82 pages is not nearly enough Thomas POV, but I loved the scenes we got Especially with what happens in Houdini getting his side of things definitely made me a bit happier I could read these two forever and I can t wait to binge reread the entire series.

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    EXCUSE ME WHAT IS THIS I NEED IT NOW PLEASE the title is so cool i m dying

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    I hope Thomas Cresswell is doing well, it must be very hard to carry the whole series on his shoulders.

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    Thomas Cresswell is by far one of the best characters out there He deserves the whole series to himself, Audrey Rose who

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    UGHKJHHDFdjjdljdlkasdDADIPODIA I was hoping that this novella would help me change my mind about not wanting to read the last book in this series but GAHHH I think I might be even upset now I hate Audrey Gross Wadsworth with every fiber of my being I hate her Was this novella meant to soothe bitter readers or something Because it did not succeed Like, they BARELY discussed her infidelity because it wasn t fully acknowledged She never even apologized Thomas wasn t even mad that Audrey his FIANCEE cheated on him and THAT ANGERS ME IT ANGERS ME TO NO END.Like I said in my review of EFH, I will never be able to look at Audrey the same any I can t read about her infidelity and go Oh, she was just discovering herself figuring out what she wanted and stuff like that because no That is not an excuse to cheat That does not justify her unfaithfulness She did Thomas dirty and I...

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    holy shitbrb I m preordering this right the f k now

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