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In The Clearing A Stunning New Psychological Thriller From The Bestselling Author Of Call Me EvieAmy Has Only Ever Known What Life Is Like In The Clearing She Knows What S Expected Of Her She Knows What To Do To Please Her Elders, And How To Make Sure Life In The Community Remains Happy And Calm That Is, Until A New Young Girl Joins The Group She Isn T Fitting In She Doesn T Want To Stay What Happens Next Will Turn Life As Amy Knows It On Its Head Freya Has Gone To Great Lengths To Feel Like A Normal Person In Fact, If You Saw Her Go About Her Day With Her Young Son, You D Think She Was An Everyday Mum That Is, Until A Young Girl Goes Missing And Someone From Her Past, Someone She Hasn T Seen For A Very Long Time, Arrives In Town As Amy And Freya S Story Intertwines The Secrets Of The Past Bubble Up To The Surface This Rural Aussie Town S Dark Underbelly Is About To Be Exposed And Lives Will Be Destroyed

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!!> BOOKS ✻ In The Clearing  ✴ Author J.P. Pomare –
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • In The Clearing
  • J.P. Pomare
  • English
  • 05 April 2019
  • 9781869713393

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    Did you love Call me Evie Yes then you are going to LOVE In the Clearing In my opinion In the Clearing is better than Call Me Evie It is that good This was a book that I was desperate to get my hands on, so a huge thank you to Hachette Books Australia for sending an advanced copy my way I could not wait to get started on it and then I was completely hooked, and needed to see how it was going to end I was gobsmacked when it was revealed Absolutely brilliant When I finished this book I was thinking about it for days, it just got into my head and I kept throwing things around.I really don t know what I can say about this book without spoiling the story The blurb really does say enough to get you excited We hear the story from the points of view 2 women Freya who is super security conscious and paranoid after what happened with her ex and her sonAmy who lives in the Clearing and knows no life other than this The first chapter will have you hooked and you will not want to put it down You will become immersed in both of their lives and want to know what is going to happen next and you will also think that you know what is going to happen next and you will be wrong Released in Australia on December 31st, 2019 start 2020 off with a bang and a great book.

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    You may think that Call Me Evie would be hard to outdo but J.P Pomare has risen to the challenge with his new book It only took me 90 minutes to get through a true page turner It was completely enthralling, creepy and had many twists that I genuinely didn t see coming

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    I received an ARC of this book.I thought that Call Me Evie was a standout for a debut author In The Clearing steps it up further and sucks you right in, straight away I don t know how he has done it, but J.P Pomare s second book is outstanding.From the very first page you get a sense of what the book is aboutThe Family It feels like a fictionalised book about this Victorian cult It takes you prisoner, along with the kids, and keeps a hold of you, tight Adrienne wants her family of 12 and she will get it by any means necessary Adam wants to keep the kids under control and brainwashed, by any means necessary Amy, she just wants to be a kid and protect her mother Everything she does is for Motherincluding protection when she escapes.Freya exists in a world of security and privacy Her whole life revolves around keeping her son safe When strangers start to appear on her property, Freya worries for Ben She has a right too when things start to go very wrong in her community, very quickly.Freya s story and Amy s story are told concurrently One is trying to live a normal life, the other trying to escape a dangerous one This book is well written with many twists and turns along the way If you are reading it in bed, go early as once you start reading, you really will not want to put it down until you get to the climax of the ending Watch out for some real slap you in face to wake up moments It is like the author is toying with you and your emotions and throws in a well placed twist to just make sure you are paying attention Please pay attention This book is that good that you don t want to miss a second of it.Fantastic for people who love to read about cults Great for new J.P fans Also, excellent for anyone who loves a psychological thriller with an Australian backdrop.

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    Really loved this First half is tense, second half is twisty I like it a lot than his first novel.

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    Full Disclaimer I m a huge fan of Call Me Evie and after reading the synopsis of this was worried I wouldn t like it but OH MY GOD the twists, the pace, the story I loved it.I ve read a few books lately that are too hard to review without giving anything away so I ll tread lightly Freya lives in the bush with her needy son She is super conscious about security and privacy because she has a pyscho ex and lost her first son years ago Amy on the other hand is a youngish girl who has a weird family that also lives in the bush but don t have any real interaction with society outside of The Clearing Amy has a new sister that turns up and manages to convince Amy that the world outside of the cult is not so bad and this kicks off a series of events that leads Amy and Freya to each other and that is where the story really begins.It s not a long book but it s a real page turner with a terrifying premise.

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    Eerie, chilling and suspenseful This one kept me turning the pages until I found out how it would end Amy has only ever know what life is like in the Clearing As we come to know, the Clearing, is a community of people living together, who must obey their elders Freya is living a very security conscious life with her son, bordering on paranoia Then a young person goes missing from nearby and someone from Freya s past shows up that changes her world Pomare weaves the stories of Amy and Freya together through the story, to make for a captivating tale This is one that will leave you thinking about it for some time and I can see it being a very popular read in 2020 Definitely recommend.

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    Really enjoyed this one, so much better than Call me Evie by far Review to come

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    Well that was one hell of a ride o

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    Absolutely loved it I was so invested in the lives of Amy and Freya and the setting was so realistic that I felt like I was there with them Another scarily believable thriller.

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    I don t read an awful lot of thrillers as I tend to quickly begin to suffer from thriller fatigue As a consequence, I m fairly selective on which thrillers I read and the timing of them All of the stars seem to have aligned with this one though In the Clearing turned out to be a book I couldn t put down You never escape a cult Often after having read a thriller, the most common thing you ll hear is That twist I can t say that with this one though, because In the Clearing has as many twists as a wizened old oak tree It s imaginatively clever, laying down pavers to walk you in one direction only to explosively change direction again and again The past, I realised, was a parasite It could lie dormant inside for years and eventually flare up and kill you Thematically, In the Clearing offers readers much to think on It raises those age old questions about nature versus nurture, but it does so within a fairly horrific framework, so be forewarned there is both implied and depicted child abuse within this story What alarmed me the most was the absolute conditioning that takes place within a cult, specifically though, the lasting effect of this long after the cult has collapsed It made me wonder at the susceptibility of some people over others and if once you ve been conditioned from such a young age, does this mean you can no longer be re programmed I must admit, I find the power of cults over their members rather terrifying, so this is one thriller that literally grabbed me around the throat and held on until the very end I ve been played by someone who knows my habits, can predict my every move Someone who can ensure that all the evidence points to my guilt In terms of plot and predictability, the plot was brilliantly executed and I predicted nothing Character development was likewise executed with precision Freya kept me guessing, as did Amy, and there were enough shades of grey within everyone to ensure that I had no idea who was good, who was bad, and who was otherwise So, all in all, this was good value reading for me I do think that this novel will appeal widely It s clever, gripping, thought provoking, and realistic enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck Highly recommended.Thanks is extended to Hachette Australia for providing me with a copy of In the Clearing for review.

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